Friday, 22 April 2016

Items and Randomness

 Hello Jammers! :) Today's post is going to be a wee bit random, so I hope that's fine.

Let's go see if there is anything new in Jamaa! There is, of course, some things leaving as well.

That's it for new stuff! Here is all the items that are leaving.

From Treetop Gardens

From Epic Wonders

From Diamond Shop

Now, you must be bored silly by all these items leaving and coming. So let's go into more interesting stuff! (NOTE: I took the pictures of the stuff leaving yesterday and didn't think till AFTER I cropped all the pictures. XD So please just subtract one day from each item leaving. Thanks!)

I'm going to tell you a story about my life. It may or may not be interesting. Only time will tell so let us begin! ;)

The setting is on a normal street in my city. Its after supper and still nice and sunny. I am skateboarding with my sister, who you may notice comments a lot as Koolestkat. :) So we are skateboarding having fun and we are kinda going slowly cause... I don't really remember why! Maybe cause a pebble stopped us or we wanted to talk a little. If you have ever skateboarded, you may know what I mean by pebbles stopping us. Pebbles are nasty when one is skateboarding. If one hits your tires, it will make a horrible noise and stop you and stopping you might mean that you launch forward off your board and breaking your wonderful glide! I should write a story about the mean pebbles... XD

Anyhoo, I'm getting ready to push off and go when all of a sudden, Koolest says to me, "Lost, am I seeing right?" (Actually it was my real name that she called me by, she was not using my AJ name. Though that would be funny if she did!)

I, of course, am wondering what she's talking about. At first I'm thinking, "Is it a cute guy?!" or "Is it weirdos following us?!". So I turn around and my mouth drops open.

There marching on the street like that are the kings (or queens) of the city, are cows trotting across the road.

You heard me. COWS!!! Like the animals you get milk from, that are on farms not in cities, that are smelly and kinda huge! XD

"Is it just me or is there a kangaroo?", says my sis. (She is using a quote from "Austin & Ally" one of our favorite TV shows ever. So some of you readers might get it if you watch it... :P Tell me in the comments if you have ever watched "Austin & Ally", "Kangaroos and Chaos"!)

"No, I see the cows too!" I say.

We watch as all four of the cows walk along. Me and my sister look at each other wondering what to do. We decide that we don't want nothing to do with the cows. So we start skateboarding again.

After a teeny bit of skateboarding, I look back to see the cows, but they are gone. I look at Koolest and say, "Let's just go and see what they are up too."

We skate back and see the cows are walking into a backyard. We watched, shocked and then decide to keep going.

And that's the end of my tale. Hopefully it will be amusing enough for you, wonderful reader! :)

- - -

On Daily Explorer, I noticed there was a contest ending tomorrow. So I decided to enter! :D

So I went on my laptop and started working on a flowery area! :) It took a while for a number of reasons. Such as, I got lag a ton and had to refresh after a few minutes, I wanted to make it nice and flowery, and my colors were quite hard to do since I had to match four different colors!

So I finally picked being blue and yellow to match the flowers. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if this is worth winning or not. XD
Also, if you want to, come by my den and check out the real place! :) And please, don't mind all my stuff everywhere. I am currently making my den into a "Teen Beach Movie" den. It still needs work but whatever! :D

Now talking back to Daily Explorer, I have noticed something... different.

See that? I have circled Online Safety because it used to be Daily Explorer. This change happened a while ago. Maybe a week or so? But now I have to go all the way to Google, look up 'Animal Jam Daily Explorer', move my mouse all the way to the right search result, and click down on the left side of my mouse. Instead of going to Animal Jam which is on my Favorites list, go down to Daily Explorer, and click down on the left side of the mouse. (Please note that I actually don't find it hard. I am using sarcasm. XD)

But I still find it inconvenient, just a tad. Am I the only one who notices this? :)

Well, that's all I can think of for posting about. So I will post some time next week! :D Have a great rest of your Saturday!


  1. I thought you were a flower for a sec

    1. Ha! :D That's funny! I hope that means it might be a winner! :P

  2. Replies
    1. Yay!! Another fan of Austin and Ally!!! :D I seriously love the show. Austin is so cute... XD
      And thank you! :D


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