Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Rare Item Monday!

Hi Jammers! Today is gonna be a great day! :D


It's Rare Ram Horns! Sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 1,000 gems, this rare will look great on your goat or any other animal! But again, it's a members only RIM so sorry non-members! Man, I love those colors together... So pretty! ^.^

Looks great, doesn't it?! XD

Also, on my last RIM post, I had made this calendar thing for keeping track of all the RIMs and to see if there was any pattern on when a non-member rare would come. So I updated it today!

Blue means it was a non-member rare and the
yellow means it was a member rare. :)

And so the pattern continues. Hmm, if AJHQ is using the pattern I think they are using, that would mean the next four rares will be members only. Interesting! I think I will keep this up all year or something or just till the end of June cause that's when I would see if the pattern was correct.

Do you like this rare? Do you like the way the RIM calendar pattern is turning out? Tell in the comments! :D

Well, happy Monday and jam on!!


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