Monday, 13 June 2016

RIM, AJGC Party, Fanart, and Zootopia!

Hey guys! Man, today is nice outside! I am currently sitting in a lawn chair with a laptop, writing this post. It's nice... ^.^ Also, it is Rare Item Monday again! :) Yay!

Wow, a purple Rare Candle Hat! This rare is found in Jam Mart Clothing for 800 gems! I didn't know candles came in purple. :P This rare is totally perfect for a crazy outfit. Pick it up before it leaves today! Also, again, it is members only. But at least non-members got pigs last week! That was quite exciting! :D

And like always, here is my calendar for RIMs!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares.
Yup, the pattern continues. Next non-member rare will be June 27th! ;)

- - -

Well, a friend and fellow blogger of mine, named Panda, is having a celebration party on Thursday and wants others to spread the word. Cause the more come, the funner it will be! :D So here is the invite that she made:

I will defiantly trying to come to this party! It sounds like tons of fun. ^-^ Hope you guys can make it! By the way, here's the link to Animal Jam Graphic Central. Click here.

- - -

Okay, when I was just writing about the invite, me and Koolest were sitting outside together. Then all of a sudden, we hear this loud crack sound. We look and there's this big beetle thing. It was the about the size of my last pinkie joint. It was on it's back, breakdancing. XD It looked so GROSS! (I do not like bugs, by the way. :P) Me and Koolest just stared at it. And then it finally got right side up again and started slowly walking over to me. I quickly went behind my chair so I was behind it. It started walking to my chair and computer cords. I told Koolest to kick it into the flowerbeds. She did and saved me. XD I guess it just liked my Ross Lynch music and wanted to come hear more. ^-^ (Did I mention I liked him??! Well, he is so hot. Seriously. XD)

Maybe being outside and writing isn't so good after all. There are wasps flying around and little flies and BEETLES THAT FALL FROM DA SKY! XD Anyhoo, on to more AJ involved stuff!

- - -

So Swirlshine, author of Weekly Jammer News, surprised me by making fanart for me!

Isn't it amazing?! She drew my arctic wolf from my siggy!! Thank you so much, Swirl! When I saw this this morning, it totally brightened up my day. I had seriously just had gotten up from bed and I went on the computer, saw this and it made my day! Right from the start! :D Thank you, you are an amazing friend. :) I love how the wolf looks and the bow and the writing and EVERYTHING! ^-^ I wanna hug it! Visit Swirl's blog here!

- - -

This is super random but last Friday, I finally watch Zootopia!

It. Was. AMAZING! One of the best movies I have ever watched. :D It had great lines, plot, animation, characters, everything! I love Judy and Nick. They are really funny. Also, it actually got kinda suspenseful. Which was surprising-ish. The characters had the greatest expressions. Also, some of the animals were so cute! ^-^

Like, look at these hamsters! Aren't they adorable?!
I love how they are eating their pawsicles! They're teeny little faces are so funny as they try to stuff their mouths with pawsicles! XD
But yeah, the movie was amazing. If you haven't watched it, you totally need to. I cried at one part. :') If you are thinking of not watching it, please change your mind! I know people keep saying it is a good movie but it is true! Me and my family laughed SO hard at it. I totally wanna buy it. :D

- - -

Well, I think that is it for today. There are some new items in the piggy theme which is adorable. So be sure to buy some! It is really cute. :D

Have a great day, Jammers! For those who are done school, enjoy hanging out in the sun! For those who aren't, you are almost done school!

Jam on!!


  1. I'm so glad my art made you so happy! :D
    EEK BEETLES! I don't like bugs either. Okay, I'm pretty much scared of them. I WILL NOT touch them with ANY PART of my body, XD!
    I really liked Zootopia too! It was one of the best movies I have ever watched too! Have you seen Jungle Book ( realistic one)? THAT MOVIE IS SO COOL!

    1. I still can't get over how wonderful it is! Lemme just look at it forever... xD
      LOL, yeah, I don't like bugs either. Although, dragonflies and butterflies aren't too bad. Along with bumble bees cuz they look so FLUFFY! ^-^ And they don't sting. :P
      Yeah, Zootopia was amazing! Totally worth watching again. Hmm, I haven't yet! I probably will though. My bro seems excited to watch it so I will probably as well. ^_^

    2. XD!
      Same on the bugs, I only like butterflies, ladybugs ( kinda), and dragonflies, really. Most of the others are freaky!! Bees aren't freaky, though! :)
      Random story time! Once I was at the zoo, years ago, and I was in the little butterfly building they had. I saw a blue butterfly and stared at it, all " Ooh, look at the pretty butterfly!" Then I looked at its eyes closer and got freaked out because they looked so creepy and...dead...ish. XDD!
      As for Jungle Book, I strongly recommend it! It reminds me a bit of the book series Warriors, in a way!

    3. XD Yeah, ladybugs are kinda gross... O_o xD I hate tent caterpillars. In my area, there are TONS of these gross blackish worms that are everywhere. When I am biking under trees, I have to look out cuz they HANG from trees. And they crawl all over sidewalks and up signs... Ugh, I dislike 'em. XD
      Nice story though! LOL, I feel like everyone LOVES butterflies but then when you look at them closely, you see that they have weird eyes and their bodies look odd. XD Cuz my sister had a calendar of them and they were all close up. I was like, "Ew." XD
      Hmm, I think I am gonna watch it! When I do, I will tell you. ;D Oh, and about Warriors, I REALLY wanna read them but I haven't yet... XD

    4. AHH BLACKISH WORMS! * Faints*

      XD, sorry, I'm weird!

      Yas, butterflies really only have pretty wings. Their eyes... so creepy...

      Ooo, I REALLY wanna give away the first book of Warriors but I won't because I'm too nice! XD!
      But yeah, it's an amazing book series! Actually, it has, like, 5 series. It's long, lol! But they always leave off the books on cliffhangers, so it makes you wanna read the next one!

    5. XD They ARE super gross... O_o

      Hey, I LOVE being weird. XD No need to be sorry! ;)

      No spoilers!!! :P I hate spoilers. Though I seem to get them for books and TV shows. XD Thank you for being nice!! ^-^
      I will have to look into reading them! I hear lots of people like them so they must be good! And ooh! Cliffhangers are kind of annoying when the next book isn't out. XD

      LOL, I am just noticing how long our replies are! This is awesome! XD I love 'em!! :D

    6. XD! This is a never-ending conversation!

    *I always freak out when I see amazing art*
    Good job, SwirlShine!
    Zootopia is such an awesome movie. :D I've watched it 5 times now. lol

    1. LOL, yes, the drawing is AMAZING! Swirl also did one of 2fangwolf which is also WONDERFUL!
      Yes, Zootopia is very awesome. I wanna watch it again! Lol! ^-^

    2. Aww, thanks you two! I wish I could type emotes on here, hmm...

      Nah, all I can do is this:


    3. You're welcome! LOL, yeah. No emotes here. XD


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