Monday, 8 August 2016

RIM, AJ Tag, and Book of the Month

Sup, dudes! It's me, Lostfairy, dude. I am a cool dude, that think's everything is swag.

XD Man, I feel inspired to make weird beginnings to my posts because of Swirlshine and Penguin. (Look at what you did to me!)

Well, it's Rare Item Monday!

Today's rare is Rare Keytar. You can find it at Jam Mart Clothing for 850 gems and again, it's members only. :/

And now for my RIM calendar, as always!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares. :)

- - -

I got tagged for an amazing Animal Jam Tag! Thanks so much, Princessbg, for tagging me! ^.^

1. How many buddies do you have (including IRL)?

In Animal Jam, I have 197. XD And in real life, I have my family and two others. :) But I feel that all the AJ bloggers are my friends. <3

2. What is your main look?

Well, when I first started this blog, I didn't know that my profile picture would turn into my main look since my deer isn't even my favorite animal. XD But it is my deer and what it is wearing is: a gray beret, a gray designer skirt, a red heart locket, and a red pearl bracelet.

3. Were you even included in bad drama? If so, tell us!

Hmm... I have probably been in some but I don't know what you count as bad drama. XD

4. What computer are you using right now?

Uh, some kind of laptop... XD

5. Who is your favorite blogger?

I don't have one. I have a whole bunch! Including Swirlshine, Nafaria, Doomypanda, Skywatcher, Penguin, Cookycupcake, Purplestarclub, Violet, Cosmiccheetah, Graciepopstar, Awesomepanda, Ineffable, Kimberly, Pinpun, and Canineclaw. Whew, that was a lot. XD

6. How many rares do you have?

I currently have around 70 rares... They are mostly RIMs. XD

7. How much do you care about rares?

Not a whole lot. They are just items to me. :)

8. Would you get hacked of all your items or quit AJ?

I would get hacked. I do not want to quit AJ and I have so many good friends on there!

9. In all the years you have played AJ, who is the meanest jammer?

I have met a lot of mean people. Also, I'd rather not say any names. :)

10. What is a feature you want to come back?

Oh, I don't know! Maybe that non-members can gift or have the chat log up. Or the play timer. ^.^

Thanks so much for the fun tag!

Now, I tag:



- - -

So I might have almost completely forgotten about Book of the Month. XD But I shall do it now!

So the Book of the Month for July is...

It's a tie!! A tie between "Gold Medal Winter" and "The Night Gardener".


"Gold Medal Winter" was an amazing book about a 16 year-old girl who goes to the Winter Olympics. Esperanza Flores has been dreaming and working for this moment for her entire life. Now that she is going to the Olympics, she has to deal with no distractions, including the news, where she could see people discouraging her. Also, when she is finally at the Olympics, drama starts, including: cute boys, prissy girls who want to win and only care for themselves, and more.

I thought it was an awesome book. I highly recommend it! ^.^


"The Night Gardener" is a really good horror book. It's scary yet I could still sleep and stuff. It's about a sister and brother named Molly and Kip. They are traveling to this place called sourwoods to work at a family's house. But everyone warns them not to go into the sourwoods. When they get there, they start working for an odd family. Kip does the yard work and Molly cleans inside. But the strange thing is, why is there a giant, dark tree so close to the house that it is growing inside? And who or what keeps making big, muddy footprints in the night?

It is really good, so you should totally read it! :D

Also, shout-out to two amazing books, "Lost in Ireland" and "Lost in "London". Those two were SUPER good! :D

And since on my last post, I mentioned "Top of the World" by Dove Cameron, I decided to post it! Enjoy!!

Well, peace, dudes! I mean, have an amazing day! XD

Jam on!


  1. Aww! Thanks so much for including me in favorite bloggers <3 You are most DEFINETLY one of my favorite Bloggers too! Also, I've running out of things to read so now I have a couple additions on my list!

    1. Hey, you're welcome! <3 :) And awww! Thank you too! I love how awesome the AJ blogging community is.
      And yay! I am glad to help you with finding books. ^.^ I LOVE BOOKS! XD

  2. XD I just write on Animal Jam Story Books but I may check those books out.

    1. Oh, right, you do! That's pretty cool. :D But I definitely think you should check them out. ^-^

  3. Heheheheheh...I have corrupted you. Soon... I will catch you... and I will eat you.
    (Skorm inspired that, XD!)

    I'm so happy I'm one of your favorite bloggers! You have no idea how happy that made me to see my name there! You are one of my favorite bloggers as well! I check back here every day! :)

    Ooo, the first book sounds cool! Maybe I'll find it and read it sometime!

    Yay! Gonna listen to the song now!!

    * Reluctantly X's out of the Animal Jam Spring, which had been providing me with amazing music that I let replay over and over* XDDDDDD

    1. O.O Creepy! XD Don't eat me!!! XD (And really? That's what Skorm says?! xD)

      :) Why wouldn't you be?! Your an amazing blogger and friend. How could I not add you? And thanks. :) It means a lot.

      :O YOU SHOULD! XDDDD It's really good. There is also a book called "Gold Medal Summer" that is also good.

      :dances: YAYYYY!! XD

      LOL, that made me laugh. XDDDDD

    2. Yup! He made this video, "Grandma plays Animal Jam". It's not his grandma playing AJ, just his kooky grandma sloth avatar, XDD!
      But yeah, when he was making it, he was trying to talk to someone, I think, but then they left. So then he goes " YOU MEANIE! I will catch you...and I will eat you..." XD! He actually said something else, not " YOU MEANIE", but it's actually kinda close to a bad word, so I won't say it. Wasn't bad, though. He changed it so it wasn't bad. Still. :1

      You are so kind, Lostfairy! I'm so glad you're my friend! :)

      Ooo, cool!


      XD, yeah, I love that " Spirit Of The Wild" music! I also loved " Star Sky", when it was part of the template. But this one has to do with animals, so I love it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! XDDDD

    3. Didn't Aparri make one named that?! What's with him copying people... O,o
      Oh dear. Why do people have to use swear words? Oh right, because that's the only way to 'express' yourself. (NOT) But if he said "YOU MEANIE!" that'd be hilarious! XDDD

      :.) I'm so glad I met you. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MEH TWINIE?! XDDD

      Confession: I don't listen to Penguin's music on his blog. I know, I'm crazy. XDD I just usually read it when others are around and if all of a sudden, music comes blasting out, it would be kinda weird. XDDD But I should take time and listen!

  4. Ohh, so Dove Cameron did a redo of the Imagine Dragons song! She really does do it better, in my opinion! I love it!

    1. Yup! And YES! Another person that thinks Dove did it better. XD I am glad you love it. :P

    2. I think she's a tv fake...

    3. Anonymous, thank you for your opinion. I don't know why you think she's a fake but that's ok.

  5. Replies
    1. XD That's actually funny because a different friend on AJ who reads my blog told me that she really likes the song and she listens to it all the time now. XD

    2. O.O I think not!!! XDDD I know what her user is soooo.... XDDD


      (Don't ask. I have no clue where that came from... XD)

  6. That's a nice tag for sure! I'm happy you thought of me as one of your favourite bloggers. :D You are a great blogger too!
    Those books sound great, I'd totally read the second one if I found it.

    1. Thanks, Purple! :D And of course! Your so kind and sweet. <3 Awww! Thank you! ^.^
      You should! XD I love 'em!

  7. Hmm... I count as bad drama as "BIG HACKER! I GOT HACKED!" Or.. "MEAN JAMMER! MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT ME! GETTING TONS OF HATE!" Maybe, we could count this as drama: "SOMEONE MAKING ME SCAM! ALERT! ALERT! NEXT BIG HACKER?"

    1. Hmm, I have never gotten hacked so... XD Uh, I don't think anyone is making vids about me. If they are, I don't know about it. xD And I have seen scammers, been scammed, and stuff.

  8. Thanks for including me as one of your favorite bloggers! You are one of my favorite bloggers too ^-^

    1. You're welcome! Awww, that makes me feel happy. :D ^-^ Thank you so much, Cosmic!

  9. Aww thanks for saying I'm one of your favourite bloggers:)

  10. (I like this song a bunch) But my FAVORITE AND THE MOST AWESOME BAN ISSSSSSSS OWL CITY! Favorite artist is Josh Wilson

    1. XD I like Owl City too. His music is pretty good. :D

    2. My favorite Owl City song is Fireflies!

    3. Mine is Vanilla Twilight! :)

    4. I love Owl City songs!! <3 I like his new CD a lot. It has a lot of good songs. :)

  11. Somebody please tag me on that tag so I can answer it because I can't stay away from a (fun) quiz for long!!!!! XDDD


  12. Hola, dudette!
    I'm not really sure what I think of RIM... Definitely not my favorite. I think some of my favorite RIMs are: the sneakers (though they are hard to match), the sparkly boa, the flower crown, and stuff like that. :P This is bad. I actually don't know which are your favorite RIMs are... Would you mind telling me? :P

    Nice quiz! It is kinda funny that your deer is your main look and its not even the animal you use the most. :D The one I see you use the most would be your fox. (Foxes just look so good in almost any clothes you put on them, right, Lost? ;) )

    You're one of my favorite bloggers! XD (But, then again, I don't read very many blogs. I mostly just read other blogs over your shoulder... :P )

    Ah! I love all those books that you mentioned! :D "Gold Medal Winter" was fabulous! I really enjoyed it. The characters where her mother worked were so fun to get to know. :) As were all the rest of the characters. ;D
    "The Night Gardener" was so good! I haven't read that many horror stories but this one was pretty good. It's quite high on my best horror books list. :P
    Those Lost in Somewhere books are fabulous! (Like my made-up title for the series? XP ) I'm excited to read "Lost in Rome."

    Dove Cameron is sooooo good at singing! I love her voice. <3 "Top of the World" is one of my favorite songs she sings. "You and Me and the Beat" is pretty good too. So is "Froyo Yolo." (Did I spell that right? It looks kinda wrong... :P ) "Count Me In" is definitely a song for me and you. :) <3 It just feels like it was written for us, you know?
    Anyhoo, love your blog, sis!
    Till the next comment,

    1. I love Frooooooyo, oh oh oh-oh
      So yoooooolo, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
      Frozen yogurt is my favorite treat
      Sweet and yummy froyo's all I eat
      Cuz you only live onnnnnnce!


    2. You should listen to " As Long As I Have You"! It's by Dove too, and a really great song! I'm also loving " Better In Stereo", (extended version), which is the Liv And Maddie theme song!

  13. "Top of the World" was an Imagine Dragons song, written 2 YEARS earlier than some stupid kiddie TV show... so they ripped of imagine dragons, be aware.


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