Friday, 7 October 2016

August and September Book of the Month!

Hello, jammers! ^.^

Wow, I can't believe I forgot completely about the August Book of the Month! Well, I'll just have to add it to this one!!

And the August winner of Book of the Month is...

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass!!

This was not my first time reading 11 Birthdays. It was probably my... 5th? XD I love love LOVE this book. I read it while I was at camp but since camp was go go, I only read 30-40 pages. >.< So I read it mostly at home.

This book is so amazingly wonderful! The little romance is quite cute. If you haven't read 11 Birthdays, I would highly recommend you should. ;)

The plot: Amanda is born on the same day as her best friend, Leo. They were born in the same hospital and everything. They share every birthday together. Until they got in a big argument on their 10th birthday. This will be Amanda's first birthday without Leo. When Amanda wakes up the day after her birthday, glad it's finally over, she realizes it's her birthday again. Her birthday is repeating itself? How is this possible and how can she fix it? What if it repeats forever?

There are 4 other books to this series: Finally, 13 Gifts, The Last Gift, and Graceful. :D I recommend them all!

In August, I read 11 books. Which, all together, is 2,517 pages. ^-^

And now for the September Book of the Month!

The winner is...

Paris For Two by Phoebe Stone!!

Paris For Two was a pretty sad book, actually. It got happier around the end but still. It was very well written and a couple of times, I really wanted to strangle some of the characters cause they made me so mad. XD It's got a cute romance. The story feels very real life like. Though, it did take me a longggg time to read because the writing style is quite different from what I'm used to. >-<

The plot: Petunia moves to France with her family and her perfect sister Ava. Ava never makes mistakes. She's the beautiful one who does things right, never wrong. Petunia feels like there's no room for her in Paris. Like everyone found their place but she didn't.

Then things get worse. Her crush from home is in Paris too! Is there nowhere to hide from him?

I don't wanna give too much away. :P So you'll just have to read it and see for yourself! XD

In September, I read only 8 books. Which is about 1,668 pages.

Also, speaking of stories...

I'm thinking of writing a short fan fiction that's gonna be kinda spooky-ish. :D

Yes, yes, I know. I already got my hands full with Jamaasian High and the story for Gracie's fan fiction contest. But this story would be VERY short. XD

But I need volunteers! If you want to be in this story, comment and answer this question:

Would you like to dress up an animal in a spooky outfit and have it in the story? If so, say your animal's name in a comment.

I will only accept volunteers from today til the 11th. :)

This story will be published on Halloween. :D

Jam on!!

Welp, my art dump has gotten 1 comment. Have you seen it or no? XD
Just scroll down a wee bit and you'll find it!


  1. Btw bad news. (kinda good news for me XD) My aunt and uncle are coming tomorrow at 3:30! And we will have to clean for a while, so I might not be able to come to the Thanksgiving party! D: So srry :(

    1. Aww! We'll miss you! But have fun with your aunt and uncle! ^-^

  2. Ooh, I read 12 Finally and it's one of my all time favourite books, so I might have to try that one too!

    Aaand I might give that one a go also. Seems interesting :)

    I read a grand total of one book in September. Sometimes I just don't feel motivation to read x.x

    Ooh, heckadoodles yes! Can Legit Famous Potato (aka white pumpkin lol) be in the story?

    "Hands full"
    Oh my, Lost. You need to learn the definition of hands full. I am currently working on-
    3 AJA books
    Jamaasian high
    AJ Story mode
    how to be a hero

    And three others I haven't put up-Several portals to several things, Stay, Thriller(That ones for school and I'm hoping to get it to about 400 pages yikes) and my entry for the writing contest, Dreams.

    That's a whopping 10, I repeat 10 stories.

    (Its mostly because I spend 5 hours writing every day o.o im such a nerd lol)

    -AJKraft the nerd

    1. IKR i don't spend FIVE hours a day writing but i do maybe an hour XD
      *King Tough Bunny

    2. @Kraft
      Oh, really? Finally is so good and funny. ^-^ You should totally try 11 Birthdays! It's so good.

      It is very interesting. XD

      O.O Well, one book is better then zero books! XD And since I'm a total book nerd, I read every day. :P

      Sure thing! :D

      Ha, yeah, that sounds very busy! Do you plan to be an author when your older? :D

      I may have said my hands were full because my life has gotten pretty busy, what with my oldest siblings going to college every day and work on Saturday and then they help out with church on Sundays soo... Also, my parents don't allow me to spend a whole whack of time on the computer so I don't have loads of time to write. >.<

      (Wow! 5 hours is a lot! Good for you! ;D)

    3. I actually have a book token left from my birthday, so I might see if its in my book store!

      The main reason I didn't read much is the pressure of homework. I literally get 2 pieces a day o.o

      I actually have no clue what I want to do when I'm older. Something to do with art...
      I'm actually writing an actual book for school, as I mentioned, and maybe one day I'll get it published ;)
      What am I saying, they don't want books written by teenage kids XD

      I actually never use my computer to write my stories because I have a time allowance for only 3 hours a day, which after playing some AJ, Minecraft and Webkinz, making art and edits, animating doing homework, isn't really much. I always write my stories only Ipad XD
      I understand why you don't have a bunch of time though, the thing is I generally write my stuff late at night and at 4 am in the morning, so I never really worry about time XD


    4. :O I hope you buy it!!! XD

      Ah. I'm glad I don't have homework. XD

      Hmm, that's ok! I have no clue what I'm gonna do either. I hope you get published! Lol, then I can tell someone that I knew you when you were younger. XD
      Anything can happen!

      Really? I dislike writing stories on paper. My hand gets all tired... XD And you play Webkinz?! What's your user? XD
      Yeah. Thanks for understanding. XD

  3. Those books sound sooo good! 8 books a month? That's a lot! You remind me of my sister. She read a like 700 paged book in like 3-4 days!

    1. I'm glad your interested in them! ^.^ Heh, yeah... But sometimes I have read 15 or so books a month so 8 seems low to me... LOL, what if I AM your sister? *snickers evilly* XD I have never read a 700 page book. That sounds very long and I would hope the story is good other wise, I wouldn't read it. XD

    2. i once read i think around 22 books. i never read a 700 page book either it was a thousand page book and i finished it in around 2-3days


  4. Can I have my fox Pouncing Windyclaws in the story you're doing soon? :D


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