Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mini Update?!

What's up, Jammers? I am pumped about a couple of things including the newest, random mini update!

Woah! For today only, diamond animals are ONLY 5 diamonds! Half price! :D Thanks AJHQ! The Diamond Shop is crowded today.

Everyone is scrambling to buy tons of animals. Hmm, I think I am gonna buy one too! Or should I get two? :P I mean, who could skip a deal like this?

- - -

Remember when I said earlier that I was thinking about drawing a sunset for the AJ sunset art contest? Well, I drew one yesterday! Here it is. :)

Do you think this is going to appear on the Daily Explorer? Comment and let me know! ;)

- - -

Well, there are probably things leaving but I really don't have time to take the pictures today. Sorry, guys! I will tell you which shops the items leaving are in and which item. :)

  • Shop: Jam Mart Clothing Items leaving: Old Water Pump, Heart Pillow, Star Pillow, Modern Glass Shelves New Items: Crazy Wigs, Salon Pump Chair, Salon Sinks, Show Stand
  • Shop: Diamond Shop Items leaving: Pet Eagle, Polar Bear, Bounce House New Items: Pixelated Cheetah Head, The Cheetah Claw, Rainbow Helmet, Rainbow Amulet, Rainbow Armor, Rainbow Gauntlets, Rainbow Tail Armor, Hyena
  • Shop: Bahari Bargains Items leaving: Goggles, Nautilus Necklace, Anglerfish Hat
  • Shop: Sunken Treasures Items leaving: Deep Sea Crystals, Underwater Drum Set New Items: Shark Submersible
  • Shop: Treetop Gardens New Items: Mass Cane Plant, Chinese Evergreen Plant, Boston Fern
I think that is everything! :) Well, have a great evening! And also...

Jam on!


  1. Wow! That's a very nice drawing. You definitely have a lot of talent.
    Oh and, nice blog! Btw, I'm Purplestarclub, a new reader. :D

    1. Aw, that is very sweet of you! Thank you so much! :D
      Why, thank you! And welcome to my blog, Purplestarclub! ;)

  2. Yay! Animals! So glad we got two animals for 10 diamonds! :D It was fun to pick out the animals we wanted and then buying them.
    Really good drawing, sis! You did a good job on the colors. :D I like the layers of light from the sun.
    Till next comment,

    1. LOL, yeah, and I love my new goat and llama. :D They are lots of fun. ;)
      Thank you! And hey, you helped me so thank you. :P Too bad I sent it in late. XD
      Till then, my friend!