Friday, 29 April 2016

Jamaa Journal

Hey Jammers! I hope you are all having a splendid day! :D Now yesterday in AJ there was a big update so let's begin this post with that.

A new den has come to stores! Just in time for spring! I took some pictures of the Spring Cottage on the Epic Dens list. :D

I adore these steps! :D

I really like this area but was wondering what
those little moving lines were...

Simply love this book area! I'm in love with it!!

So creative...

Love the garden!
 Like most dens that AJ makes and puts in the Epic Dens list, there are some things that are unreleased. But the one that stood out to me the most was the new plushie!

I like the look of it! Maybe some day, us Jammers will be able to get our own! :D

Moving on to the next page of Jamaa Journal!

Graham's Workshop is back! Its first appearance was on August 20th, 2015. I enjoyed playing it then and can't wait to play it again. :) There is lots of cool items to buy. I see lots of the same items but some new ones! Its a fun adventure, that's for sure!

Oh yay! More buddy spaces! I totally needed that! :D And a new outfit is coming! There are two of the items available in the Diamond Shop so far.

The Cruise Ship Party is back! This is a sure sign that summer is coming soon! :D

Also, pets can now Dance, Hop, Sleep, and Play along with you! I think its super cute how now pets can dance and stuff. :D I took some pictures of me and Kittypaw showing off her new moves.





Hyenas are coming back to Jamaa! I feel like they just left... But who cares? The more animals the better! :D And also, another sign that summer is coming! Summer Carnival is coming soon!

That's the last bit of the update! :D And I know there is some stuff leaving shops but I don't have enough time to take the pictures of them and crop them. Sorry guys!
- - -
Well, something strange happened to me yesterday night on Animal Jam. I was in Coral Canyons in the server Aldan. I usually don't hang out in that busy server but I saw someone yell "GO TO CORAL CANYONS ALDAN, APARRI IS THERE" in Jamaa Township in a different server. So I thought I might as well go try to see this famous person. (I don't actually know how famous she is because I had never heard of her till someone told me about her a while ago. XD) So I went there and saw a bunch of people trading and yelling things about trading. It was very laggy and full of people. I didn't see Aparri though. Then some red arctic wolf is like, "HEY GUYS, I'M A PART I!". I'm guessing they were trying to say Aparri. Their name tag was hidden though and people shouted at the wolf saying they weren't really Aparri. I looked up Aparri's name on the name list thing and saw she was wearing some clothes and this wolf, claiming they were her, was not wearing any clothes. So I knew they were lying. Then, another red arctic wolf came wearing the exact clothes as Aparri! But again, this person was hiding their tag. Jammers started yelling and screaming her name. Others were saying that that was not her. I didn't know what to think. :P But then after a while, "Aparri" said, "I feel so special" and then moved so you could see their name. It was not Aparri. XD The person then changed into a penguin wearing a glove on their head.

I thought this was kinda odd but I bet people do it a ton. It takes all kinds to make Jamaa, that's for sure! :D
Anyhoo, jam on, Jammers! Till the next post! :D


  1. The spring den is sooooo awesomesauce! I need/want to make den with it! I love AJHQ's dens that they make! Me wants to steals all their ideas!!! >:D The little moving lines on the couch makes me think of ants... Yes, the falcon plushie stood out to me too. I looooove the new plushies that have been coming/will be. :)
    We should totes do the new adventure together sometime, sis! I like the new prizes they have now.
    That rocker outfit is so sick! (Sick in the good way! :P ) I'm not sure if I'll get the hair. But I might, you know, just to say I have the whole outfit. :P
    Yay, cruise party! :D
    The new pet actions are so sweet! :)
    I love hearing you tell stories!
    Till the next comment,

    1. Yes, it IS very awesomesauce! :D I think I am going to buy it... :) Hey, they made me think of ants as well! :P I hope AJHQ keeps making the new plushies. I adore the owl ones! :D <3
      Oh yeah, we totally should! :D
      Ha! XD Yes, the outfit is very sick indeed! The hair is interesting but I have seen people wearing it and its not bad! :D
      The Cruise Ship Party is wonderful! :D I like the fun, beachy items that's in the shops!
      Yup, pet actions are splendid, that's for sure! :)
      Thanks, sis! ;)
      Till then!!!

  2. Wow, ok, I am face palming because of my mistake. XD I thought Aparri was a GIRL? WHAAA?!

    I will leave this mistake so I can laugh at it later. XD

  3. I, uh, absolutely DID NOT try to find your old posts because I was bored.
    That's not why I'm commenting on this at all.
    Mmm hmm. XDD!

    *Rereads the Aparri part again*
    Hehehehehe, Aparri is pretty famous, isn't SHE?

      Man. I am rereading the old posts you've commented on and BOY, I WAS CRINGEY. XD

      Hehe, yes, Aparri is a pretty famous GIRL. XD Argh, if I had just RESEARCHED... XD

    2. XDDD!!!
      And actually, I was reading through these old posts, and I can honestly say that I really didn't find them cringey. Like, at all. XD!
      Hey, just be happy you didn't go around saying stuff like "HI JAMMERS, I LOVE THE PAWSOME NEW UPDATE, BUT THOSE PHANTOMS ARE SUCH MEANIES!"
      Be very happy you weren't like that.

      Yes, such a famous lil' darling!
      What am I doing? XDD!
      And XD, it's fine! Don't forget, I called Ja a boy in a post once!


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