Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! - A Collection of Stories

It's the most, wonderful time, of the year...

Oops, we're not talking about Christmas today! In fact, today is the holiday of love, friendship, and special moments with your loved ones...

It's Valentine's Day!!! ^.^

Since Valentine's Day is the truly wonderful day where you let everyone know you appreciate them dearly, I whipped up some cards for my family. We gave our cards yesterday, actually, because two of my siblings will be gone most of today.

Wanna see the cards I made? Hint: they are AJ related.

For my oldest sis!

Koolest's pet squirrel for her!

My actual pet rooster for my dad!

For my bro, Dreadwisp!

For my mom!

And there you have it! My drawn/inked/colored Valentine's 'cards' that I started in January. And I only finished yesterday.

Now on to the main point of this whole entire lovey dovey post! XD

So, I was thinking and thinking on what I should do for Valentine's Day. I mean, my first V-day post EVER should be unique and special. ^.^

Koolest gave me a really good idea.

You all should know I am sometimes a bit... boycrazy. I'm not the girl who thinks of boys every waking moment, 24/7. That's unhealthy and all, correct? But I am the kind of girl who has plenty of stories with crushes in them. I have embarrassing stories, funny stories, anything.

That got me thinking, should I tell a couple of these funny stories to you guys? Well, of course I should! It's the perfect topic for a Valentine's post!

Also, to spice things up, I shall have fake names for the boys I am talking about. XD

So sit back and enjoy these tales of woe. ;)

- - -

This first story takes place at a youth retreat, so that means this happened in the end of December. I was in this hour long talk. We started it off by sitting in two lines down a hotel hallways, ready to play this get-to-know-you game. The two lines faced each other and this guy yelled out a question for Row 1 to answer to Row 2. Then after 30 seconds, Row 2 would answer another shouted out question. After that, Row 2 would move over one so they were facing another person.
I was sitting in Row 1, waiting for another question when I realized that the person who sat in front of me was a guy.
This sounds silly but I don't talk to boys very well. I fumble and mumble even if I don't like the guy. I blush as hard as ever and laugh this really fake laugh. And to make things worse, that day, I had a cold and lost my voice.
So, the question got called and I started to answer in my hoarse voice. To my surprise, I wasn't too nervous at all. I hardly blushed! I actually LOOKED at Mr. Cute as I was talking.
After I answered to him, I also realized after I had talked to Mr. Cute that I had a crush on him. What made things weird was that, I couldn't even remember what question I answered to him! I remember what Mr. Cute answered. (The question had been what time period would you want to go back to and he said the anywhere from 1960's to 1980's.) I remember that when I was answering with my weird voice that he had been just sitting cross-legged there calmly, nodding and looking at me very intently which made me feel like he was not just listening me, but actually HEARING me.
I still smile when I remember the look on his face. ;)
- - -
This second story actually takes place online. I won't say which game, just for reasons. XD
In this game, I used to have this large group of friends that were quite well known. In this group, there was only one boy. He went by Ram. (That wasn't his real name, he just went by it.)
Most of us girls laughed and joked about an actor named Ross Lynch. We would joke about Ross right in front of Ram, not caring if he heard that we liked Ross or not.
As time went on, I noticed that Ram was actually quite sweet and I started to have a minor crush on him. But I also knew that some of my friends liked him too or they used to or whatever.
One day, we were talking about Ross again when Ram suddenly piped up and said something that made me laugh yet I was in shock he even said what he did.
He announced to us girls that he looked exactly like Ross Lynch. Only a little shorter.
We were all doubtful. How could this dude look like a movie star?
But that got me wondering. Was he trying to impress someone?
I don't remember what we all replied back with but I do know that after a long while of our friendship, our group slowly but surely quit the game.
Ah, memories...
- - -
The last story takes place in my normal hometown.
Me and Koolest were biking along one warm school day. Just as we were about to cross the street onto a sidewalk, I notice Cute-stuff walking along with one of his friends, going back home after school.
I blush like crazy. Me and Cute-stuff pass by each other often. I usually blush and look down whenever I see him.
So, just as I go across the street, Cute-stuff walks onto the slopped area of the sidewalk. I think we both realized we were going to hit each other at this rate. I stop my bike right there on the street. He stops walking.
"He's letting me go onto the sidewalk." I think and put my foot on the peddle to keep moving again when he takes a step forward, as if he thought I was letting him go first.
I stop. He stops. I dare myself to look at his face. He is giving me this look of almost disgust and then he keeps on walking. I blush harder and keep on biking.
- - -
Well, there you have it! ^.^
I hope you all enjoyed these tales of mine as much as I loved writing them out. ;)
Happy Valentine's Day and...
Jam on!!
Yes, a new siggy for Valentine's Day! ^.^
Comment call: Do you have any funny boy stories? What was your favorite of mine? What do you do for Valentine's Day?


  1. I loved all your amazing cards, Lost! You are such a talented artist. ^_^ Teehee, those stories... The first is my favorite. XD

    1. IKR! You've got a AWESOME artist for a sister! :D
      *King Tough Bunny

    2. @Tracey
      Awww, thanks, sis!! :D That's really sweet! And LOL, I liked that one too. :)

      Oh my gosh, thank you!! XD

  2. OMG
    Your are an amazing artist O.O
    The 3rd is my fave story XDD

    1. *blushes* Hehe, thank you, Sarah! Your too kind. <3

      And XDDD Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  3. Aw those drawings are super cute!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR NEW SIGNATURE:) And cute stories:)

    1. Thanks, Vi!!! It didn't take long at all to whip up. ;)

  4. As in matter of fact i have a story.

    Back like in third grade, I had a HUGE crush on a boy in school. One day, somebody convinced me to write him a love letter, with my name on it. I should've known I was gonna be humiliated!

    I passed him the note, and EVERYONE started laughing at me. "You like me?" He asked. I hid my face and cried. That was when I got an idea. At P.E, I set next to him, and was ready. I said "So you know that boy over there? Well, he made up a fake love letter and gave it to you." I said, trying to sound as truthful as I could. "Oh okay, good." He said. The end!

    1. Oh my.... o,o That sounds quite complicated. I probably would have been super embarrassed as well. XD

      Thanks sharing the story. ^.^

  5. LOL funny stories, my fav is first.
    *King Tough Bunny


    I am the least boy-crazy person in the planet. My one and only crush was 5 years old I think :T. And most guys I know don't even try to look normal. They act like... weirdos, they yell all the time, they want to seem cool and swear/say inappropriate things all the time. Honestly, the exception is my dad XD. And small kids under the age of 7.
    But I've got a few stories:

    During the break (today), me and my friends were talking. And suddenly, one of them asked my friend D (it's not the first letter of her name, the letter D is a random choice) wether she has a crush. She said she does but she won't tell us who he is. Then my friend N said that she doesn't have a crush because everyone in her class and the school in general, and she wants to go to another school so she can get a boyfriend. But they were all like ''We need some handsome boys in the school'', ''I want a boyfriend'', ''I have 80 crushes'' and I cracked up XD. Then one of them said that I have never talked about who I like, and, even though I insisted that I don't have a crush they wouldn't believe me :(

    1. Nah, I am. I have 0 crushes, and never had one XD

    2. THANK YOU!!! :D That's so sweet!

      That's ok! It's not like, something you HAVE to do, which would be weird. o,o And yeah, guys who act like weirdos, I stay away from. XD And how is swearing cool? That's just... weird.

      Woah. O.O 80 crushes?! That'd be... insane. But really, who needs a boyfriend when your in school? Just a distraction.

      I'd believe you. :) XD

  7. Aww, those are such adorable drawings!

  8. I like the elephant one! Suggestion is to maybe spice it up with some Valentine themed decorations?

    1. Thanks!! ^.^ And thank you for the suggestion but the elephant is already done and it'd be hard to add things since it's colored in! D:


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