Wednesday, 1 August 2018

What's Going On? - An Update For You Guys

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, guysssssss. It's, uh, been a while!

I know I've promised people a lot of things.

I promised more posts. It's flippin' summer. I should have loads of free time to whip up a post. (Is that even a thing... my posts take me hours to write. XD)

I promised a brand new time for Koolest's graduation party. Stillllll haven't figured that out. :1

I promised I'd comment back to people. Yeah, heh, I've been bad at that.

And I just really promised myself I'd do all this stuff and that I wouldn't randomly disappear from the blog. I've had this hanging over my head for a while and I just felt like you guys deserved to know this:

No, I'm not quitting AJ or the AJJ. I've barely played AJ recently, other than making masterpieces or logging on for a bit to goof around. AJJ has been dead, but it's not fully dead... I guess. *shrugs*

Am I thinking about what to do with this blog? Yes. Sadly, I am. AJ hasn't been... my interest lately. I still love it, or I wish I did as much as before, but it's been boring lately. I really hate admitting that but I think once my membership runs out, I won't buy anymore... maybe... Not sure. We'll see.

Do I read every single comment that comes through? Yes. Am I too lazy to respond? Yes. Do I wish I wasn't? Of course, I hate that I'm messing up on hanging out with people in the comment section.

Do I still read AJ blogs? Every day! Even if I don't comment, just know that I probablyyyyy read your post. :3

Am I super active on the AJ Blogger Hangout? Yup! :D And on Chicken Smoothie, if you feel like talking to me on there.

Do I have a new time for Koolest's graduation party? Not yet. I'll try to have that soon... I'll try. XD

Is this post pretty much useless? Yup, pretty much. It's just kind of an update for you guys. ;)

Sorry for being such a bad blogger, I really feel horrible for letting everyone down. DX

Have an amazing day, I'll see you hopefully soon, and...

Jam on!


  1. I haven't posted in forever on my blog, I have ideas, I have posts in progress, I'm just to lazy to finish them, Not in the mood, Or doing something else. I honestly just don't want to feel like I have to post, Only do it when I feel like it, Or It can take away the fun of it. :P For me at least, So I guess I'm a bad blogger too. XD

    1. Hey Talloose!

      I get ya. I’ve started posts before and just never finish them. Or it takes me a while to finish. Feeling forced to write a post CAN definitely take the fun of it. It then feels like a chore and who wants to do a chore? XD

      Nah, Tall, your not a bad blogger. This disease called “losing interest” has taken its toll on everyone. XDD

      I hope I can get the cure for it.

  2. Lost, if you do stop blogging about AJ you should switch this to like a personal blog. Yeah, AJ is slowly losing its SPARK:( Which is really sad to think about.

    1. Hi, Vi!

      I’ve honestly been thinking about that! I’m not completely sure I’ll do it though, I’m still thinking it through.

      AJ has definitely lost its spark or we just haven’t seen it in a while. Perhaps the newer AJ bloggers will help us find it again. ;)

  3. I do hope that a new generation of Bloggers come up. Hey, no pressure, whatever happens happens, if AJ is no longer interesting it would be no good for you to keep unhappily posting.

    Copying what Violet said, it'd be cool to see you keep this blog a little bit, continue to blog about something else... Lol Idk.

    I sure hope AJ doesn't die... It's kind of scary though because every other game that was like AJ is dead...

    1. Agreed! I have seen some newer AJ bloggers join this community which is cool to see. ;)

      I think I’ll keep blogging on this blog, I might have a lot of posts that don’t have to do with AJ but I want to help the community survive!

      I hope so too, Q. Let’s hope AJ has a long life ahead.


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