Wednesday, 1 June 2016

National Necklace Day and Fanart!

Hola Jammers! Happy National Necklace Day!!

National Necklace Day is basically celebrating necklaces. Switch your neck item with a crimson necklace that's only 45 gems! It happens every June 1st and anyone can participate. :D So grab a necklace and join this viral celebration on AJ! I found out about this holiday by reading my friend's blog, The Animal Jam Whip. Thanks, Nafaria, for telling me about this!! ;D

- - -

My friend, Purplestarclub surprised me by drawing fanart for me! It is so beautiful, I just had to put it on here!

Purplestarclub drew my deer! :D Thank you soo much, Purple! I really like it a lot. I love how the skirt looks and everything. :o It is really marvellous. Thanks again, Purple! (visit her blog here!)

Well, sorry for the short post. And feel free to vote on my polls that are ending soon! :D

Have a great day and...

Jam on!!


  1. That is one good work of art!

    1. I know right?!! I love it a ton. :o :)

  2. Purplestarclub, WOW!! Your art is awesome!!

    1. I agree! It IS really amazing! :D