Friday, 21 October 2016

Books, Books Galore!

Hi jammers, it's your boi. Yes. DAT BOI.

Ok. That has got to be one of my weirdest intros ever. XD

I wanna talk about books today. You all probably know by now that books are my life. I read loads of books all the time. I talk about books all the time. I look for books in my library all the time.

My family loves books. A LOT. As in, sometimes on a day where all my family is home, we'd all sit around in the living room, sticking our noses into books and drinking coffees or mochas. ;)

When people tell me that they hate books, I'm like, "WHAT? HOW DO YOU LIVE?" XD

Well, before I blabber too much about lovely books, I wanna get to my main point. (Yes, I actually have a MAIN point!)

Yesterday, I got more books!! Squeee! :D
Lemme explain. There was this book fair thing in my mall yesterday. It comes every year. There are loads of used books. Some in looking very unused and some looking reaaally used. I found quite a few good books. ;)
Me and my two sisters did a mini photo shoot of my books. (Some are Koolestkat's and some we will share.) I really want to show you guys the pictures but...
Before you keep reading, I just wanna make it clear that I hate spoilers for books. (Or movies/TV shows.) So if you have read one of these books, please leave all spoilers out of your comment. It's respectful to everyone.
Thank you! ^-^
Here is the stack of all the books me and Koolest got. Surprisingly, I have only read two of these books before! That's totally different compared to other years.
Ok, so as you can see, the first book on the stack is "The Fellowship of the Ring" which is a book Koolest picked, not me. Along with "The Hunger Games".
The next one is "Wizard of Oz". It's a very old classic. And it's literally unabridged! But it's so teeny! :P Koolest is collecting the whole Oz series. (Yes, there's a series of books! It's not just one book!)
Next one is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Again, it's for my sis. :D
Next up is "Artemis the Loyal". It's a Goddess Girls book. I'm kinda hooked onto Greek mythology because of Percy Jackson. XD
The next one is a Nancy Drew book called "Action!" I'm kinda collecting the series. ;)
Ah, the next one is "The Abduction" by Gordon Korman! I like his books and this series is really good and fast paced.
Next up is three Candy Apple books. "The Accidental Cheerleader", "Miss Popularity", and "Super Sweet 13". I bet these books will be great. ^.^

*silent pause for the great epicness of the books*
Two books from the second Rick Riordan Olympian series! And they were gently used! And they were $22 in store but me and Koolest got them for $3 each! Eeeeeeekkk!!! I can't wait to read "The Throne of Fire" and "The Serpent's Shadow"! So much epic on those covers, I tell ya.
And the last one on the stack is "A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles". I really like American Girl books. They are super helpful. ;) And this was a way cheaper price then what it was in the store.
Well, that's all! :D
Before I go, I just wanna remind you guys that my party is next week Saturday at 2:30 CST. Also, remember to enter the den contest! For more details on both of these things, scroll down a little.
Have an amazing day, peeps! XD
Jam on!

Yay, I'm using Violet's drawing as my siggy! (Perhaps I
should make a new siggy to change things up a bit?)


  1. what time zone are you in? also have you ever read any books by Brian Davis?

    1. Why do you need to know? And no, but my siblings have!

    2. For the party, thats why :)

    3. I DID say the time zone. CST.

  2. Yessssss! Epic!

    I am glad to inform you, spoilers will not be an issue here. I've read the Nancy Drew one... forgot how it ends. :l

    Great post! :D


    1. Awww, thank ya! <3

      Whew! I absolutely have no tolerance for spoilers. At all. XDD If someone tells me one from a TV show or movie or book, I get quite mad. XDDD LOL, it ends good, I think. :P

      Thank you! I love books so this post was fun for me. ;)


    1. YESSSSSSSS! IT'S SOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! I love it too. :D LOL, I can see why. Some parts just make you wanna stay up all night and read. XD

    2. I've stayed up late to read sometimes to

    3. Really? I think I have too, once or twice. XD

    4. I once stayed up literally all night... watching old Spider-man cartoons, though. Not reading.


    5. what? lol. just wondering were those spider man cartoons any good?

    6. Myeh. Sixties-cheesy. XD But good for their time. I liked 'em. C:

      They were so old, there was a little rainbow-hued message that came up at the beginning of everyone and informed me that the cartoon was "IN COLOR!" XDD


  4. Have you read Swindle by Gordon Korman?

  5. BOOOOKS!!!
    *Looks at shelf*
    I have about... 21 unread books o.O

    I should try reading more XD

    I used to read all the time, but now i kinda write more...


    1. *looks at shelves in the bookcloset*(its like a tiny libary O.o) Erm, I have 1..2..3. 20.... 80... LOTS OF UNREAD BOOKS!

      Do you ever read books by Bryan Davis, Scott Appleton, or Wayne Thomas Baston??

    2. @Kraft
      O.O I probably have 20 unread books. Somewhere... in my house... XD

      Yeah. You should! XD

      Hmm, well, sometimes school can get in the way of our lovely free time. And writing is very good too! ;)

    3. @Sarah

      I have read one Wayne Thomas Batson book! It was pretty good. ^.^

    4. XD Yeah.. Some of those are I think, like girly girl books *throws up* some of those are just ones that I dont have intrest, and other's... idk.. XD

      Which one??

    5. "Some of those are I think, like girly girl books *throws up*"

      I read a lot of girly girl books!!! XD I really like SOME romances. Others are like, "Ew, gross. STOP IT STOP IT STOPIT!" XD

      But everyone has different opinions on books. ;)

      I read... UMMMM... "The Door Within", I think. XD

  6. I'm glad you like the picture!

  7. I'm more like an encyclobedia kid, and I read encyclopedias almost daily XD I'm not,like, the biggest fan of novels and stuff, yet I love books by Ray Bradbury :P Also, I need you to do something for me if you can, since you have read many books XD:
    So, our literature teacher want us to read 2 literature books, one for Christmas and one for Easter (holidays) I need you to suggest 2 books that are:
    ~Rather hard to understand o3o
    ~Spicy (lol XD)
    ~Mysterious :P
    ~Must NOT contain any ANIMAL deaths. Murders are OK to read (and for me, to watch :P Yas I loaf horror films), but I can't understand why some people ''kill'' animals for no reason. Yah I'm wacky don't judge me :P I don't mean idc if someone gets killed, I'm just a little (lot) sensitive when an animal gets hurt in a story/movie. And IRL of course.

    1. Really? Encyclopedias? Just curious, what do you find so interesting about reading encyclopedias? XD I'm just curious. ;)
      Hmmm... ANY book? Hmm, I'll have to think. XD
      Animal deaths? Yeah, they are pretty bad, I guess. I personally don't mind, but it depends on the animal. Now if some person is just killing animals for no good reason, well, that's bad. But if it's hurting you or someone, I don't know...

    2. Encyclopedias.... I kinda find them boring... XD I just love fiction. :D People killing animals?? I don't mind. Inless its in a really cruel way for no reason. I love animals!

    3. Lol I don't judge you for reading encyclopedias. I read dictionaries sometimes XDD

      Hmm, that's a pretty tricky criteria to fill. I'd say warriors but you don't like animal deaths... Hmm... I don't know.

      heh... *edges away*

      Gurl, if you don't like animal deaths, never read my fanfic AJ Adventures.


      I know it sounds innocent but in later episodes you can clearly see that I sudden got obsessed with dystopian fiction... Yeah...

      I don't really mind animal deaths unless its like a human abusing them. I guess its because I loaf warriors and thus ended up writing, drawing and I guess animating dark stuff.

      Never judge me lol


  8. Lost Go to the den Huskylover983
    It's my spare account i did it on that account bc it has more spring and winter things TY!
    *KING Tough Bunny

  9. Omg! I just thought of something! You know how NO ONE knows what Zios is?? What if he is a heron! you may be thinking 'But his head doesn't look like a heron...' well he could be wearing a mask! Maybe?!? O: Reply on what you think!

    1. I always headcanon Zios to be a spirit that in life form is a heron. So we have pretty similar opinions XD


  10. Replies
    1. *blink blink* *realizes*

      Waffle!! XDDD

      *explodes into attack of smothered laughter*


      YES, Pob! :D WHY have I never SEEN it before!? Zios is a floating Incan waffle!! XDDDDD


    2. HE IS HALF WAFFLE HALF HERON!!!! His head is a wolf :) XD

    3. his head's a wolf? ??? whaaa no way it's a waffle.

  11. That sounds awesome Lost!!!! :O


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