Friday, 18 November 2016

All New Item!

Yo! What is UP, jam-a-jam-jam jammers?!

I just found an all new item that I think not many people know about!

As you all know, a little while ago, if you went to Pixel Place on the Epic Dens list, you could get a secret item, a PiƱata.

Well, the Pixel Place has changed to Sky Kingdom! And I found the item!

You can get this cute Root Lamp! ^-^

It even comes in different colors too, awesome!

Well, I better go. Hope you all have a spectacular day and don't forgot to...

Jam.... ON!!!

Also, don't forgot! My birthday party is on Sunday at 3pm CST!


  1. X3 I actually discovered this as soon as AJ updated, it's one of my favourite items :D


    1. Oh, good for you! XD It's a really cute item, actually.

  2. Very cool! I think this will be a great additional in my lil gallery CX

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. God made you and loves you too :D

    2. @Gracie
      LOL, yup. I like it a lot. And wait, what gallery?! XD

      Thanks! He loves you too! ;)

    3. I made an art gallery at my den XD

    4. OOOOH, right! Duh, I totally knew that! XD

  3. Hi Lostfairy! Thanks for this post!
    Im still coming to your party ;)
    I am wondering when you'll be online tomorrow? I am your buddy, and i wanna talk to you. i am a hour ahead of you.
    My dog is going to be put down soon, not sure today or tomorrow, soon, unfortunately.
    Id like to make a memorial service for her. If you could come that'd be great. I just need to know when you'll be on. Im probably free most of the day,. unless we put her down tomorrow and I;ll be gone. :'(
    Thanks for your time!
    also im usually on around 2 ish to 8. (that'd be 1 to 7, for you) Depends on what time my mom finishes reading her Bible lol :D
    (me, too XD)
    Ok bye XD


    1. ALso, sorry if thats too much information :((((((((
      im just rlly upset. thx scar
      its coming soon. :'(

    2. Ill jag you so u know its me, Lostfairy :))))


    3. Hey, no problem!
      Awesome, thanks for letting me know! :D
      Hmm, today, I really don't know when I'll be on. Maybe sometime this morning?
      :O Oh, I am so sorry!
      I'd love to come to the memorial service. What kind of dog is she? :'(
      You're welcome!
      Oooh, maybe I can come on sometime in the afternoon. I don't know when though...

      No, no, it wasn't too much information.
      :( Again, I'm really sorry. :(

      Okie dokey! Thanks! :)

  4. Also, can u help vote here? i made this thanks

  5. Wait is the part 3:00 central?

    1. The party is on the 20th at 3:00pm Central. :D


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