Saturday, 16 December 2017

12 Days of Christmas - Day #3


That sounds like an owl... Uh, a Santa owl? Hmm...

Anyhoo! Yesssssssssss, today is the third day of Christmas!! It's getting closer and closer to Christmas. I am SO pumped. Even though, I haven't wrapped any gifts yet... I should probably do that. XD

Just a quick note, I noticed a few people yesterday were trying to ask for one certain item and that's not how this works! The winner will receive all three items. ;D

Well, y'all know what time it is!

On the third day of Christmas, my AJ buddy gave to me...

Another quick note, I have no more pictures prepared and have no idea if I'll be able to get three friends on or four or five so if I can't, I will try to edit people into it! XD

Let's see who won yesterday's present!

Our contestants: Binx1184, Sarahkey8, and Swirlshine
Their numbers: 56, 28, and 53
The winner is...

Congratulations, Binx! Your present has been sent to you! ^.^
Today's present is:

If you want to try to win, just leave your username and a random number from 1-100 in a comment! Tomorrow I will use a number generator to pick who gets the present!

Have an awesome day, merry Christmas, and...

Jam on!!

Comment call: Have you wrapped any gifts this year? 


  1. Yus yus a Santa Owl! I'm finishing my Christmas shopping today (for my mom and Grandparents). Thank you so much for the presents! :D <3 I haven't wrapped any gifts yet (my parents wrap them).
    Number: 52

    1. XDD Yessss, Santa Owl! XD I finished my Christmas shopping already. ;) You're so welcome!! <3
      Thanks for entering!!!!

  2. Lost, your a Lost owl now :) XDD

    My number is 39! :D Ty again for doing these Lost ;) Hehe 3 crazy buddies XD

  3. my number 34 :p -penelopeiscute

  4. It's an owl deer! I have to make an edit of Santa owl!!!!

    My Number is 89!

  5. I still need to get most of my presentsXD

  6. XDDD, a Santa owl!
    Aaaaand here come the drawing ideas... XDD!

    If you need me for a picture, Lost, you can just message me on our hangout, and I'll come on if I can! ;)

    Username: Swirlshine
    Number: 65

    -Swirlshine on her phone


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