Sunday, 26 June 2016

1 Year!!!

Hey Jammers! Guess who just turned 1 on AJ?!

If you guessed me, you're right!! I started playing AJ on June 26th last year. ^-^ Since it is my Animal Jam b-day, I might as well tell you how I found out about AJ and why I started playing.

Me and my sister, Koolestkat, like reading National Geographic magazines that are in the library. Sometimes there would be AJ ads and I would think how fun it looked. But I didn't really wonder if I would want to play it. But then randomly, me and Kool decided to check it out.

Turns out, the game looked really fun and had a cool style to it! We asked our parents if we could join and they said yes. So I started the process of making an account! :D Once that was done, I started the fun journey of joining AJ!! ^.^

After I played for a while, my sister almost had drag me off the computer so she could make an account too. XD

Now for some trivia!! Yay, more facts about me. :P

  • The first game I played on Animal Jam was Overflow.
  • My first animal was a panda and my second one was a seal.
  • The first clothing item I bought was a Turquoise Ring.
  • I only got membership on Christmas Eve last year.
  • The first dream item I had was a Bow and Arrow.
  • My first username was Marimoss but then AJHQ didn't like that. I then changed it to Lostfairy. :)
  • I picked Marimoss because of the other game I play, Amazing World. On there, I am Marigold Mosscurtain.
  • I picked Lostfairy because of my good, good friend from the game, Pixie Hollow. When I heard Pixie Hollow was closing down and I asked her to join Club Penguin. Her username on Club Penguin was Lostfairy too but she never played after she made the account so now I can't talk to her. :(
  • First AJ blog I ever read was Animal Jam Stream.
  • The panda picture of me up above is what I would usually wear in my new jammer time.
  • When I first started, I loved trading a ton.

I hope that is enough trivia to satisfy all of you! ^.^ If you have any questions about my youngster self on AJ, comment with your question! :D

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! If you want to see the details on the giveaway, click here! Have a great Sunday!!


  1. My first ever game was Overflow, too! My first animal was a seal. I honestly forget when I joined and how I found out about Animal Jam, but I remember joining in the time of the Summer Carnival, around 2013 I think. I DO remember getting the 2014 Spring Egg Hunt prize, so I think that I joined in the summer of 2013.

    1. Hey, that's a funny coincidence! Out of all the games, we both played Overflow first! XD Hm, I started playing with the Summer Carnival too but back then, I thought the Summer Carnival was a one time thing and would never come back. XD

    2. Oh, I kept my seal and her name is still Little Prettyflower. I have changed her outfit over the years though.

    3. Oh, ok! LOL, I change my animals outfits all the time. To me, it is really fun! ;D

  2. My first game was best dressed, my first animal was a wolf.

    1. That's cool! Do you still have that wolf that you first had? ^-^

  3. For some reason, this brings back memories of MY first time playing! :) My first ever animal was a tiger named Miss Windyspirit.
    I have a question for ya! What was you first animal's name?

    My tiger's name is now Eternal Something-paw, and my bunny took Miss Windyspirit. I think I'll recycle that tiger and make it Miss Windyspirit again, though. :DD

    1. Hey, that's cool! :D Ooh, tigers are cool! I have no clue why I picked a panda. It is not even my most favorite animal. XD
      Yay, a question! ^-^ My first animal's name was Princess Sunnyfriend. :)

      LOL, yeah I had gotten rid of my seal a long time ago but recently got it again and named it the same thing. :D

  4. OMG... Pixie Hollow? I used to play that game ALL the time! When it shut down, I went on a search for more social media games and found AJ. ^.^ I wish Pixie Hollow didn't close, I was so stupid back then, I might've missed some features of the game. D:

    1. :O Another PH fan!! ^.^ Me too! I used to spend HOURS on there! Huh, I did that too! I search for a new game to play and I did find one, Amazing World. :D I wished it didn't too... D: I lost some REALLY good friends on there. Too bad it's not still up and running!


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