Monday, 31 October 2016

Spooky Story: Falling

Hey guys, it's Lostfairy here. Welcome back to another brand new post. In today's post, I'm going to write a story.

Ok, that was my Aparri intro. XD

Well, hey, I'm back from a lonnnng break. Well, I'm back, yay!

I had a crazy busy weekend. Lemme explain.

Last Friday, the 28th, in the evening, me and Koolest went to our youth group. We were about to read through the whole New Testament. Through the night and everything.

The way it worked was, two of us in youth went and read for 30 minutes. Then another pair came and took over for another 30 minutes, and so on. While you aren't reading, you hang out.

It ran through the whole night. Me and Koolest came home around 11pm, slept, and went back early the next morning. (I need my sleep. XD)

We finished reading the New Testament around 1:15pm on Saturday afternoon.

Then, in the evening, I went out for supper with my family to our friend's place. (Remember Mocha the dog? It was her owners. :D)

It felt pretty busy. XD

Alright, so a while ago, I mentioned I was gonna write a spooky story. Well, I found this cool thing on my sister's blog and decided to join it. :D

Click here to go to the blog of the person who made this Spooky Stories link-up and click here to go to my sister's story. :)

So, now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

My spooky short story!!

I never should have gone in that wretched manor.
I should have known what would happen. But still, I went in. And now I regret it terribly.
It all happened on a cold, autumn night. The wind howled and rustled through the last remaining leaves on the trees. An owl hooted from far away. The full moon shone through the thick mist.
I drudged through the wet mush of leaves in the forest, shivering. I pulled my tattered cloak closer around myself.
I stumbled over rocks from a nearby cliff. As I adjusted my fox hat, I heard a strange voice.
"What do you think your doing, hm?"
I gulped and turned around. There stood a fox with a magenta colored helmet with horns. A matching majestic cloak draped from the fox's shoulders.
The fox trotted over, gently jumping over rocks and landing on it's pink and white striped socks.
Finally, she stood before me and looked me up and down. She opened it's mouth to speak again.
"Do not fear me, my fine raccoon. I am only here to help you," she said, kindly. "My name is Mulberry."

I wasn't too sure about her. After all, she had this kind of feeling that I couldn't put my paw on.

"I'm Parsley," I replied.

"Ah, what a wonderful name," Mulberry said.

"Why did you say you were here to help me?" I asked.

"Ah. Come here, won't you?" Mulberry said, walking a little further. She turned back, waiting for me to follow.

She began walking again so I quickly followed. She moved through the large bare trees swiftly, as if she had done this hundreds of times before. I stumbled over roots and got hit by branches.

At last, she reached a clearing, stopped, and stared intently at something. I panted and followed her gaze.

I saw a large mansion. It loomed over everything, making the giant trees small. It's paint was chipped and the windows were boarded up, making it look uninviting, abandoned.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked.

Mulberry turned towards me and smiled sickly.

"Why, I brought you here because I have got to tell you something."

"I don't believe you heard the stories? Well, the tale is, there's something terribly wonderful hiding in the great old manor. The tale has been around for decades, yet no one has been successful on finding the fantastic thing," she continued before I could even open my mouth.

"What... what kind of thing is in there? And why are you telling me this?" I said, still confused.

"Well, I can tell you need something."

I stared at her. What kind fox was this? What kind of legend had she sprouted up? Was it true?

"Yes, it's quite the true story," she said, as if she had read my mind.

She turned and looked me in the eye.

"Don't you want to find the wonderful treasure?"

"Of course." I mean, the manor was abandoned so it wouldn't be hard to search around.

"Of course," she repeated, then smiled. "Well, I'll let you search. Good luck."

Mulberry turned and gracefully started walking away. She stopped and turned around.

"Oh and... Beware."

With that, she dashed off into the forest as quickly as she had come.

I gulped, wondering why she had told me to beware. She probably was just scaring me, right? Shaking my head, I marched through the mist toward the looming manor.

I stepped onto the creaky porch and lifted the door knocker. It made a loud knock, shattering the silence.

When no one answered, I slowly opened the door. Peering in, I saw the room was all dark.

I stepped in, closed the door, and took a deep breath, letting my eyes get used to the darkness. After that, I noticed the room had lots of cobwebs and dust. I sneezed.

I curiously started looking around. There was a bookshelf and an empty table. Above the table were old photographs. They stared at me, eerily.

All of a sudden, there was a loud squeak. I gasped and turned toward where the noise had come from.

I saw one dark purple eye, staring at me from behind the fireplace. Strangely, a fire was ablaze.

The eye blinked slowly before moving forward. I took a step back, frightened.

Then I noticed what the eye was attached to, a black ball with eight arms.

A phantom.

Phantoms were usually mean creatures that hurt animals and plants. They were made from an unknown substance, no one could even guess what.

But this one seemed happy. Friendly even. I let it float over to me. It stared at me and then the eye squinted, like it smiled, and squeaked.


I looked frantically up and saw a snow leopard without a head standing on the stairs. It had a white pumpkin that was flaming, as a head. It wore a white cloak and ring, which gleamed with magical power.

It stalked down the stairs, it's white flames casting weird shadows on the walls.

I took a step back. It growled. The phantom just stared.

The snow leopard then lunged at me.

I screamed and flew myself across the room. The phantom squeaked and followed.

The snow leopard crashed into the wall, stepping the wallpaper to flames. It growled louder, angrier.

The phantom squeaked urgently and floated toward a door. I followed and saw there was a set of stairs. The phantom went down and looked up at me.

I glanced over and saw the snow leopard running at me, the pumpkin grinning evilly. I slammed the door shut and ran down the stairs.

I noticed that there was a giant pile of phantom goo. The eyes in the goo glared at me. I also saw a wood bookshelf with two candles on either side, alight.

The phantom floated slowly over to the bookshelf and stared at me, it's eye wide.

It wanted me to do something with the shelf.

I hurried over and stared. It looked like it hide something. Like a fantastic treasure.

The treasure Mulberry told me about.

I flew books off the shelf, looking for a secret key or something. The phantom watched.

All of a sudden, I heard the door crash open and the snow leopard roared.


I was frantic. I had to do something with this shelf but what?

Then I remembered all the books I had read. The main characters always pulled a candle or something and that would open a door to amazing treasure.

I pulled on the left candle. I heard a loud whoosh and the shelf swiveled back. I looked and saw that it was like a purple vortex. Phantoms floated around and glared at me.

The snow leopard jumped down and growled. I was trapped.

Wondering what I should do, I felt a push. A small, gentle push.

Then the push was harder.

I screamed and flew into vortex. I heard an evil laugh and a squeak.

I was spinning, getting dizzy. All I could see was purple.

I was falling... falling... falling......

Well, I hoped you guys enjoyed! :D

Have an amazing day and don't forget to...



  1. Woah! Busy! *reads story* spoooookkyyyyy

    1. Heh, yup. I sure was. XD LOL, thank you! It was supposed to be. :P

  2. Ack! Did Parsley die????????? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She CAN'T DIE!
    And, by the way, that phantom was adorable. <3 ^.^ Love the story! You should continue it sometime.
    Til the next comment,

    1. Hm, who knows? XD Or she keeps spinning on and on and on forever. :O XD
      Aw, thank you! I liked writing the phantom. ;) How would I continue the story though? XD
      Til then, sis!

  3. Ack, where did Parsley go? Was Mulberry in league with the snow leopard? And WAS THE CUTE PHANTOM GOOD OR BAD??? Great job, sis!

    1. Who knows? You never know. XDD And did the phantom push Parsley or did the snow leopard? :o XD Thanks, sis! I had fun. :)

    2. So-o-o-o... two different "Sis"s here? XD BTW, please tell this "Sis" that the fantasy-writers blog she followed on her profile is very interesting. o.o :)


    3. Hm? I have two sisters, yeah. XD Koolestkat (or her blogger name: Chloe) and Tracey. :)

      Uhh, what did you see? XD

    4. I saw a bunch of articles on writing (interesting in themselves) but I read one in particular that said "If you want to write fantasy, stop reading it."

      That freaked me out a little at first, but after reading it, it was talking about avoiding typical cliches, not cutting out all fantasy.

      The author (who was actually quoting someone else when they said "stop reading fantasy to write it") would not advise going that far. (S)he (I can't remember) recommends supplementing your reading diet with classic literature, to add variety.

      So, yeah. :) Interesting.

      To me, anyway.


  4. YOWZA! Spookyyyyyyyy! O.O

    I woulda attacked the pumpkin thing. XD I think I would have died there.

    Amazing cliffhanger ending!


    1. XD Thank you!!

      You would have attacked the pumpkin snow leopard with a flaming pumpkin head? XD Parsley was just a sweet, little raccoon. XD

      Thank you so much!! ^.^

    2. Well I'm just a sweet, little Hyena! CX With a strong protective streak.


      You know, I said that to my little bro just a little while ago (still joking of course), and he got up, moved to the counter where I had sat it, and - very deliberately - touched the coffee mug with one finger.

      Gaaah!! >.< Sibs! XDDDD Gotta love 'em, though.


    3. O.O Remind me to never touch your coffee. XD

      XD That sounds like something I would do, actually. *slowly reaches up and touches coffee* :P

      Yup. I love my sibs. XD

    4. Haha! XD

      Hey, you told me to remind you never to touch it! XP

      "Don't touch it!"

      There? C: Not that I really mean it of course. You can touch it.

      You can even drink it, but I drink it with just milk, so I would be fully satisfied with snapping the look on your face when you tried. XDDD

      It would be like "O~O"


  5. Falling....falling...falling...falling... Suddenly I remembered I had a Reese's pieces with me. So I took it out of my pocket and took a bite. Suddenly the Phantom appeared next to me. "You are eating food at a time like this!" it exclaimed. I was shocked, I didn't know that Phantoms could talk. "Its not food. Its candy!" The Phantom rolled its eyes.


    1. XD Nice ending. Though I doubt the phantom followed Parsley. And doesn't the phantom have only one eye to roll? XDD

      Awesome ending. Such a twist. XD

  6. Ahh! What happens to Parsley? Why did Mulberry send Parsley into the mansion in the first place? Why does the snow leopard have a pumpkin head? Loved the descriptions throughout the story, very nicely done. Thanks for participating in the linkup!

    1. Those are all mysteries, I guess. :D

      Thank you so much! I had loads of fun participating. Thanks for starting this awesome link-up!! And for checking the story. ^-^

    2. All the best spooky stories leave you with questions :)

      Glad so many people seemed to enjoy the challenge!

  7. o m gosh

    For those of you who don't know, I am the pumpkin leopard.

    The pumpkin leopard is based off a Minecraft story mode character (The white pumpkin) who in a nutshell invites a bunch of people to their mansion and tries to kill them.

    In this story, I own the mansion.


    How why wow


    1. Yup, you are the white flaming pumpkin headed snow leopard of doom. XDD

      Really? I had no idea! So I actually wrote the character correctly! XDD

      Woot!! ^.^

    *King Tough Bunny

    1. JA JA JA JA!! YES I DID! XD Good job on the husky. ;)

  9. Falling... falling... failing... screaming... Reading a book...
    "EKKKKKK!!!! oh it was just a dream. I was relieve to be safe then i turned around. "EKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!"

    my ending while not as Yummy as sarahkey8's Is my ending
    just wonder when is the next chapter of Jamaasian High coming out?

    1. Oh no, falling, falling, FAILING? :O Failing what? And reading a book? My, my. XD

      Sorry, Pob. I'm still working on it. ;)

  10. Lol hi, this is random,but, please tell me you aren't planning to host anything on November 19th, because that's when my birthday is and I will probably be throwing a party :P

    1. o.0 Nope. No party is planned on November 19th. Nope. XD


  11. :O


    Makes me feel quite inspired...heheheheheh....XD

  12. O.o just realized that the ending reminds me of the Twin Peaks intro's lyrics (it normally doesn't have any lyrics but in an episode it does) -I mean the falling...falling...falling part- XD

    1. Really? I wasn't really copying anything. XD Funny how that turned out.

  13. When is the den contest?! I NEED TO KNOW WHO WINS!?
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Sorry, Ja. My contest has been extended til I get more entries. Your gonna have to wait. :)

  14. Btw entering den contest again! Fall theme! :D Hope you get more entries!

  15. The Frogsloth is due today. I have no new chapters written.



    1. The Frogsloth is up! And I'm so happy with it! :D



    2. I forgot to post the Frogsloth on Gracie's blog. -_- My first missed guest-author post.




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