Friday, 6 October 2017

Back To School Fashion Show Day #3 - One Elimination

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome baaaaack! Are you here to vote for the back to school fashion show?!

Thanks again to all who voted! There wouldn't be a show without you! Now, let's see who's out...

Oohhh, you did great, King! And there's always going to be another opportunity to enter an AJJ fashion show! ^.^

And again! We'll be doing the same thing again. Vote one animal out by commenting their name or JAGing me their name. And no using extra accounts, please! Tomorrow we'll find out who's out next!

 Have an amazing day and goooooood luck!

Jam on!

Thanks again, Kara, for making me this! ^.^


  1. Princess alienstar >.< I picked randomly completely randomly, super sorry D: