Monday, 16 May 2016

Rare Item Monday

Heyo Jammers! I hope your all having a splendid Monday. Today is, of course, Rare Item Monday! :D

Wowie! Who ever heard of minty dreadlocks?! I am serious, this may be the craziest RIM I have ever seen... o.o Anyhoo, pick up the Rare Hat With Dreadlocks at the Summer Carnival! :D I was a wee bit confused on where it was located but I finally found it. :) This rare is 5,000 tickets and alas, is members only. Sorry non-members! I think this is the second rare item found in the Summer Carnival but if I am wrong, please tell me in the comments!

Also, I think I said in an earlier RIM post that I was wondering if there was a RIM for non-members every two months. Well, today I did some research on all the RIMs that have come out this year and found a pattern. Here, take a look!

Blue are non-member rares and yellow are member rares. :)

Do you see the pattern? It appears that the next non-member RIM will come on June 27th. Hmm... I will have to see if this continues!

- - -
Anyway, yesterday I made an AJJ hangout in my den! :D
Come drop by my den whenever you wish! ;) It's open to everyone and anyone. It is kinda random but hey, "jumble" means random! ;) Enjoy my AJJ tree house! Too bad I couldn't have made a flag or banner that says "Animal Jam Jumble". That'd be epic! :o I should suggest to AJHQ to make a banner making shop. Of course they'd have to first look at each banner to make sure no one says any bad words on one and then they could gift you it! But it'd be so neat! :D
Well, that's all for now! Remember to...


  1. I think there were 3 rares:
    Raccoon Tail
    Giant Jester Hat
    and Hat with Dreadlocks.

    1. Ohh, oki! Thanks for telling me! ;) And also, thank you for stopping by my blog! :D

  2. I actually really like the RIM! The blue dreadlocks look a little hipster-ish. :P But, like, a nice hipster, not a mean, gothic one... :D
    Love the AJJ hang out! You did such a good job. Makes me wish I could have that tree house in my real backyard! ;D It totally has the feel of a super cool hangout.
    Till next comment,

    1. Hmm, that is true! Also, the rare looks super cute on an otter. :P I like the rare too, it just looks a wee bit crazy... XD
      Aw, thanks, Koolest!! Yeah, it would be super neat if we could have it in the backyard. :o :)
      Till then, sis!