Saturday, 23 July 2016

Baby Animals and Dream Item!

Hello Jammers!

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was so going to but it got super busy.

First, for two or three hours, I cut bean ends off and shelled peas. See, I have a pretty big garden so I get to work in the summer. Woo. XD

Then, me and Koolest went to the library to watch Youtube videos and stuff. When we got back, it was almost supper time.

After supper, I played Wii Party with Koolest and my brother. When that was done, we went outside and shot some baskets in our basketball net. (I kinda stunk... xD) And then we went out for soft icecream.

So it was pretty busy.

But now I am here with a post! :) And if you read the title, we are going to be looking at baby animals because, c'mon. They are adorable! ^.^

Aren't they all adorable?! <3 I love them all. And since sloths have recently come to Animal Jam, here is a baby sloth picture!

Ahh! So cute!!! XD

Speaking of the sloths, do you guys like them? I feel like people either hate them or love them. I love them. :D And they are so cheap! :P

- - -
So on Wednesday, I wanted to try Speedpaint! But since it looked like kinda an iffy site, I decided to use it at the library. You have to pay one dollar for an hour, so it's not too bad. So I first watched some Youtube videos and then went to work.
I really wanted to try chibi art. So I drew chibi Aparri. (It was so much fun testing the reds. He has SO much red... O.O)
Everything was fine until I noticed I only had a few minutes to finish! So I hurried up and was done. Then I franticly tried to save it. I clicked something that said save but I didn't read what it all said. It took me out of my paint work and it was gone. I checked and checked the computer. It was gone. :(
So I came home and asked my mom if I could go again in the afternoon. I really wanted to retry it!
I went there and did it. Wasn't as good as my first, but not bad. Here it is:

I think I made his eyes WAY cuter than the actual ones. XD (His are creepy. O.o) I might try Wisteriamoon, for a challenge. XD So. Much. Pattern!

- - -
Wow. I have amazing friends! :D
Do you remember the tag I made last Saturday? I had said my dream item was a designer skirt.
Then my friend, Skywatcher, made a comment saying:
I go onto AJ and I have a letter.

Thank you sooo much, Sky!!! :D That was so sweet of you!! <3 I love the skirt so much!
And then today, I go on AJ...

Oh my word! Thank you so much, Swirlshine! This made my day! It's a great thing to wake up to finding your dream item sent for your friend. XD
Well, I should be going. But before I go...
Please check out my fashion contest! Only four people have entered. If you are interested, click here! The deadline has moved up to the twenty-seventh!
Also, since my blog isn't very popular yet, would any of you mind mentioning the fashion contest here? You don't have to! :D I just think the more people who enter the show, the funner (is that a word? XD) it will be! Thanks!
Jam on!
We are over 2,000 views! Thank you so much everyone!


  1. I want to hug all the cute little animals right now. ;-; Please throw some baby goats at me so I can squish the life out of them. That sounds creepy now nvm. XD

    1. I know, me too! The baby panda and penguin look so fluffy!! If only pandas didn't have claws... Then I would make one my pet! :P And LOL, it does sound kind of creepy... o.o XD

  2. :) Making someone else happy makes you happy. Also, now that I'm back, I'll be more then glad to enter. Lemme go make a look

    1. So true! =D If only I knew what everyone's dream items were, I could give them to them.
      And I am happy your back! Your posts on AJ Stream are so cool. ;) Also, thank you so so much!!! <3

  3. OH.MY.GOSH. YOU'RE KILLING ME WITH CUTENESS!!!! ( Hehe, that sounds like that Kill Them With Kindness song.)

    Ohh, Speedpaint is a website? I thought it was just when people draw on some art program, record it, and then speed up the video afterwards. XD
    I would try it myself, but a dollar an hour?! My mom would never agree to that. :1
    But that Aparri is SO CUTE!!!! AND SOFT-LOOKING! AND CUTE!!!

    Yay, I'm so glad you liked it!!! It DOES feel great to make others feel great. :)

    As for the contest, have I entered yet? I don't think I did.
    I just didn't enter immediately because I had been in a summer-themed fashion show on the AJ Whip, and I'm not sure if I should re-make that outfit, or create a new one. ( The theme IS summer, right?) XD!) But I have time now, so I'll enter soon! :D
    And I'll ALSO advertise on my blog! ;)

    1. XD AHH! DON'T DIE BECAUSE OF ME AND CUTE ANIMALS! XDDD (Ha, we should change it to Kill Them With Cuteness! :P)

      Yeah, it is! O.O I guess it also is that... You have got be confused now! XD I'll have check that later...
      Oh, the dollar of the hour is just at my library. It's not for Speedpaint or anything. XD And I wouldn't do that either. :P
      XD This is weird hearing you say (erm type) "Aparri is so cute!" XD But yes, I did him kinda in a way cuter way. (What's with his creepy eyes?!) THANK YOU, SWIRL! ^.^

      Oh, I don't like it. I LOVE IT!!!! XD And yup, it sure does. :D

      Oh, that makes sense! No, you could make a new one or do the same. Doesn't matter. XD Thanks!
      Awww, thanks so much!! <3 ;)

    2. *got me confused (XD sorry)

    3. Oh my gosh, yes! Lostfairy's and Swirlshine's new parody, " Kill Them With Cuteness"! Lol!

      Oh. Now I'm confused too. XD! I guess it's both?

      Ohhhhh! Then maybe I'll try Speedpaint sometime!

      Oh yeah. I just realized that. I think I included " THAT Aparri" to make it less...awkward. XD

      Yaaay! :DD

      No problem, and thanks! ;)

    4. XDDD

      Hmm, lemme look it up... Uhhh... Sounds like it could be both! :P I think the site Speedpaint was called that because you could draw something on there fast and it'd still look nice...? XD

      Yeah, you totally should! :D

      XD I know! I just like doing it without "that". XDDD Makes it funny and awkward. :P



    Okay that was craziness with Cosmic, anyways great post. AND THE ANIMALSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    Also I like the art ;)

    1. LOL, HERE ARE THE CUTE ANIMALS!!! :gives all of the cute animals in the world: XD
      LOL, I like craziness! :D And thank you! <3
      ;) Thank you so so much!!!

  5. KITTENS. must HAVE KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would give you the kittens but I can't push them through the screen to you! :grabs kitten and gently tries to push it through: XD


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