Monday, 4 July 2016

RIM, Art, Giveaway Winners, and Book of the Month!

Heyo guys! Welcome back to another Rare Item Monday post!! :) It's also the 4th of July! Or Freedom Day as Jammers call it.

The rare today is a Rare Flower Crown! The colors are actually really cute for this rare, even though it's the same colors as always. Green and purple. :D This rare is found in Jam Mart Clothing for 1,000 gems! Sadly, members only. Sorry non-members! And I thought this rare would be all freedomy since it is Freedom Day. I guess AJHQ decided there was enough Freedom items at the Freedom Party. :P

And now for my RIM calendar!
Yellow for member rares and blue for non-member rares.

- - -

On Friday, I decided to try drawing another Masterpiece, since my first one didn't get approved. I started drawing an arctic wolf. That turned into Aparri... XD I have no clue why I drew him but I did. Don't ask me why! So I started actually on Thursday night but I didn't have enough time so I finished it on Friday morning. :D And on Sunday afternoon, I checked my Jam-a-Grams and it had gotten approved!!

Then on Saturday, I decided to draw Snowyclaw's pig. It also got approved on Sunday!! ^-^

I might draw WisteriaMoon or something next. I really don't know if I'll draw all the 'big' and famous Jammers... I'll just see what I feel like doing. :D

- - -

The giveaway winners are in!
Before I announce them, I just wanna thank everyone who joined it. If I had enough prizes, I would give them to everyone! But sadly, only three people win. So the winners of the 500 pageviews giveaway are...

First place is... Swirlshine!!!
Congrats on winning first place, Swirl!! You win a Pirate Beard, Cool Hair, and Rare Top Hat! For some reason, I accidently made the picture of the prizes have Rare Mech Angel Wings for first prizes when I didn't mean to. Sorry for the inconvenience! You should have the prizes in your mail sometime soon! ^-^
Second place is... Cheetah87516!!!
Congrats on getting second, Cheetah! You win Rare Sparkly Shoes and Rare Mech Angel Wings! I will send you the prizes in a JAG soon! ^.^
Third place is... Purplestarclub!!!
Congrats on being third, Purple! You win a Rare Star Cape! Next time your on, I will trade you your prize! ^-^

Wow, and this giveaway was for 500 pageviews?! We now have 1,350 pageviews! This blog almost has 1,500 views! Maybe I'll do something to celebrate that too. ;) Thanks to all my viewers, commenters, and followers! You are all so amazing and wonderful. :D

- - -

It is time for Book of the Month! Let's see what was my favorite book that I have read this month...

Oh goodness, out of the ten books that I have read this month, three of them would be most worthy for Book of the Month! XD Hmm, how do I pick only one of them? Fine, I will give the Book of the Month 'award' to:


"The Selection"! This book was VERY good! Full of romance, this book was hard to put down. Though it may be just me but I would tone down the bad language and make the kisses less. But other then that, it is amazing. Worth reading, that's for sure!

Plot: America is part of thirty-five girls who are selected for a contest called the Selection. It's a chance of a lifetime because whoever wins gets to marry the prince and become the princess. But America doesn't want to be part of it. She's happy with her life before the Selection and her boyfriend. If she goes, she has to leave him. But then she meets the prince. She then starts to question if she does want her old life back.

I would also like to mention the other two books that I liked. "Sit, Stay, Love" and "Someday Dancer" were amazing! I recommend them. ^.^

Speaking of books, here's a random fact. I have read 2,263 pages this month and all year I have read 13,979 pages. XD Another fact: I have read 64 books this year. Yes, yes, I know. I am a bookworm. :P

- - -

So this week, I am taking care of a dog with Koolest. We also have to take care of the dog next week as well. The dog is super sweet and her house is only a few blocks away from my house. We have to check on the dog, Mocha, four times a day. Morning, afternoon, evening, and night. It is quite tiresome sometimes but it is mostly fun. Except for cleaning up after her. XD She has made a mess two times in the house already. O.o So the house kinda stank for a while.
Mocha is part Pomeranian, part Yorkshire Terrier. She doesn't bark much, only when you hold her toy and she can't get it. XD She is quite cat-ish sometimes. Why catish, you say? Well, her favorite treats are cat treats, she stretches like a cat, and she rubs against you. Very cat-ish. XD But I love her. Her whimpers are the most heartbreaking thing ever. It makes me wanna run to her and comfort her but maybe that is because I am a big softie for her. ^-^ She has this big pillow in her kennel and one time when we were going to let her out in the morning, I couldn't see her and the pillow was in the front. So I looked in and saw she was somehow behind the pillow even when the pillow was at the back when we put her to bed. XD

Also, last Wednesday, me and Koolest took a babysitting course! From 9am to 4pm, we sat and listened. XD I was quite tired when I came home. But I am happy I finally took the course. I finally get to have a job where I take care of kids and get money! :P So there might be some days in the future where I won't be able to post, depending on how many jobs I get. :)

So yeah, I just thought I'd talk a wee bit about my life and stuff. :D Hope you enjoyed!

- - -

So, you probably have noticed by now but I changed my blog background to be more summery! I know summer started a while ago but I feel like adding something summery to this post! ;D Here's a beachy song by one my fave guy artist. (Also, did I mention how wonderfully adorable he is?! Sorry, I just love him... XD)

It's from Austin and Ally, called Heard it on the Radio. <3 Enjoy! XD

Do you like the RIM? What was your favorite painting that I did, Aparri or Snowy? Have you read "The Selection"? What do you think of the song, Heard it on the Radio? Let me know in the comments!

Well, I hope you have a great 4th of July. Have fun watching the fireworks! Also, to all you Canadians, happy late Canada Day! :D

Happy 30th post!


  1. CONGRATS WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ack! I love that RIM!! Totally going to go buy one. (Maybe even a few... :P ) Those flower crowns are one of my favourite clothing items. They somehow just match so much of my outfits. May it's cause I like fantasy outfits. When I first became a member I wore that item tons. :)
    I'd have to say Snowyclaw is my fave of the two drawings you did. But maybe it's cause she dresses better (in my opinion) than Aparri... :P But you did a great job on both! I like how you did Aparri's beard (ok, that's sounds strange now that I think about it...). Snowy's sweater is super cute. ;)
    Yay! Congratulations everyone on winning! I hope you enjoy the prizes!
    Yes, "The Selection" was super good! And, yes, it still would have been a great book if they toned down the swearing and kissing. No, wait, it would have been a BETTER book if they had done that! :D But I still love the book and will defiantly read the next one.
    Yep, Mocha can be a bit of a hand full, but she is totally worth it. C: (You should post a picture of her on her. ;D Then wittle Princess Mocha would be famous!!! XD )
    Ahhhh! :O Rossie is so cute! Who could not love that face of his at the end of the video?! :P <3
    Anyhoo, great post, can't wait to read your next one!
    Till next comment,

    1. Oh, yes! I love the RIM too! ;) Yeah, the flower crowns work with a LOT of things. I like them as well. Oh right! You did wear them a lot. XD
      Hmm, yeah, Snowy's outfit is nicer and Aparri's is just kinda... Red. XD Oh, why thank you! ^-^
      Yup, "The Selection" was amazing. LOL, I totally agree with you, sis! ;) And me too. ^.^
      Hee, yeah, I love Mochy... XD (:O I totally should! Good idea, Koolest! XD)
      Uh, yeah, he is! XD I dunno, whoever doesn't like that face has some kind of problem. XD
      Thanks, sis! :D
      Till then!!

  3. I looked in your den yesterday and saw those Masterpieces. I LOVE them! You are a spectacular artist!

    Wow, I won first place? Awesome! Thank you so much, Lostfairy!

    " The Selection". Sounds cool, maybe I'll check it out someday!

    You're dogsitting? Aww, lucky! My mom petsits for people sometimes, and I go with her a lot because I LOVE animals!! Mocha sounds so CUTE and FLUFFY!

    Oh, Ross Lynch! I think he's pretty cool! :) And that song is cool too. And AUSTIN AND ALLY is cool! XD

    1. Aww, thanks, Swirl!! Your too kind! ;)

      :D LOL, your like, third contest that you have won in a month. XD Congrats!

      You should, it is super good. ;D

      LOL, I should post a picture of her on here... And nice! I love animals too!! <3

      XD I love Ross... :P But yeah, the song is awesome as well! xP Yayyy! Austin and Ally rule! ^.^

    2. Wow, you're right! I guess I'm on a lucky streak! If I am, maybe I can get my mom to buy me that last AJ toy for me...
      Hehe, nah, I'm not THAT lucky! XDD

      Yes, I wanna see Mocha so I can go " AWWWW!" for a minute straight. XD

    3. LOL, yes, a VERY lucky streak. You just are one lucky duck! XD
      XDD Hee, not that lucky? Really? XD

      LOOOL!!! Well, LUCKY you! I posted a picture of her. :tilts head, listening for "AWWWWW!": XD

  4. My fav picture you made is of snowyclaw, but that's because I like her a lot more, XD

    1. Heh, yeah, also like Koolest said, Snowy dresses better than Aparri. XD

  5. You're such a good artist, Lost! I can't even pick which one I like the best.
    Oooooh, the RIM looks so pretty!
    I'd definitely have to find those books in my library, they sound so awesome.
    Congrats to everyone who won, including me lol. Although, it may be kinda hard to go on AJ to receive the prize, because of my stupid computer.
    That was a great post. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much, Purple! ^.^ You are too sweet!
      Yeah! Pretty flowers... ^-^
      Yup, they are awesome! If/when you read them, tell me what you think of them! :D
      LOL, yes, congrats, Purple! No worries! I will just keep the prize ready for when you come on. ;D
      Thanks!! You are seriously too kind! <3

  6. I love the Selection Eep! Also, here is one of my favorite quotes. "Even a thousand books, is never enough" Also, congrats to the winners!!!

    1. :O Isn't is good?! XD Yup, totally agree with that quote! There is NO such thing as too many books. XD


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