Thursday, 18 May 2017

Phantoms are Spying on us?!

Hiiiiiiii guys! XD

How are ya? I'm a little... tired of school but who isn't? I only have 6 days of actual school which takes me to May 31st. I'm almost done! ^.^ Hopefully in summer I will be able to write more posts and have contests and fun stuff like that. :P

Anyhoo, enough about my life!

So, a little while ago, AJ released a supppppperrrrr awesome adventure called "Storming the Fortress." It is so fun and it has so many little hints about things hidden around. It has a slight intense side but I loved it!

The more I played it, the more 'theories' I had! I snapped a lot of photos just for a quote-on-quote theory post!

Guys, I am not trying to be like Julian2 with theories. I don't watch his videos so if it seems I'm copying him or ANYONE else, I promise you, I'm not trying to.

Let's begin!

First off, there's this weird, phantom plant. But how would a phantom grow on a plant? Don't they destroy plants? Maybe the phantoms we know aren't all the different types of phantoms in Jamaa... I'm calling this little guy a Phantom Pollution Plant or PPP. XD

Now this! This is scary! There's portals leading to different areas in Jamaa! But get this. All the places their going to with their portals are areas that aren't very used. Perfect for the phantoms. They can just sneak in and attack us.

Another portal. So, the three portals are leading to Captain Meville's Juice Hut, Basement of Secrets (Woah, AJ actually made that portal go to a secret area that new people don't know about!), and Club Geoz. Club Geoz is literally in Jamaa Township! :O They sneak attack a lot of jammers. Plus, their spying on us. o.0
What if all those phantom items we own for our dens actually help the phantoms spy? WHAT IF THEY HAVE THE UPPER HAND?! XD

More proof they are plotting against us. They have an agenda for attacking us and everything. They even have a little video of screaming animals running from their fortress. In a meeting room! I guess it's so they feel confident. :P

Ok, this shocked me.

There are a lot of theories on how phantoms came to be. Some say they came from Mira's tears when she mourned the loss of Zios. Others say they are made of pollution.

Now AJ is saying they came from machines. No wonder we can't get rid of the phantoms! They are constantly getting built! First their a black blob. Then they get 'legs', then 'arms', then lastly, eyes.

There still is a question. Who made the machines?

Is it an Alpha? A minor Alpha or one we know more? Is it someone we don't know at all?

And my last picture is not of a theory. Can you see what's weird about this picture?

If you're thinking, "Um, arctic foxes wearing dresses and having antlers is weird. Seeing a wolf halfway hidden wearing a flower crown, hoodie, and flower tail is weird too. A bunny wearing a leaf necklace is weird also!" then you are wrong. Look closer.

You guys: *inches closer to the computer screen and squints*
Me: *sighs and shakes head*
You guys: *squints harder and speaks slowly* I'm not seeing anything.

Well, if you didn't see anything, lemme tell ya.


Yup. Strange. I didn't know Larry was a girl name. :P

Well, there you have it. My random theory. :P

I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day and...

Jam on!

I still love this siggy, Kraft. XD
Comment call: How many days of school do you have? What did you think of these theories? Who do you think made those phantom creating machines?


  1. We really have to know who made those phantom machines o,o
    I'm pretty sure creatures which consist of tears and dirt are not gadget kids or something O,o
    As for the Larry thing... AJHQ is so random XD

    I have... (counts) 10 more days of school, if I'm right :P

    1. I know. o.o I wanna know who made them! XD
      XDDD Tears and dirt? Sounds... depressing. XDDDD
      I know. XD Larry the girl, poor bunny.

      Ohhhhhh! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! XD

  2. I personally think the alphas Greely or Sir Guilbert are behind this because they will do ANYTHING to stop being near each other.

    1. Hmm, Greely could have. He's very mysterious. XD Or maybe Graham did! He likes inventing things PLUS he's creepy. XD

    2. Heyyyyyyyyyyy Canine is using the picture I drew for her a while back even though I want to redo it so so bad and yeaaaaahhhh!

      (Canine, CAN I redo it? Or rather, make you some new fanart?)

  3. I think the Phantoms are smarter then we give them credit for, there may be a 'Phantom Alpha' or the Phantoms are just reaaly really smart, or maybe Greely, he seemed to act weird when Peck showed up, also the part when you ride the belts is very scary (: XD

    1. Yeah, I think so too. O.O A Phantom ALPHA?! That would be weird since all the alphas stand on two legs and stuff but phantoms couldn't do that. XD
      Maybe Greely! But I think he was acting weird because he likes Peck. XD People do ship them so... XD

    2. I am still very confused, and I have no idea if I should go along with everyone and ship Greeky and Peck... or just think that it was a weird idea. XD!
      Oh my goodness, I just spelled GREELY as GREEKY.
      *Hides* DON'T HURT ME GREELY!!!!!

      -Swirlshine on her phone

    3. Hmm, I think it's kind of cute. XDD Though they are so different... XD

      GREEKY?! XDD Is Greely Greek? XD



      He will be soon... ):D

  4. MY theory about the machines: Graham made them, but not intentionally. You remember The Great Escape adventure, right? Doesn't one of the monkeys say that Graham used to build his inventions there? Well, the phantoms took over the place where he stored his contraptions, right? What if there was a clone-r there where, let's say, the new animals were made for new jammers, and the phantoms' modified it to make it for a Phantom Clone-r thing? Why do I think of these things...


    1. Hmm, that is a good point! Or maybe Graham is an evil, creepy mastermind... XDDD

      Good idea!!

  5. This is an old-ish post, but I'm bored and want to comment on it, so here I go! XD!

    Ah. Apparently, to the phantoms, there is nothing more relaxing than watching their giant fortress chase innocent animals through a flaming city...
    Very... peaceful?

    I've got a theory for how the machines were made! *Raises hand*
    Okay, so, going with the original lore here, I think Mira's tears created the FIRST phantoms. However, they needed to reproduce somehow to get stronger. The little guys aren't exactly animals (and how do you know if it's a boy or a girl phantom? They can't talk or anything to tell us... yet! XD!), so they probably had to make more of themselves in another way. So, they created machines to manufacture more phantoms!
    I'm not even sure if that's true, but that's my theory! :D

    Also, the eyes on Larry... YOU NOTICED THAT TOO?! I thought the same thing as you when I saw that! XD!
    Poor, unfourtunately named Larry. XDD!

    -Swirlshine on her phone

    1. That's ok! XD

      O,O When you put it like THAT...

      Ooooh, theory! :o
      Ah, that's a pretty good idea! I wonder if we will ever know...

      And I usually think the phantoms are guys... I don't know why... XD


      But I was very happy there was a Barry rabbit.
      You guys: Um, why??
      You guys: :OOOO NOW WE KNOW WHO HE IS!!!
      Me: Oops. XD

    2. Yey, XD!

      Doesn't it, though? Ah. We need to set that beautiful movie clip to music.

      Maybe one dayyyyyyyy...
      *Whispers* Please teach us Greelyyyyyyy

      The world may never know... XD!

      Larry, the unfortunately named bunny.
      Oh wait I said that already. XD!

      Larry's mom: Ohh, how beautiful! Our new baby... um... is it a boy or a girl again?
      Doctor: Eh, I dunno.
      Larry's Dad: I think it's a boy.
      Larry's mom: I hope so, because we're gonna name him LARRY!

      *Later, when Larry grows up and is obviously a girl*
      Larry's mom: *Mutters to dad* You said she was a boy!!!
      Larry's dad: I said I THINK.

      Man, now I feel like writing a story about Larry. :P

      Maybe it's the Flash in his Animal Jam form... ooooooh! XDD!

    3. Yes. Along with the screams of jammers. XDDDD


      Oh my goodness. I don't have a very good response to your Larry the bunny thing but IT'S TOO AMAZING, I LOVE IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! XD




      I'd love that.


    4. Yep! XD!

      I feel very motivated to do this for some odd reason, so you'll definitely get a Larry The Bunny story sometime in the future, XDD!


      (I actually may try, XD! I dunno if my family would want to, so I may end up just watching on YouTube... somehow. Wait... it might not be on there. I'll still check, though! I want to fangirllll though! XDD!)

    5. Ooooooh, I can't wait!! :O That will be amazing. XD

      (YOU MUSTTTTTTT!!! :o Just a note, there is some swear words and there is a few inappropriate scenes that I skipped... BUT OTHER THEN THOSE FEWWWWW THINGS, IT'S AMAZINNNNG!!! YOU WILL FANGIRLLLL! XD It will blow your mind. ;))

    6. *Starts thinking of ideas for it* XD!

      (Ah, gotcha! Thanks for warning me about that, XD! I'll skip those when I do find a way to watch it, hehe!)

    7. (Seriously, it's a very good TV show. XD I fangirl about it all the time, it's insane.)

    8. *Sees Flash Masterpiece and Barry Masterpiece in your den*
      *Reads blog post where she answered the Sunshine Blogger Award tag*

      I can see that! XDDDD!

      Waaaaaait, I just realized that I have no idea where the scenes I'm supposed to skip ARE...XDD!

    9. Heh, its pretty clear that I like him-I mean the Flash.

      Umm, you'll see it coming, I think.... XD


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