Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I Went Shopping, Ja's Tag, and Two New JH Chapters!

Me: Guess who went on a shoppppping tripppp?!
You guys: You did.
Me: What?! How'd you guess?
You guys: Two reasons. One, the title says "I went shopping." Second, whenever someone says "Guess who did blah blah blah" means themselves.
Me: Wow, your good. You guys should be detectives!

Well, that was a short and snappy intro. Kind of. XD

But yes, I did go on a shopping trip yesterday. I know this isn't AJ related but I just felt like sharing what I did and bought. :)

So, me, my mom, my oldest sister (Tracey), and Koolestkat went shopping for pretty much the entire day. It was a lot of fun. ^.^

We went to a bigger city kind of close to where I live. Before we shopped, we went to the orthodontist so Koolest and Tracey could get a quick check-up. After, I got my mom to drive us to Toys R Us so I could buy...


I know, it's kind of weird that I love getting AJ toys when I am a teen but whatever. I don't care what the cashier thought. XD

I was so pumped to find Adopt-A-Pet igloos because I didn't think they'd be in any stores near me. I was going to get two igloos and a first series Adopt-A-Pet house but it was over for what I wanted to spend. >.< So I bought 2 igloos. :P

I got a monkey and a jellyfish!! :D They are so cute and I'm happy I got pets I don't have.

Here's what I got with the codes:

This is from the jellyfish.
This is from the monkey.

The codes were kinda bad but oh well. XD

After Toys R Us, we went to a cool mall. (It's big to me but I haven't been to a whole lot of malls. XD) One of the places we stopped at was full of little knick-knacks that were for girls. (Like, earrings, hats for girls, necklaces, that sort of thing.) I noticed a little bin of series one Adopt-A-Pet houses but they were a few bucks more than the ones I saw at Toys R Us. :P

Here's some stuff I got at that store:

Me and Koolest got this cute sign to put in our room. It makes us think of Peter Pan! ^.^ It also makes me think of a quote:

Ah, I love Peter Pan. ^__^

I got this neat watch that looks like a normal bracelet until you press the watch-ish shape and then the numbers come up for 5 seconds. :D And look! BIKES ARE ON IT!!! <3 XD

Left to right: diamonds, ships, anchors, shells, starfish, black studs, and pink gems.

Me, Koolest, and Tracey bought a set of 20 pairs of earrings and split them up between us. They are all fun and beachy! ^_^

After we ate a yummy lunch of Chinese (Or maybe it was something else... I don't know. XD) food, we went to an amazing book store in the mall. I got two books! (Well, one I share with Koolest. :P)

I can't wait to read "Best Friends (Until Someone Better Comes Along)!" I know, the title sounds really weird but the back sounds like my kind of book. :P It's about the main character being the 'mean girl' in her school, which will be so interesting! (I love Mix books. XD)

And "Donut Go Breaking My Heart" is a book I share with Koolest. I love all of Suzanne Nelson's middle grade romance books. (I know, I read books for younger readers. Who cares? :P)

After, we left the mall and went to a second-hand store. It was super good, actually! Lots of the clothes were in good condition and they were ordered in sizes and such. We were there because Tracey needed a costume for something but I also ended up buying 3 shirts. CX

I got a grey turtleneck shirt for winter, a blue baseball tee, and a plaid shirt that I'll probably wear open over another shirt. ^.^

After Koolest found a great piece for Tracey's costume, we went to Michael's. I got a little charm for a necklace. ^.^

A cute little paw print! It'll be a charm that will remind me of taking care of Mocha last week. ;)

Then, we went to a restaurant and picked up some drinks. I got an iced cappuccino. :D

And then we went home! It was a super fun shopping trip. ^.^

Note: Fidget spinners are taking over the world. I'm not joking, I saw SO many fidget spinners! Fidget spinners in stores. Fidget spinners on signs. Fidget spinner knockoffs. Fidget spinner floor stickers in a store. Fidget spinners. Fidgetspinner. FIIIIIDDDDGETTTTSPINNNNNNERSSSSS!!!

Ahem. Ignore that. :P

- - -

Ja tagged me a little while back and I almost forgot to do it. So I thought, why not do the tag now? :D

Before I begin, thanks so much for tagging me, Ja! I love tags!

Alrighty, let's begin!!

1. What was a cringey moment on Animal Jam?

Hmm, probably when I was a new player and sometimes got upset at people for weird things. :P Or when I accidently say something to my friends and it falls flat. XD

2. What was a sad moment on Animal Jam?

Oh, there are multiple things. When friends quit. When I got scammed. When Swirl's pet, Cookie, died. Some other things too.

3. What was a funny moment?

Oh boy... My whole AJ life? XD Um, one funny moment I can think of is when I was part of the Cookie Clan. :P

4. What was a very exciting time?

Oooo, I have a few! When I started a blog, when I met Swirl and a bunch of other people for the first time at her birthday party, when AJHQ traded me, when Gellyjones sent me a spike, when Nymphaeaalba buddied me. Annnnnd a lot of other times. XD

5. What was a frustrating time?

Uhh, a lot of times? XD Usually when people troll me or ignore me. :P

6. What was a scary time?

A few days ago, someone came to my den and let's just say, it was a hacker/imposter. I'll leave it at that.

7. What was a disturbing time?

One time, I came to Jamaa Township and someone was saying VERY bad things. Other people were trying to cover up the bad messages by saying a very long message, like, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" etc. It was very wrong, what that person was saying. o,o

Thanks again, Ja! I had fun! ^-^

And now! I shall tag:


I can't think of anyone else! XD

- - -

After MUCH waiting, two new Jamaasian High chapters are UP!!! :D Oh goodness, I hadn't updated it since May! O.O

Chapter 14: Lost can't seem to think of anything else besides what Headmaster Clark and Mr. Greely said. As she stumbles through her classes, she worries what it all meant. What IS going on in Jamaasian High?!

Chapter 15: More strange things are happening around Lost. What is the meaning of all these things? And who does that mysterious dark shadow belong to?

Well, have an amazing day, don't forget to take an umbrella with you if it's raining like it is here, and...

Jam on!!

Comment call: What do you think of the stuff I got? What do you think of the JH chapters, if you've read them?


  1. That monkey looks evil XDD And I didn't know they did jellyfish adopt a pets XD!
    I want the watch XD
    That charm is pretty :o

    1. Whattttt?! The monkey is so cute! XDDD And I didn't know either until I got one. So cute! XD
      *sends watch to Sarah* XD
      I knowwww! :o I really like it. CX

    2. XD (Do you know what brand it is? I wanna order one soo bad XD must. put. it. on. my. wish. list. XDD)

    3. Uhh, it's from Claire's. That's it's brand, I think... XD *sends you a watch from there* XD

  2. (oops pushed the publish button before I wanted to XD)

    1. Same here Lost XD
    2. :c
    4. Probably uhm whennnnn I won Gracie's story contest, was an offical author on the AJFC and when I became an author on the AJC XD
    5. XD
    6. :o DX
    7. Wow. just just wow one time after I did the forgotten desert a person was srsly swearing at me in JAGs D:

    1. (That happens to me too. XD)

      1. Twinnnnnssss! XD
      2. D:
      3. Cookie Clan was so fun. XD Honestly, throwing icing at people is the best.
      4. Oh yes, I bet those were exciting times! :D
      5. :P
      6. Yeaaaaaaaah, I didn't want to say the name because I feel like they read my blog... o,o
      7. Wait, WHAT?! How did they swear on JAGs?! That's just wrong. D:

  3. Wow you got a lot of stuff! I like it all:D The other week I was at toys r us to get my nephew a present so I thought to check for the AJ toys and I couldn't find themD: Did they move them out of the aisle with the littlest pet shop pets cause thats where they usually are at my toys r us. I get excited for AJ toys too , I dont even play with them. I just like collecting themXD

    1. Thanks! I like it all too. XD And maybe they moved spots? I would totally ask a worker next time. And I don't know if our Toys R Us is the same set-up sooo I am not much help. XD And same, Vi, same. XD

  4. Ooooh good chapters Lost!
    At night I do that sometimes, My room is at the end of the hallway, And I'm not really scared of the dark. but when I hear something behind me, I kinda get freaked out. o,o
    And what is worse, some of the boards in the hallway, kinda I'm not sure how to describe it, crack? When you step on them.
    *Husky Ninja

    1. Thank you, Ja!! :D
      Ah, yes. I do that too. It's not that I am scared of the dark, it's just that my imagination gets the better of me and I start imaging really weird things and I get freaked out. XDD
      Ah, I get what you mean. XDDD I would hate that in the dark. :P

  5. Awesomeee! I love shopping trips, XD!

    I also have the same monkey as you! c:

    Woah, I love that sign! I want one now XDD!
    I also like the watch, the books, the earrings, the shirts, and the charm. XDD!

    *Reads the tag (Imma comment on the two parts I was mentioned in because I wanna keep this short and I wanna go read JH, XD!)

    Hey, at least Cookie and Caramel are together in Heaven again! I bet they're much happier! :,)

    XD! Seriously, though, I'm glad everyone liked it!

    Okay Imma maybe comment on like one more thing, and then I'm gonna check out the new chapters of JH (and comment on THEM. XD!)!

    1. Same! Sometimes I don't but most of my family's shopping trips are so fun. XDDD

      I KNOW, IT'S SO TEENY AND CUTEEE AND PINK. XDDD *gives Swirl jellyfish*
      Thank you! :D I like that stuff too. But my favorite stuff that I bought was the AJ toys, the books, and the plaid shirt because... I don't know, I love plaid. :P

      (XDDD Sounds good!)

      Yup, that's true. But I remember Cookie died around my birthday which was SO sad cuz I think she died the 18th and my birthday is the 19th. D: And that is true. :,)

      Yeah, that party gets talked a lot about. :D

      Oh sweet! I hope you enjoyed them!! :D

    2. XD!
      I love shopping trips AS LONG as it's not clothes shopping for 2 hours, XDD!

      Now I REALLY want to go out and buy MORE AJ toys... even though I just bought 6 Adopt-A-Pets like two weeks ago! XD!

      Aww, yeah, I checked, and you're right!
      I gotta say, I miss having the guineas in my room. Seems kinda empty now. :1

      I guess it was cooler than I remembered it, XDD!


    3. Ah, yes. XDD I like clothes shopping sometimes but other times, I just want to go home. XDDD

      XDDD I feel ya. I love AJ toys. More then I should. XDDD

      Yeaaaah. That was sad. D:
      Awww! That's so sad. :(



  6. Ooh, all the stuff you got looks super awesome! The books seem very interesting. ^.^ And wow, those earrings are really pretty!

    Good tag answers. :D

    Ooh, new chapters? Yes! I'll read them later but I can already tell that they are gonna be awesome. ^.^

    1. Thank you so much, Purple! And oh good, I was thinking everybody would think the books I like are weird. XD And I know! They are pretty. :)

      Thank you, Purple!!! :D

      Yesssh, I finally published new chapters. :P Aww, thank you so much! (I'd love to know your opinion on them after you read them. ;))

  7. Omg, the things you got are so cool, that seemed like a very successful shopping trip! The earrings are so cuteeee!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim!! ^_^ It was pretty successful with lots of good deals. XD And I knowwwwww, I love them. ^.^

  8. Hey, Lost!
    Sorry for not commenting very often on here D:

    I wanted to tell ya, check your JAG's! :D There's a little surprise in there for you ^.^

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Hey Gracie! Long time no see on here! :D
      That's alright. :)


  9. Omg such cute stuff! Cool tag too.

  10. AJ toys, YAAAS!!!
    I only have the Light-up tiger, which I got last year :P

    I SAW ONE AT CLAIRE'S (a shop like the one you said you visited)
    AND I WANTED IT SO BAD (but it was pricey and decided to buy stuff that I needed since we had gone camp-shopping, and I'm pretty sure that cat watches are not allowed... or are they?)

    Cute earrings! Personally, I'm not a big fan of earrings, but I love some cute/cool designs!

    The other shirts are neat as well but I really like blue+black combinations
    (AKA the only colors I wear)
    (no wait I got a green shirt yesterday)
    (Rest In Popsicles grey shirt, you will be missed)
    (with grey shirt I mean my grey shirt)
    (It got covered in blue goo)
    (true story)
    (ok I think I'm overdoing with those brackets)

    That's a lovely charm!

    I saw a fidget spinner magazine the other day. It was called ''The Fidget Master''.


    Also, I won't be able to finish my story for your contest (cris WHYYYY)

    I know that we have 10 days left, but I'm leaving for the camp tomorrow and I'll be back on (gasp) July 26th :(

      Oh cool! I have a Light-Up ring toy that's a panda. XDD

      They had a lot of watches there. XDDD I don't remember the cat one but yeah. (Mine was almost for free since there was an amazing sale going on. XD)

      Thanks! I like earrings but I hardly switch mine around... XD

      Really? You like it? :D
      I like baseball tees like that. XD
      XDDDDDDDD You're so funny. XD

      Yesssh, my fingers are there. XDDDD I was gonna say "FINGERS REVEAL" but I didn't. :P
      Thanks!!!! :D

      Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! XD

      I am gonna extend the deadline!! You can still make it!!!!


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