Saturday, 16 September 2017

Back to School Events and Things!

Helloooooooooo, my jammin' jammers of Jamaa! This is Lostfairy reporting live at her dining room table on a laptop!

Ahem, that was a great intro, right?! XD

Well, I promised in my last post that my next one would be all back-to-school themed and guess what? This post will be full of exciting back-to-school events because honestly, I need to make going back to school fun. XD

So, on our agenda-

You guys: *pops in randomly* Why is there an agenda?!
Me: Because it sounds school-ish! Now go away and let me post! *grabs notebook and slaps it over You guy's heads*

As I was saying, on our agenda today for this post, we will:

-Look back at an old post from last year about school
-Look back at a post written by a dear friend about school
-See an exciting back-to-school contest and its rules
-See another exciting back-to-school event coming up soon
-show some cute back-to-school outfits on AJ for all jammers to enjoy

Sounds like a full post! Let's get started so we're not sitting here all day. XD

Last year, I wrote a post (now it's super cringey, heh) about tips for getting back into school. So if you want, feel free to read it by clicking here! (Just skip past my terrible explanation on how I do school. It's... awkward. XD)

But a while ago, I read a WAY better post on school tips written by my lovely friend, Awesomepanda. She quit last year which was extremely sad but her impact in the community will always be there! When I read her tips, I just sat there going wow. Her writing is very clear and easy to read and her tips were excellent and more suitable for public schools than mine were.

I strongly suggest you read her post! Just click here! :)

And now on to some exciting events and contests coming up at AJJ!

Remember last year, I held a back-to-school fashion show?

Well, I'm doing it again this year!! :D

I absolutely love hosting fashion shows, entering fashion shows, voting on fashion shows, anything that has to do with fashion shows! XD So I'm really pumped to host this one!

1. You can enter by commenting on this post or JAGing me! Be sure to leave your username and the name of the animal you're entering.
2. No extra accounts can be used, sorry!
3. Don't be sore if you don't win, it's pretty much chance and I will hold more fashion shows in the future!
4. Don't copy anyone's entries, be creative!
5. All entries will be accepted from now 'til the 20th!

The winner gets a FREE masterpiece by me and a couple of rares!

If you want, you can post this little picture on your blog to help get more entries and make this fashion show super fun! :D

And that's not all! Remember last year I had a back-to-school party? It was AJJ's first ever party, actually! Well, I'm having it again this year!

I hope you all can make it! :D And of course, there IS that special surprise to look forward to, right? ^.^

And our last thing on the agenda is AJ school outfits!

These are just for fun or you could use these for roleplaying! Or if you're like me, you want to look all school-ish (AKA nerdy) because you just started school. :P

I'm doing two member outfits and two non-member outfits, so all can enjoy!

Classic Schoolgirl
What you need:
French Braid
Silk Scarf
Zipper Tail

What you need:
Baseball Cap
Ribbon Scarf
Sports Jersey
High Top Sneakers

Cute Nerd
What you need:
Nerd Glasses
Ribbon Scarf

Peppy Girl
What you need:
Star Hat
Holiday Sweater

Well, we covered everything on our agenda! :D

Also, in the next few days, I will be redoing AJJ's template since it's not summer anymore! I'll also add some polls later on!

Have an amazing day, drink a chicken smoothie (whaaaa?!), annnnnnd...

Jam on!

Comment call: When did you start school? Will you enter the fashion show? Will you be able to make it to the party? Which school outfit was your favorite?


  1. Awesome post!
    I do school all year long XD (Like of course breaks for a holiday, or bdays XD)

    I'll most likely be at the party! :D I can't wait! Last time I missed it because I was at piano lessons XD!
    I will enter the fashion show :D :D
    I like the first outfit a lot :D

    1. Thank you, Sarah!
      :O HOW DO YOU SURVIVE?!!! XD I have 3 months of summer, a week or so of winter break, a week or so of spring break, and then there's long weekends and special events and things! XD

      Oh yay!! :D I can't wait too! XD Oh yeah! I remember that! That seems forever ago! XD
      Yayyyyyy! ^.^
      Aw, thank you! I think that's my favorite too! XD

  2. I would like to enter my coyote mythical snowy tulip! :D For the fashion show XD

  3. I may or may not be able to make it since I am volunteering that day! I will be sure to enter the fashion show! Will you be saying the prize in a post later as well?

    1. Aw, ok! I hope you can make it though! :D And thank you! And as I said above, the prize is a masterpiece by me and a few rares. :)

  4. I would like to enter my tiger KingFrozenfoot for the fashion show! Have a great day!

  5. I would like to enter my owl, Princess Alienstar. I love those outfits!
    *Sips chicken smoothie*

    1. Thank you so much for entering the fashion show, Snow! And aww, thanks! ^.^
      *sips chicken smoothie and eats a piece of toast that has animal jam spread on it* XDDD

  6. I would like to enter my otter, Junior Shiver Scout!

  7. Did you get my comment from before mentioning that I may or may not be able to make it to the party?

    1. Oops! I forgot to press publish on it! Sorry bout that!

  8. Heya, Lost! I would love to enter your fashion show! I'll be entering my seal, Victory Glasscloud. Also, you put WHAT in your smoothies?!?!


    1. Thank you so much for entering, Del!! ^.^ And LOL, I said chicken smoothies because I started a game called Chicken Smoothie and a lot of the other bloggers started it recently too. xD

    2. Wait, are you entering your wolf or seal? You said your seal but your wolf has a backpack on... XD

  9. Nice post!
    I'd like to enter my cyote muddy canyon bird for the fashion show! I tried to make it follow my school's dress code as closely as possible XD (I am aware bepper did a video like this I'm not trying to copy her) here is a bit of an explanation:
    1. Glasses- ima nerd XD I have some pretty snazzy glasses
    2. Scarf- u can't be to carefull with those teacher who are like AHHHHHHHHHHHH 2 MILLIMETERS OF SKIN SHOWING DRESS CODE!!
    3. Plaid Shirt- it's gotta cover all of the shoulders no "profanity or violent suff"
    4. Pant/Shoes- it's really unclear whether we can wear open toed shoes, so I'll stay on the safe side, also I'm pretty sure we need to wear pants XD
    5. Tail armour- I don't have a tail irl, so I'll just cover that up.
    (Sorry for the super long comment!)
    I like how you have chicken smoothie in there:) I play, but I'm not really active XD pretty much every month I adopt the pets, then ignore the game (unless the events ya know) if u want to trade my user is Moonfur04 :)

    1. Thank you!!! ^.^
      And thank you for entering the fashion show!

      I love your descriptions! :D I like how you dressed up like how you do in real life for school!

      And yes! I have played Chicken Smoothie for a week and a few days. XD I adopt pets and usually don't go on forums unless I want to try getting free pets. XD I buddied you on CS! User is Lostfairy! :)

  10. i like the outfits

    1. Thank you! ^.^

      And welcome to Animal Jam Jumble! I hope you enjoyed your stay, Winter!


    Aw, I miss Awesomepanda- she was an awesome blogger. D:

    Username: IntuitiveInsight
    XD, just kidding! You know what my real user is (Swirlshine, obviously, XD!)
    I honestly came up with that fake username on the spot. Wow it sounds smart, even though I don't even know what it means, XDD!
    Animal: Miss Windyspirit (my bunny)

    OOOH! Well, thank goodness I saw this post now- the 23rd is TOMORROW for me!
    I'm planning to come to the party, and I can't wait to see what the surprise issss!!! :D

    *Looks at first look*
    *Thinks of mi dear*

    Those looks are awesome! :DD

    I read the side of the blog about the story contest, and ACK, I'M SO SORRY I'M NOT FINISHED YET!!! I'm SUPERRRRR CLOSEEEE! I'll finish it tonight, and tomorrow, I'll post it on my blog so you can enter it!
    I apologize once again- school keeps taking up my nights. GRRRRR. D:<


      Yeah, same. D': I miss her posts a lot...

      You guy: *stares* Um, alright then.
      Hmm, now I gotta look this up. XD
      *goes on cause I'm too lazy to check a REAL dictionary*
      So basically, you have an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding. (I copied some of that, heh! XD)
      LOL, it's the same animal you enter last year! XDD
      Thanks for entering, Swirl! <3

      XDDD And yessssssh, surprisssssseeee! :D

      You guys: Um, what's HER problem?! o,o
      Heh, sorry. XD I just... am annoyed... with mi dear... and now I will never be a fox with a braid... *cries* XD

      Thank youuuu!! :D

      It's fine!!! :D I just feel bad for everyone that entered in like, August, because they've been waaaaaaiting and I keep getting asked, "WHEN ARE YOU ANNOUNCING THE WINNER, HMMM?!" XDD
      It's fine though! I'm just glad you entereddddd! :D

  12. My comment didn't go before! O,o
    I would like to enter King Grand Joy!
    *Husky Ninja

    1. Really? o,o Did you enter? Cause if you did it before the deadline then I'll let you enter. ^.^


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