Monday, 13 August 2018

This Post Series Really Needs A Proper Title

HELLOOO! I'm in a very good mood at the moment, so I thought, "Why not do a post?" ^.^

I have a lot of screenshots of masterpieces just growing in my folders and I really want to clean some out and show you some really awesome art. Is that okayyyy with you? XD

Let's begin RIGHT NOW cuz I have lotssssss of art to show and this is gonna be a long post. XD

Okay. This just blows my mind. o.o The colors are so gorgeous and vibrant! I feel like I would lose my patience if I tried to use that many blues. XD

It's su cute!! :o I love the light orangey tones, makes the whole art super pastel and pretty. The eyes really stand out too!

OKAY. THIS IS ONE. IS. JUST. PERFECT!!!!!!! I have NO IDEA how they made it look exactly like the actual Majora's mask. o.o (In case you aren't a LOZ nerd like me, this is from... Legend of Zelda... XD)

It also creeps me out. *gives Majora a weary look*

Ahhhh, I love the bright reds in this!! :O The fur looks so soft and the purple eyes really just pulls the whole art together to me.

ISH SU CHIBI AND COOT!!!! :O I WANNA HUG ITTT! Seriously, it is adorable!

Oh my word.

Seriously people.

How do you draw so perfectly on AJ?!!!

It's so perfectlyyyyy anime/manga!! I love ittttttt so much. (if you can't tell, manga is my favorite art style.)

The shading in this is stunning! I love all the purples together. :o



If you don't know, I'm a hugeeeeeeeeeeee Undertale fan. And Tictactaco did an stellar job on drawing W.D. Gaster. o.O

Iciblue has done it again. This fox is so detailed and realistic!! :O Even though the background is orangey, the fox still stands out. The fur looks so soft!

Aww, this cat looks so bashful. XD I really like how it's all pink, just a lot of varying shades! And the hearts for the background are really nice. <3

I actually really like the pixel one! It's really cool, I love all the greens and blues and the moon looks so COOL. This masterpiece reminds me of Minecraft, for some reason. XD

Againnn, this is so perfectly anime. The shading is nice and stands out and the background is simple but really awesome! :D

I have no idea who this is, but this simple cute style is really appealing to me! The smooth lines make me envious. XD (it is harddd to get smooth lines on AJ.)

*says panicky* It's Zoom, it's Zoom!! *freaks out*

Ahhh, when I saw this, I freaked out (not just cuz Zoom is a creepo) because I love The Flash TV show and I haven't seen anyone draw something from it on AJ!

Please don't talk about spoilers for the show if you have watched it! Any comments with spoilers won't get published, sorry!

Oh my goodness, this looks straight out of a fantasy novel! :o I am in love with thisssss, I can't stop staring. Those clouds. I love the clouds. o.o

It's so cute and squishy! :O I like the wittle expression. XD And the bright greens of the background is really pretty to me!

*faints AGAIN*

Okay, seriously, what are people's secrets?! This drawing... is JUST STUNNING! The shading in the hair is soooooooo fun to look attttttt. (I feel like I should know this manga girl's name... but I can't remember it at the moment. I see her all over the place, how do I not remember...)

And those eyes.

Sorry, I'm just a hugeeee manga fan. xD

Oh my word, this looks so accurate to the game. o.o (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) My jaw dropped when I saw this. XD (Also, kudos to Austinbeta for being a LOZ fan and superb artist. Seriously, I wanna go onto AJ and snoop in their den if it's unlocked.)

AHHH, this is super cute! :o I like how soft it looks and the eye is veryyyy adorable. It's su CHIBIIIII! ^-^

Okay, I have no idea what the context of this art is but whoa. It's really clean and crisp looking, with its super straight lines, and the TEARS. LOOK. SO. GOOD. The writing is amazing too.

And I really like that mouth. o.o I needa figure out how to draw wolf mouths like that. XD

This is a really fun, unique masterpiece! I love how its just a Converse, that's it. I reallllly want Converse shoes, they are so cute... XD

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Its another video game one... BUT ISN'T IT SO GOOOOOOD?!

Also, very creepy. o.o But I kinda love how creepy it is. I love creepy stuff. XD Like Flowey's face is kinda adorable somehow. Its su round and almost derpy to me. Yet terrifying.

*gives Flowey a look* You're making my brain do trippy things. Do I love you or do I find you insanely creepy? o...O

Don't worry, this post is almost done but before I finish it, I gotta share my discoveryyyyy. XD

I was checking my last masterpiece post (seriously, this post series needs a NAME. Also, my last masterpiece post was made 6 months ago. o.o I hope you guys are okay if I do another art post sooner then that. XD) and I saw this:

I gave this part a double take. I squinted at it.

Before realizing.

I actually KNOW who these anime people are!

They are from an anime I really wanna watch (Chloe has watched some of it, she says it's awesome!) called Snow White with the Red Hair!


I can't believe someone on AJ actually drew Zen and Shirayuki and I somehow recognized them! (I honestly can't tell some anime people apart. They look so similar!)

So yeah, that was my happy little discovery. XD

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this post! (Also, speaking of my old masterpiece, I'm really sorry I didn't reply to blog comments for a few months. DX I don't know if I'll go back 6 months and reply to them cuz it seems pointless... but from now on, I hope to reply back to people faster!)

Have a stellar day, you are AMAZING, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: What was your favorite masterpiece? Do you have a favorite art style, if so, what is it? What the heck should this post series be called?!


  1. I really like that black and white landscape... That's great. That's my favorite one. This series should be called, Master Masterpieces. :D

    1. Yeah, that one is superrrr pretty! :D And om! That would be a very humorous name! I might actually use that. XD

  2. The AJ paint studio is so limited, so it's even more amazing the things that have been accomplished with it!! I love the Masterpiece feature so much. <3

    Speaking of Masterpieces, I have a very late commission I need to complete. So long! *skitters away like a spider*

    (Nice to see you posting, btw!! :D)

    1. Sooooo true! I agree completely. XD The Masterpiece feature is probably one of my favorite features on AJ. Hands down. XD

      Oooo, a commission! Sounds fun! Have funnnnnnnn! <3 *laughs now I'm imaging people skittering like spiders* XD

      (Thank you, Doomy! Always lovely to see your comments as well! ^.^)

  3. Oooooh! You've found so many awesome Masterpiecessss! I don't even know which ones are my favorites - they're ALL amazing! XD
    Great to see another post from you, Lost! :D (You'll be getting one from me as well soon, hehe!) I loved it!


    1. Eeeee, I know, right?! I don't really know how I found all of these. XD I agree, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING AND I WANT THEM ALL. XD
      Aww, thanksssss! <333 (OH I SAW IT AND I MUST COMMENT ON IT AHHHH)


  4. The green haired girl isn't from a manga or anime (though she does has both her own anime and manga), she's a Volcaloid, and her name is Hatsune Miku.

    1. OH YESSSSSS, now I remember! *tries to always remember Hatsune Miku* Oh, that's cool! :o I love both anime and manga so! XD

  5. I actually came across Iciblue the other day, the masterpieces by her is awesome! I think I also know Flurriecloud as well XD Look at me go knowing all these artists XDDD Also the masterpieces you found are awesome! Gonna think of a new name for this series, cause I forget the one I commented before... Hmmmmm....

    Marvellous Masterpieces of AJ ?

    1. Ahhhhh, Iciblue is an AMAZING artist! I love her art so much! And XDDD! I think I'm buddies with a few big artists, like Anjulfire, Nymphaeaalba, Floofyart, Nevergrowup1... XD Not that I ever hang out with them, I'm too shy. XD

      Oooo, that's also a good series name! :o Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sorry this is late XD I'm catching up on some posts I missed.

    The girl with the long blue ponytails is Hatsune Miku, A virtual Singer, She has appeared in some Anime's, And has an unofficial manga, So shes not originally a manga/anime character. She does have official rhythm games and has live concerts in Japan and sometimes worldwide, Featuring her and other Cryptonloids. Crytonloids are the main six characters from the Vocaloid franchise, And only Crytonloids get concerts (Well official ones) :D

    Hopefully this makes sense. XD

  7. Screenshotting masterpieces I like... Why didn't I think of that?

  8. Hey Daisygarden nice blog! I hope to become as cool as yours is! :D




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