Saturday, 6 August 2016

Beach Pictures and Music Tag!

Hey, guys! It's me! Lostfairy! The one that posts here!

Wait, you haven't heard of me before?!


Okay, when do I ever go crazy like that? I think Swirlshine and Penguin made me do that. XD

Ahem, now I shall be serious.

.......... NO WAY! Ok, ok, calm down, Lostfairy...

Well, I hope you guys liked the different way to start. I bet you thought I had gotten sucked up by aliens and they did something to me. :P

So, you probably know, on Wednesday I went to the beach! It was so much fun! The water was cold but I got used to it pretty quickly. Plus, it was nice and sunny so that was perfect.

I wanted to show some pictures I took at the beach! Here they are:

Here is the water! XD Sorry for the bad quality!

Me and Koolest made a ladybug! It was kinda supposed to look like the Animal Jam one but it turned out different.

We also made a sand AJ tophat! :D Probably got run over in five minutes but whatever. :P

Well, that's all the pictures I took. Sorry that there wasn't a lot... >.< I guess I was spending my time swimming and eating a great picnic lunch. I had a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, grapes, cherry tomatoes, chips, and a two-bite brownie. Things just taste better outside, right? ^.^

I saw a little dog swimming in the water too. It had such a hard time staying up in the water. But it was sooo cute! :)

And randomly speaking my life, I just started watching the TV show, "The Flash". It is pretty good! :D It's also the first ever superhero movie/TV show that I have watched. I started this week and I am already on episode four. I watch it with my brother, dreadwisp on AJ, and Koolestkat.

LOL, sorry for this randomness! :)

- - -
Guess who got tagged for an amazing music tag?! Meeeeee!!! XD
I got tagged by not one but TWO people! Thanks so much Cookycupcake and Swirlshine!
This tag is made by Cookycupcake.
First concert?
The first concert I ever went to was by an old band called pureNRG. And it was... kinda sad. XD There was another concert by some weirdos that were first and then pureNRG sang. But the crowd was not very enthusiastic. At all. XD
Music type?
Pop. XD No question. At all.
What song are you obsessed with currently?
Uhh, I don't really have any but if I had to choose, it'd be "Top of the World" by Dove Cameron.
Favorite album?
Oooh, tough one! Maybe "Turn it Up" by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano.
Favorite artist/band?
I don't even have to think about this. Ross Lynch or Dove Cameron. :P
What instrument(s) do you play?
Sadly, none. Unless you count a CD player! XD Though, I do want to learn how to play guitar.
Thank you again, Cooky! And Swirl. :P
Now, I tag...
I basically can't tag anyone else because everyone else I could think of was tagged already. XD
But I am also letting anyone who wants to do this tag to do it! Take it and run! ^.^
Well, that's all for today! Hopefully you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! :D
Jam on!


  1. Aww, thanks for tagging me. Everyone else was doing this tag and I was like: WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?!?! XD Just kidding.
    I remember when I was obsessed with Dove's On Top of The World. Haha, good times, yes. Then I discovered the original and I thought Imagine Dragons were cooler. Now that I look back, I can't compare, they're both pretty good. :P
    Looks like you had a lot of fun at the beach. ^.^ I really like that tophat.

    1. Hey, no problem! ^.^ LOL, yeah I was wondering why no one tagged you too! XD
      I love that song. I just listened to it today, actually! :D Hmm, I have heard Imagine Dragons sing it but I like Dove's version better. :P
      Yuppers, I sure did! Thank you!! ^-^

  2. Hehe, you know what? I made sand art, too! I drew my wolf's Wizard Hat, and a Neko Atsume kitty head. :)

    I really should listen to " On Top Of The World". I know the one by Imagine Dragons, but not Dove's!
    Also, do ya like Liv And Maddie? I've been watching it a lot, since all the recorded Austin And Ally's have been deleted. ):1

    1. Ha, that's funny! We both made an AJ hat in the sand! XD

      YOU SHOULD! XDD In my opinion, Dove does it better. XD I dunno, I just really like her voice while Imagine Dragons voices are... Interesting. XD
      I like the music but I haven't watched any of it yet! I really want to when I am done Austin & Ally. And what? NOOOOO!! :o You should buy it off iTunes or something. That's what I am doing. :P (Though, it's really expensive...)

    2. XD, yeah!

      I'm gonna look up that song either tonight or tomorrow because I'm so curious, lol!

      Liv And Maddie is a really good show! There's a guy named Joey who's got to be the funniest. Like Dez! XD
      Ooo, I didn't know you could buy episodes off iTunes! But I probably won't, if it's expensive. I'm waiting to blow all my money on MORE AJ toys and TONS MORE LPS toys. XD

  3. Replies
    1. O.O Wow, metal?! That's an interesting style! XD Not that it's bad, it's just... Metal... XD

  4. Aww thanks for tagging me:) I'll have to remember to do that tagXD Oh and can I just say I love the header to this blog!

    1. You're welcome!! I can't wait to see it. ^.^ And why, thank you! Awesomepanda made it for me. <3

  5. I like your blog! And today was AMAZING Me, my sis, and my Aunt (my mom went to but didn't ride cuz she's pregneat) WENT..... DRUMROLE PLZ

    HORSE BACK RIDING it was our first time too! (well not my aunt's XD) My aunt had uh i forgot.... XD Named Nickey and my sis had Nickey's sister Ninnah (Thats how you spell it I think) Pronounced Nean-ah ;) And I had an AMAZING Quart Horse named Jazz, she was a Palmino color I think. And had white hooves. (no stockings) SOOO FUN! Then my sis and Aunt's horse was black with a (star?) marking and white stockings. SOO FUN

    1. Hey, thanks, Sarah! ^-^

      Wow, your day DOES sound amazing! I love horseback riding. I went at camp last year and I had great horses, named Mr. and another horse that I don't remember it's name.

      Your horse sounds cute. <3


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