Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Back To School Fashion Show Day #1 - One Elimination

Welcomeeeee to the FIRST day of the voting sessions for the Back-To-School fashion show!!

Most of you probably have voted in a fashion show before but some of you might not have! So, let's go over the rules. ^.^
  1. To vote, just comment or JAG me on AJ the name of the animal you think should be out.
  2. No voting twice or thrice or anything with your extra accounts. Be fair!
  3. If you get out, please don't be sore. I'll host more shows in the future!
Well, that's about all the rules! Now! Here are the models!

Woot! So many people excited to get back to school! Heh, NOT. XD

The second day of the voting will begin on Thursday since I posted this late!

Also, apologies for me having to add some people's animal names in. Heh, the first time I took pictures of people's outfits, I FORGOT TO HAVE THEIR ANIMAL NAME IN THE PICTURE! So, I had to retake them all but some people didn't have their back-to-school outfit on sooo... XD

Have an amazing day, don't forget to vote, and...

Jam on!!


  1. Ooo!! I love fashion shows! XD

    I vote out... Victory Glasscloud. Sorry!! :O

    Can't wait to see who wins!


  2. I vote outVictory glasscloud DX Sorry D:
    I love all the entries though :D Gl to allllll

  3. I forgot to enter this.. XD OOPS

    I don't think I'm gonna vote, I just don't like voting. :p

    1. That's ok! I always forget to enter fashion shows too. XD

      Alright! That's totally fine. ;)

  4. I out vote princess alienstar

  5. Victory Glass Cloud. sorry! D:
    *Husky Ninja


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