Saturday, 25 February 2017

20 Question Tag!

Me: Hi guys, guess wha-
You guys: Nuh uh. You haven't posted a real post in more than a WEEK.
Me: Um, I was kinda busy with school and I couldn't think of what to post and I got distracted by-
Me: Um, um, sorry!

Perfect. The classic way to start a post. (It's gotten so famous, Swirl!)

I truly am sorry I haven't posted in a while. It kinda went to the back of my mind and I'd always remember at the wrong times, like when I'm in bed and can't go online. :P

Since I'm still a little stumped on what to post even though I have loads of ideas (But I'm running outta time and need a fast post idea...), I decided to do a tag that I found on Animal Jam Budgie made by someone named AnimalJammer330. It was for anyone who wanted to participate so I decided, why not?

It's 20 questions so let's begin!

Animal Jam tag:

1. What's the meaning behind your Animal Jam username?

My friend, named Cornflower, from Pixie Hollow made an account for Club Penguin before PH closed. She told me it was Lostfairy. After PH ended, I never saw Cornflower again as Lostfairy on CP. I picked Lostfairy for special memories. :)

2. How did you find Animal Jam?

I read a Nat Geo magazine and saw an ad for AJ. Thought it looked cool and checked it out. :D

3. When did you start playing Animal Jam?

June 26th, 2015. ^.^

4. What was your first rare?

I think it was the RIM Eagle Hat.

5. What's your favorite den and clothing item?

Oh, this is so tough! Favorite den items would be all my masterpieces and favorite clothing item is probably one of my skirts. :P

6. What is one thing you wish you could change about Animal Jam?

Making masterpieces for all players. :)

7. What's your favorite memory on Animal Jam?

I have way too many good memories. But one of my favorites is when me and some of my buddies made the Cookie Clan and attacked random people in the Cocoa Hut and Julian2's den. XD

8. Who are your best buddies on Animal Jam?

My sis, Fluffykittenlover17, and all the bloggers. And many more!

9. Is there anyone you hate on Animal Jam?

No! I try not to hate people.

10. Have you ever been scammed, and if so, what did they scam?

I have gotten scammed. Back when I was a new-ish jammer. I got scammed of my Rare dark blue Fox Hat.

11. Do you have any plaques, and which kind?

I have: 4 Artist plaques, 1 Howl plaque, 2 Online Safety plaques, 2 Positive Player plaques (still gotta give one to someone), and 1 Contest plaque.

12. What's your favorite Animal Jam emoji?

Probably the sticking out tongue one and the member one that first isn't smiling and then smiles. :P

13. What's your rarest item?

I'm not good at rares but maybe the Rare Long Spiked Wristband I got from Gellyjones?

14. What's your Animal Jam pet peeve?

When people keep asking to trade you for the item your wearing and even when you say no, they keep pestering. XD

15. How many gems & diamonds do you have?

I really don't want to brag... But I have 78,950 gems and 205 diamonds.

16. Who's your favorite Animal Jam YouTuber?

Maybe Snowyclaw? She's super sweet. ^.^

17. What's the best gift you ever received on Animal Jam?

The rarest one is probably the Rare Long Spiked Wristband from Gellyjones but my favorites are any gifts from my friends. ^-^

18. Who do you wish was your buddy?

AJHQ would be pretty cool to have as a buddy. Or Snowyclaw. (but I'm kinda already friends with two of her art museum accounts.)

19. Why do you play Animal Jam?

Oh, that is not hard. XD I play mostly for my friends but I really do love the whole game. It's wonderfully done.

20. When do you think you will stop playing Animal Jam?

Either when it shuts down or when all my friends quit.

Thanks for the great tag, Talloose! ^.^ I know you didn't make it but I wouldn't have found it without you!

Feel free to use this tag on your own blog or post the answers in the comments!

Jam on!


  1. I got scammed out of a fox hat too O.o

    1. Really? o,o That is odd that we both got scammed of one... XD

  2. hehe! your oh-so-very welcome! :D

  3. I sound stupid when I say this but... what's PH? Also I might do this tag on my blog, if I rememberXD

    1. I believe PH is Pixie Hollow, an old online game :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. @Vi

      No, no! You don't sound stupid! Like Gracie said, PH was an old game where you were fairies. XD


      Thanks for helping out! ^.^

  4. Oo! Nice, Talloose! I think I'm gonna do this on AJC ^.^

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Yeah, it's a pretty good tag! Lot's of fun questions to answer! XD

  5. Omg I was scammed of a fox hat too.
    *Sunday afternoons make me crazy*
    I'll probably do this on the AJFC on Wednesday XDDDDD

    1. Woah! Now me and you and Gfox have all been scammed of a fox hat! That is kooky. XD
      I LIKE CRAZY CUZ THEN WE JUST SHOUT AND HAVE FUN! XD (That was fun hanging out with you and Custard on Sunday. :D)
      Ooo, can't wait to see the answers! ^.^

  6. Awesome post, sis!

    Aww, I'm one of your favorite buddies! You're my favorite buddy too! <3 :huggles forever: XD


    1. Awww, thank you!

      Yup, I love hanging with you! Except when we get bored. And we just wander around AJ. Bored. XD But it's still fun too. :P *huggles forever* XD

  7. Imma do this tag yey

    1.Megan was my favourite buildabear at the time, and my buildabearville name was *realnane*furryfun37. But that's boring soo
    One day I was thinking of starting a youtube channel (that after three years, I'm still not allowed) and I was like
    And then I added a K because when I made my Minecraft account AJcraft was already taken. Also because webkinz. So I am now AJKraft. Yay.
    2. There was an ad in a national geographic kids magazine
    3. November 2012
    4. The rare shark fin
    5. Hmm.. I don't own it since its unreleased, but definitely the armoury. My favourite den items I own are my dandelion patches. Also that bread basket from that party... Yeah... And nature archways. I have lots of favourites!
    As for clothing, party hats, steampunk goggles, elf helmets and Spartan armour.
    6. Adding ocelots and chickens.
    7. Idk. Probably Naffy's 2016 Christmas party. I was literally cracking up and my parents were wondering why I as laughing
    8. Everyone except my storages
    10. Gr0ss Lillyann2004 scammed me of basically every rare item I owned in early 2015(?). Spiked wrists etc.
    11. Three artist plaques.
    12. The peace sign. MEDITATE.
    13. My silver party or white beta tail
    14. When people ask for me to put my party hat/beta tail/spike/banana on trade
    15. Very few gems and very few diamonds.
    16. Wisteriamoon, Julian2, Piegirlsy, Magnetplaysaj.. I have lots of favourites.
    17. Some random jammer sent me a yellow long and I freaked out
    18. King bean
    19. Because I literally have nothing better to do with my life
    20. not until I get my three dream items (armoury, magenta furry(or magnetic fury) and alpha sword)


    1. Thanks for filling out the tag!! XD Plus, sorry this was so late. o,o


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