Sunday, 2 July 2017

Canada Day Party!

Heyyyy guys!!

So, a few days ago, I held a Canada Day party in my den and it was a lot of fun! :D

For a little while, we just sat on picnic blankets and talked. We also watched my amazing paint fireworks. XD

When more people showed up, we played a Lost Quiz games. ^.^ Flora Cutegirl won by far! But everyone was amazing. :D

Here's the list of questions I asked:
What's my favorite color?
Who was the first person Lost met AT JH?
What's my favorite classic?
What's my 3 favorite foods?
Who am I dogsitting for 10 days?
Who does Lost want to be in the play in JH?
What is my favorite pastime?
What's my favorite animal that isn't a pet?
What is my favorite fruit?
What is my favorite thing to do outside?
If you guys want, feel free to try to answer the questions in the comments! :D It'd be fun to see how well you know me. :P
After the quiz, it was just a crazy, dance party and there was a LOT of people! It was fun even though it was a bit... chaotic. XD
Here's some pictures I took! :D

Just chilling and talking. ;)

Playing the Lost Quiz. :P

Flora and Swirl are thinking hard about a question I just asked for the Lost Quiz. :D

Just laughing and talking in between questions. XD

Group photo!! :D Although, when more people showed up, I had to take another group photo. XD

Random talking!

Still random talking. I was my Zios cougar because someone had said something about Team Zios. ^-^

Bigger group photo!!

Chaotic talking. XD There were a lot of conversations going on!
It was a really fun, crazy party!! Thanks to everyone who came!
Flora Cutegirl/Tzatziki
Pookyber (Ja's extra account. :P)
Well, have an amazing day and don't forget to...
Jam on!!


Comment call: If you were at the party, did you have fun? :D


  1. Oh no! I've missed the celebration for my country! If only I had seen this earlier, smh. Can't wait to see the pics though:)

    1. Aww, that's ok!! :D I didn't know you lived in Canada, that's so cool! ^.^

  2. I missed it cause u had to help my momD:

    1. Aww, we missed you but helping your mom is good too!

  3. That party was a lot of fun :D


    I totally want to go to another AJ party, since those are basically the only times I can talk to more than 1 blogger at a time! XD!

    1. WOOO!!!! FUNNNN!! XDD

      XD I usually see a lot of bloggers online and stuff but it's fun when a lot of them are all together. Then it gets crazzzzy. XDDD


  5. What's my favorite color? Red
    Who was the first person Lost met AT JH? Swirl?... XD
    What's my favorite classic? Peter Pan
    What's my 3 favorite foods? Uhm uhm french fries, pizza and uhmm cheesecake XD
    Who am I dogsitting for 10 days? Mocha
    Who does Lost want to be in the play in JH?
    What is my favorite pastime? Reading blogging or playing AJ XD
    What's my favorite animal that isn't a pet? Deer?.. XD
    What is my favorite fruit? Strawberry
    What is my favorite thing to do outside? uhmmm climb trees?

    1. Nope!
      Nope! XD
      Uhh, two are correct but not cheesecake. XD
      Um, you skipped one? XD
      No way... XD
      Nope! XDD

  6. Oh my gosh... How did this...?! I had this fake sign in when I FIRST joined the Blogging community (As a commenter) and I signed out and couldn't get back in... FOR SOME REASON IT'S BAAAAAACK!!!

    Oookay, I'll stop XD Anyways, I wish I could have made it! Been a tad inactive lately :'-D


    1. What?? I'm a tad bit confused... XDD I think I get it though... That's weird! XD


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