Saturday, 15 October 2016

Random Things!

Hey, hey, hellooooo! XD

Do not ask me why I started off like that. :P

Alrighty, so during this last week, I drew the picture Sarahkey8 wanted! Here... it... IS!

Lemme tell ya, the ice was harder to draw then it looks. I had a load of the same looking blues but they weren't EXACTLY the same. I was putting my face super close to screen. XD

Anyhoo, now Pob93! Your up next!

Um, all I know for you is that you want a bunny near a river? Do you want it exactly like Gracie's except different color of bunny and different clothes?

So please tell me the general idea of what you want. (Or do you have this certain idea and you want me to draw it? If so, please tell in the comments. :D)

Now, I feel like talking about random things. Let's begin!

First of all, I finnnnallly got a snow leopard! I also got a pet bat!

Meet Pouncing Shivercat and my new pet, Trickytron! XD

Oh yeah, and I also wanna say some things I have randomly noticed lately...

The ring usually has silver sparkles but now has magenta on the llamas. Weird...

Karalee, you got posted on Daily Explorer not once but twice! They had your picture showing on the post about the epic Masterpiece Party! ^-^ Congrats, Kara!

I actually nominated Lucyfluffy! I have no clue who she is but someone in the comments one time nominated her so I decided to check out her den and what do you know? It was pretty good!! So I voted for her too. :D

But wait a sec... HOLD UP! o.0 Ahem, what? A "shout out to Julian2 for a cameo 'auditory' experience of his amazing masterpiece. Don't forget to check out his hilarious video on Masterpieces description."

Since when does AJHQ start giving shout outs for Youtubers? I mean, I know they went to Bepper's den and stuff but... I don't know... XD

Look at this cute little new background!! Yes, I know, you all noticed it the day it came up but really! I love the panda and the snow leopard and wow, the arctic wolf looks good. XD I love the purple fox... :o And the koala is doing a cute 'I'm showing off the PLAY NOW button!' thing. ^-^

But one question... What's that brown patch of wood on the tree? O,O LOL, please help me in the comments. XD

Well, I really have no clue what to post about. Thanks for letting me be random!

Oh but before I go... I need to show off some really great art.

Look at it! It's so beautifully done! <3

Thanks so much, Swirlshine! I love the bright colors and everything. ;)

Well, have a great day!

Jam on!

So so so sorry that I haven't posted a JH chapter in forever. I will hurry, sorry! >.<


  1. Masterpiece. Daily Explorer. *scream of excitement* YESssssss *fist pump* Thank you Lost! :D

    Yay! Julian2's Masterpiece! XD I watched that video before I ever saw the Parade Of Dens, and I am glad I did! XD He is hilarious! I am officially a new fan!

    Awwwwwe, congratulations, Julian2! It's a little baby bean! XDDD

    Okay, weirdness over. ;) I think they gave him a shoutout for two reasons. One, because it's the right thing to do after using his content in their video. Two, they MIGHT be trying to cheer him up after publicly displaying a Masterpiece he didn't like. :P

    I happen to like it, honestly. It's cool, like... pop art. C: Dunno what people thought of paintings of Campbell's Soup at the time, either.


    1. XD *fist pumps too* Woooohoooo!! You're very welcome, Kara! ;D

      Really? I thought you were already a fan... XD I don't know. I haven't watch the Parade of Dens video with him in it yet... I've NEVER watched one of his vids... XD (To me, he looks completely weird. But hey, that's just me. XDD)

      LOL! Baby bean. XD

      Ah, yes, well, like I said before, I have yet to watch the video. Aww, AJHQ is so nice. XD

      Pop art? XD What's that? (Oh no! My keyboard is doing a glitch where my question marks turn out like this: É AHHH! XD)

    2. (: !tsoL ,niaga uoy knahT

      Do NOT ask my why I did that. :l I could not tell you. *shrug* XP

      Nope, that was Sarahkey8. ;) Pinpun's a real bean, too.

      YOU SHOULD. XD I'm kidding. You don't have to, but I find his videos enjoyable.

      ):0 He does NOT look weird! XD (Okay, I will admit there are some bad photos out there. But doesn't that happen to everyone sometimes? C'mon, watch a vid. ;) )

      The Masterpiece one has a facecam in the corner so you can see him in a better light. (Actually the lighting is pretty bad... nevermind.)

      Yesh I am a widdle baby bean! CX

      You've never heard of pop art? You must have seen it without knowing, it's a big part of modern culture. Try Googling "Andy Warhol". He's like the godfather of pop art. Wikipedia's nice for info too. ;) Ask your parents? Maybe they can give you some resources I haven't thought of. (I'm no expert. XD)

      Nooooo! Glitchez! :P They look like question marks to me.

      Long comments rock! :D


  2. The sloth on the new loading screen always scares the livid noodles out of me.
    Also I miss Liza taking creepy stalker photos of me :(

    Oh.. And you might wanna be worried. I made a spinny boiz wallpaper for my iPad. Be very afraid >:3


    1. LOL, really? XD Doesn't it move pretty slowly down the screen? XD
      Ah. Yes. How sad. People now can't see Liza creepily taking pictures of them. XD

      Okay, question. What the hay is a spinny boi?! I keep seeing it. It has something to do with Julian2 right? XD

    2. Notta clue. XD As I said, I'm only a little baby bran. (GAAH! BEAN! Typos sting.... STINK! >.< AAARGH! )

      Oh boy. I made the miskake (mistake :/) of telling my little sis about Zero and Fman. Okay, so I really told my mom, discussing how AJ hackers and hacker-related conspiracies contributed to a rough base for a story plot... but she listened.

      Now she's looking up all the accounts related to those two infamous Jammers, coming to my room to tell me her findings, minorly freaking out when she saw someone dressed like Zero in the eponymous den... should I tell her about the Lost Jammer?

      *thinks about it*

      Nah. X)


    3. Watch these videos to understand-


  3. A POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Yesh, Ja. A post. I'm sorry you had to wait 5 days for a post. XD

  4. Replies
    1. Aww, thanks! That's really sweet of you. <3

  5. Hey lost! Im not sure if you still read my blog or not since you usually comment on it but... The contest from a month or so ago results have been posted and there is a little prize there for you!

    1. Oh, I always read your blog! I just get super lazy and forget to comment. D: Sorry!!

      Oh my word, thank you! :O Can't wait to see it! (LOL, I forgot I was in a contest. XD)

  6. Very nice snow leopard! And Trickytron! XD! I love it!

    WOAH! Way to go Kara!

    XD, that part in the video was hilarious!
    NO!!! OH GOSH NO!!!!!!!

    I never noticed that weird patch of brown, and that's surprising, because I usually look very throughly for details in the game. XD
    I think they were trying to shade it. No offense, AJHQ, but, er... reflections don't usually come out a complete rectangle. XD
    The other tree doesn't have it, either.
    See, this is why I'm so good at drawing animal jam animals. Almost no shading or fur texture or whatever. XD

    I'm a total cartoonist. :P

    I'm very glad you like it, Lost!!! :D

    1. Yesh, IT HAS A PEACOCK HEADRESS THINGIE! XD Lol, yeah. My wittle sweetum Trickytron. XD

      Yuppers, what she said! Woo! XD

      Ack, I need to watch it! I'm so out of da loop here. XD

      Really?! I was like, looking around the first time I saw it and noticed it. XD
      Yeeaaah, that doesn't look like shading to me. XD
      Yup. Weeeiirddd. XD
      Hm, yeah. I hate drawing people. XD My heads are like alien heads, my eyes are different shapes, my noses look like pig noses, my mouths are weird lines that look terrible. XD

      Yea. Join the cartoonist club. I'm the club leader. XD

      I don't like it.


  7. Maybe it's just me, but the new homepage makes my computer considerably more laggy that the previous one. It's so hard to type with it... does that happen to anyone else?

    Great post and great blog as always, Lostfairy!!!


    1. Hmm, yeah. Me too, kinda. Hopefully they change it back soon!

      Aw, thank you! I know I've said it before but I'm saying it again.

      You were the first author I ever met on AJ. Your blog was the first AJ blog I ever read. I used to check your blog 5 times a day. I was just this little anonymous with the name Lostfairy but you made me feel welcome. You're like my mentor. XD Thank you!!

  8. hello if it's not to much can you change it to my wolf in phoenix armor? next to a few phantoms with a dark backround with a full moon. (btw if you have already started just keep on doing it. )


    1. Oh goodness! o.o A wolf... in phoenix armor...? Oh boy... Um, I could try!

      Here's some questions though:
      Where do you want the wolf? Where should it be facing? How many phantoms? Where should the phantoms be? Where should the wolf be standing?

  9. the wolf on the left facing towards the right two phantoms on the right with a dark backround. and a moon.



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