Thursday, 23 June 2016

Spikes and Slothy Jamaa Journal!

Hi Jammers! Today is update day! So let's see what's new! :D

Spiked Collars and Spiked Wristbands are on sale at the Diamond Shop! I love the new colors. ^.^ I think I will probably buy one for fun in the teal color. It is only 3 diamonds so it's a really good deal!

Jammers, welcome to the den of Minecraft! XD I find the flooring that came with it very dizzying... @_@ But it still is a cool den. :)

Adorable penguins are on sale! They are so cute, I have to buy one! ^-^ And the Freedom Party is now on the party list! Jamaa Township has a very freedomy feel now!

A new building! :o Or tent, I should say. It is filled with Wild Explorers videos where you can ask Cami questions and also some experiments from Animal Jam Academy. Neat!

YES! Finally! Now we can save artwork in process to work on later! I will use this... ^.^ And new Masterpiece frames! One looks like a Zios one... :o

Aha, a new animal! I think I know what it is... A sloth!! Sloths have long legs, are nocturnal, and live in trees! It has to be them. They were also in the voting a while back. I voted for sloths back then. :D

Isn't it cute?! I like it a ton! I would be happy if they made this animal. :)

And the pet hippos from the gift cards are leaving soon! I just got a hippo yesterday! XD Pick up those membership cards now if you want a hippo!

And that is all I have time for. I will post again in a few days! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway! Details in my last post! Giveaway is ending on June 2nd. :)

Till then,



  1. Replies
    1. Me too!! Wouldn't it be awesome to have sloths? I wonder how they would walk... Super slowly? XD

    2. I think animals have different speeds. So it may be slow. The cheetah is really fast if you walk with it.

    3. Oh really? I didn't know that! That is so cool!! :D


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