Thursday, 21 July 2016

No Update Post...

Hey Jammers!

I usually do Thursday update posts but I am kinda busy today. So I, sadly, won't be posting the update post. I mean, it is on a ton of other blogs and you can go on AJ yourself to see, right?

Well, sorry again guys! :(

Jam on!


  1. Aw, see you tomorrow!

    That's exactly the reason why I don't post about full updates or new items anymore. :P

    1. XD Cya... Today?! :P

      Heh, I might stop posting the Thursday update posts. They are kinda boring... XD I stopped the new items posts. That was SUPER boring. XDDDD

    2. Lol!

      I suggest maybe posting about the major part of the update, which, for this update, would be the sloths, since they have the biggest impact on Jamaa. That's kinda what I do!
      XD, yeah, the item posts get super boring.

  2. No problem! Ok, I kinda agree that I'm bored with all these update posts and videos. :P

    1. Thanks, Purple! Yes, the updates have gotten kinda boring. I mean, the pig update was exciting. But it is the usual animal leaving, animal coming, membership pet ad or new den or diamond outfit. I think I will stop the update posts... :P


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