Monday, 18 July 2016

RIM and Stories!

Heyo, guys! You probably already know this but it is Rare Item Monday! :)

It's a Rare Egyptian Hat! What do you know, it's blue and purple! What a surprise! XD Anyway, the rare is members only, found in Jam Mart Clothing, and is 1,000 gems.

Time for my RIM calendar!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares.

- - -

Storytime! XD I feel like doing a post about stories of myself. I don't wanna sound greedy, I just love telling stories. If you know me, you will also know I blabber. In real life and online. Though if you see me at craft class at the library, you will see that I am very shy. I just sit by myself and watch everyone. People are quite interesting. XD

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy and laugh a little. ^-^

So, this is a very random story. XD What's up with weird animals coming when I go outside to blog?! xD Here it is:

Once upon a time... Wait no. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting outside with Koolestkat when my eye caught movement on the street. There was something running to our yard. I thought it was cat but I found out it was a huge, weird looking bunny with looonnng legs. It's eyes were really creepy... It ran halfway onto our yard and stopped. Koolest then jumped up and ran at it, to scare it. (We have a garden, you see, and rabbits are very good thieves.) So she ran to the backyard. And then the ugly rabbit came out to the front. I stared at it while it ran across the street.


Next is another random story. :P You guys don't mind, right? :) Here it is:

Once upon a time, me and Koolest were walking. (XD Great starting line, right?) We were walking to the library. It was cloudy and I think it just rained.

So you may want to know, I get very hyper with Koolest. So we were laughing and talking when I think I heard something and turned to see what it was. It was a guy biking really fast coming up behind us. So I was gonna warn Koolest to move and said her name a little loudly. She, being used to jumping to the grass to let people pass, moved in the grass. Right when the guy biked into the grass. (XD) So he almost biked into her. Thankfully Koolest moved a little and got out the way. She yelled, "Sorry!" to the guy. I laughed at her.


Next is about camp. Yes, another camp story. XD This story is... Odd. Enjoy! xD

Okay, so, there were three girls who liked this guy. He wore lots of cat t-shirts so they called him Meow. They would be like, "Meeeeooow..." And then dreamily sigh. They liked him so much, they went into the guy's side. Which made the counselors were upset about that. I'll called these three girls the Lovers.

Then they were three girls who hated boycrazy girls. They hated their loud talking. They were the kind of type who would break a rule. But I don't know for sure. I'll called these girls the Haters.

So one day, I was walking by myself on the very long path to my cabin from the beach. When I reached my cabin, I think I was the only person there. I was very surprised to find that some of the girls underwear was out in the middle of the floor, in a heart shape. Confused, I sat on my sandy bed to wait. Some other girls finally came from their activities and were also shocked at the heart.

Then when everyone was in the cabin, one of the Lovers cried out, "Eww, there's a snail in my bed!!" Everyone went around her to see. Sure enough, there was a little snail. Then another Lover found a snail in HER bed. Then someone found a dead minnow in her bed. The counselors were pretty mad. They asked who did it. No one said anything. We were all just sitting in our bunks, quiet and some were giving glares at others. By the way, one of the girls with the snail in the bed started crying. Finally, the three Haters said they had done it. I still felt bad because I thought people thought I helped since I was at the beach and the first one back from the activities.

You remember the meanish girl from my other camp story? Well, she was quite mad and she was one of the Lovers. And she kept giving me deadly looks.

After this, it was free time. But no one was happy. So I hung with some girls who weren't Haters or Lovers.

Finally, I went up to the Lovers at supper and said, "Hey, sorry about the snail thing. But I had nothing to do with it, really." One of Lovers said, "It's ok. We know you didn't know it."

Also, the underwear heart thing was a joke. Some counselor went into our cabin and did that. She sure picked the wrong day. XD


Have a great day, guys!! Also, don't forget to enter the fashion contest! Deadline extended to the twenty-seventh! Voting session starts later that week! Please spread the news about the fashion contest!

Jam on!

Did you like the stories? Is it okay if I do another
post like this in the future? Let me know in the
comments!! :D


  1. Swirlshine's Story Comments!

    Story 1- Bunnies can have long eyes?? Oh snap...
    Story 2- That seems like something I would do, hehe!
    Story 3- Oh man, this one was the funniest! I laughed at the part where you said the girls went " Meeeeoooow..." and then sighed. XDDDDD

    1. 1- XD No! I said long legs, silly. XDD Eww, long eyes would be gross...
      2- Yeahhh... I still laugh about that one. XD
      3- Serious! They were sooo smitten. XDD And don't even get me started when Meow showed them a magic trick!!! XDDDD

    2. OHHHHH! Wow, I really need to re-read things. I think I mixed " long legs" and "creepy eyes" together! Hehe!


      He showed them a magic trick? Oh snap... XD
      If I heard those girls making kitty noises about a guy, I'd probably burst out laughing right there on the spot! XD

    3. Ha, it's totally fine!! When I saw that, I thought I had misspelled something and was all frantic to fix it. XDDD

      Yeaaaahh... The trick was like, to pull a rubber band through his pointer finger and thumb. They then almost believed he had magic. o.o XD Then they figured out how to do it and tried to show the main (cute) singer at camp the trick. It failed. XD They were so embarrassed. XDDD
      Ha! I would have to if you were there... OMGOODNESS WHAT IF ALL THE BLOGGERS WENT TO CAMP TOGETHER!! :OO XD

    4. XD

      Wow. XD!

      And after that, NOTHING could stop me from TAKING OVER, and becoming the most FAMOUS BLOGGER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

      ( So weird, XD!)

    5. HA! YES! That would be seriously epic. Uh, meeting you, Doomypanda, Naffy, 2fang, Purple, Penguin, Cosmic, AND EVERYONE!!!! XDD That would be... Insanely wonderfully weirdly awesome. XD


      (Love our weird comments. Makes me laugh. XD And why not be wonderfully weird? Normal is boring. XD)

  2. Aw, I love your real-life stories! You should post them more often. I just got back from my camp and a mouse gave birth in someone's luggage. >.<

    1. Thanks, Fang!! I didn't know how well telling stories on here would go. That's a good idea!! ^-^
      :O Ewww!! How did a mouse even get in the luggage? Oh gross. >,<

  3. Nice blog! I think you just got yourself a new reader:)

    1. Hey, welcome to Animal Jam Jumble! :D I hope you found your stay enjoyable. And thank you so much!!!! :)


  5. Sorry for not commenting in so long, but your blog is looking excellent!!! I love the serene summer-y background~ <3


    1. Hey, it is fine, Doomy! :D And why, thank you! The background makes me wanna jump into it... XD

      Thanks for commenting again. It means a lot to have the first blogger that I ever knew to comment here. <3

  6. 1. Rabbits can be ANNOYING. They eat my tomato plants. MY PRECIOUS PRECIOUS TOMATO PLANTS. I think you under estimate my love for Tomatos.
    2. O.o Close Call
    3. ..... HILARIOUS! Too bad they thought you did it! It looks like camps are pretty clique.

    1. 1. Yes, they can be annoying. :P OH NO, NOT YOUR BEAUTIFUL TOMATO PLANTS!!! Ooh, and what about toasted tomato sandwiches! Those are good... XD
      2. Heh, yup. XD (good thing we were closeish to a hospital if anyone got hurt. XD)
      3. XDD Yeah, it stunk. :shivers: I still remember all the looks everyone was giving me. Ha, my cabin was FILLED with draaaammmaa... :P


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