Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Special Announcement!!

Helloooooo everyone! Hoooooope your evening has been delightful! :D

I just wanted to give a quick announcement!

I've been thinking... My comment section on JH has been very crowded and I have had to delete comments one time and I really don't like doing that.

Plus, it was getting kind of repetitive posting little posts saying, "I posted a chapter!"

So, yesterday, Koolest and I worked together and created...

Lostfairy's Jamaasian High blog!! ^-^

That's right, JH now has it's own blog! All the posts will be chapters so I have been adding chapters that have already been written on it.

And can I just say, I really love how it looks?! XD It's really cute, in my opinion, and I just like the simplistic look.

I will be keeping my JH tab and all the comments on there, just so you know. ;)

If you want to check the blog out, feel free to head over to the JH tab!

Well, have an amazing rest of your evening and...

Jam on!!

Hehe, thanks so much Snow for making this! It's Peter Pan inspired
Comment call: What are your thoughts on this change?


  1. Ooooooooh! Now THAT is a good idea! :D

  2. I think that this change is awesome!

  3. Maybe since I'm gonna follow the blog now I'll actually catch up to the chapters and read it?XD

  4. Also, I LOVE your profile picture on that blog! :D

    1. Thank youuuuu!!! ^.^ It's pretty cute! XD


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