Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Improving my Art and an Art Gift for a Friend!

Hello, my bold bananas!! Do you like hairy brownies?! I do! XD

Ahem, well, let's get into today's post. :P

Today's post is going to be about one of my favorite things to blog about. Art!

But instead of doing the typical reacting over old art, I will be doing IMPROVING old art. It's kind of an idea I got from a blog named Drawn to Writing. (It's a blog my sister reads. ;D) What you do is look at a piece of art you did a few years ago and then redraw it but you wanna try to make it look better.

So, for me, it's easy finding a badly drawn old art piece because I never liked drawing when I was a kid. I look back at art from 2014 even and it's... terrible. XD

I have redrawn two pieces of old art so... let's begin!

First old art...

Wowie... This sure is, um, good? I remember trying very hard to draw this... You can tell how hard I struggled by the eraser marks. XD I actually drew this a month after I started playing AJ! This is just the beginning of my AJ drawings. ^.^

And my redrawn version...

Okay, can I just say I think I improved with this one? It looks way less creepy, plus more like the actual penguin on AJ. It's kinda cute, I'll probably hang it up on my wall. XD

Next old art...

O.O Colored with... crayons? Those are so not good for drawing! XD So the little blobby person is me and the very tall turtle is my Webkinz plushie, Pogo. Very... nice. XD

And my redrawn version...

There we go! That looks better! XD I don't look so crazy like and Pogo is not so tall. And the riverbank looks like a riverbank, not a beach. :P Let's just say, I like this one a lot more. ;)

I will most likely do more of these in the future! It's very fun to see how much you have improved in you art. ;)

On to the next topic of the post!

A looonnnnng while ago, my very good friend Swirlshine drew me and her together in her sketchbook. She has also drawn me things in the past so I thought I'd 'repay' her! :D

The message speaks of itself. Whenever I talk to Swirl, see a comment from Swirl, read a blog post by Swirl, my heart smiles. ^.^ She is just plain amazin'! I hope you enjoy this gift, Swirl!

Psssst, hey, Swirl, sorry for copying your style of wolves. You just draw them so amazingly that I couldn't help but kinda copy them. XD

One last thing before I wrap up this post. Recently, there has been an imposter, poising as AJkraft. They have been leaving really rude comments under her name. That is not cool at all. So if you see a comment that is very mean and it is signed by Kraft, it's the imposter.

Be on the lookout, everyone! :P

Have an amazinnnnnng day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!


  1. :O That's terrible! Why would someone do that?!? Poor Kraft, I feel sorry for her, Hopefully this person will stop!

    You really improved in art! I think i'll do a post like that, Well if I can find some old drawings XD I don't really keep them so im not sure where they might be, But at the same time I might know. :3

    Aww, That drawing of you and swirlshine is sweet :) your both such good writers and artists :D

    1. I know! Right?! I don't get why people pretend to be other people. I doubt its fun to cause drama. I hope so too!

      Awww, thank you! ^.^ And you totally should! :o I'd love a post like that by you! ;)

      Thank you so much! :D It means a LOT for you to say that! (since I sometimes think my writing and art suck... XD) So, thank you. ^-^

  2. That 'Me and Pogo' redone version is so adorable!! Ooo I just thought of another challenge.. XD Making like 1-5 of old art into masterpieces (Any number between 1-5 XD)

    Omg, that drawing of you and Swirl. *puts like 1000 stickers on Lost* THAT IS AMAZINGGGG

    I saw that comment :( I knew it wasn't Kraft because for one, she doesn't sign her name like that usually, (GIT IT RIGHT IMPOSTER) and for two, I KNOW she would never do something like that D:

    1. Thank you!! :D And o....o THAT WOULD BE INSANE! XD Maybe I should try that...

      THANK YOU!!!!!! XD

      Yeah, I hate imposters. I hope they stop. It's not right at ALL.


    WHAT!? OMG THAT IS SOOO MEAN! D; Sorry if it has caused you any trouble Kraft!
    And if the person who is pretending to be her. STOP IT! it's not funny or nice to do that! It's just PLAIN MEAN!
    *King Tough Bunny


      I know! I wish they would stop. (They might have...) I honestly don't get why their doing it. *shrugs* Makes no sense!

  4. WOW THOSE REDOS OF DRAWINGS ARE AMAZING:) I can't believe skmeone would imposter kraft:/

    1. Thank you, Vi!! :D Means a lot. ^-^ And I know, right?! It gets me mad. XD

  5. Oh.

    That PICTURE made my heart smile! And the caption underneath it! ,:D
    Thank you so much, Lost! This totally made my day!

    *Bounces around*

    (A reply to what you said in your comment to Talloose)

    Your art is gorgeous, Lost! Trust me, your art does NOT suck, AT ALL.

    1. YAYYYYYY!!!! :D I'm so glad you like it!!! :D And the caption is TOTALLY true!!! ^.^
      YAY, I'M SO GLAD IT DID!!! :D

      Awww... :3 *blushes* Thanks, Swirl! ^.^

      Awww, thank you AGAIN! :D It means a lot. :)

  6. Woah, someone's pretending to be Kraft? Hope they don't cause to much more trouble! I haven't seen them on my blog yet, but thanks for the warning, Lost! I'd probably have been super confused if they typed something rude under Kraft's name on there, hehe.
    Oooooohhh... if I see this person... They're. Going. Down.

    1. Yeah! It's so weird and not to mention, PLAIN RUDE! You're welcome! I hope that person STOPS!
      Same here... same here...


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