Friday, 30 June 2017

2 Years and Canada Day Party Invite!

Me: Guess who turned 2 years old on June 26th?! *bounces around*
You guys: Um, a baby?
Me: Nope! *puts on party hat and gives more party hats to You Guys*
You guys: *holds party hat distastefully* Your pet?
Me: I don't have a pet! *pulls out fireworks*
You guys: *backs away from the fireworks* I don't know. Who turned 2 years old?
Me: ME!!! *lights match and uses it on fireworks*
You guys: AHHHH!!! *runs away*

Ah, another crazy intro. XD

But anyway! That's right, I turned 2 years old on AJ! ^.^

2 years ago on June 26th, I started an adventure of a lifetime. I remember being in awe over the graphics and everything about it. I remember thinking all those animals saying things in the welcoming part of making an account were real. I remember wanting Peck to shut up when I was making my den for the first time. XD

I remember making friends for the first time. I remember playing Overflow and how it was my first game I ever played. I remember buying a hamster and naming it. I remember having a panda and a seal at the beginning and then switching my animals all the time.

I remember my journey into the AJ blogging world. I remember meeting Doomypanda and how I was in awe that she was so nice to me even when I was a kooky, random, anonymous on her blog and how I asked question after question and she answered them all. I remember deciding that I would want to blog about AJ. I remember how happy I was when my parents said yes. I remember that I was so happy that I had commenters from other blogs.

I remember when I had my first AJ party. I remember how much fun I had and that I knew I should do more parties. I remember when I got my first fan art and how excited I was that someone actually took the time to draw me even though I was the smallest blogger out there. I remember meeting all my friends that I have today. I remember meeting lots of them at one of Swirl's parties.

I remember when I started writing Jamaasian High. I remember how I was so happy I was getting positive feedback on it because I was a little scared to let others read my story.

I remember lots of good times with my friends. I remember how much laughter we had and still have today.

I remember when some friends quit this year.

All these memories, good and bad. Amazing and depressing. All these memories came from an online game named Animal Jam. A game meant for way younger players than myself. I just can't get over how many memories came from this game. Some people say online relationships aren't real. Well, I say they are pretty real to me.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my AJ life.

Some of my many, many memories:

My first ever animal!

My first art in the Gallery in Jamaa Township!

My 1 year picture that I used last year. ;)

Me and Koolest chilling at the Carnival. ^.^

My Thanksgiving party, which was AJJ's second party. ;)

AJHQ trading me. ^.^

Saving people from the terror of suspense one jammer at a time...

Selfie with me and Snow. ^.^

My Jumble of Events party. ;)

Cookie Clan!! (Credit to Gracie for this picture)

Swirl's birthday, one of the first parties I ever went to. ;) (Credit to Swirlfor this picture)

Ah, what a throwback. :')

Again, thank you to everyone!

Here's a link to my post that I did for my 1 year AJ birthday:

- - -

Tomorrow is a special day! ^.^


This year is even more special because it is Canada's 150th birthday!

To celebrate, I will be having a Canada Day party. ;)

Sorry that it's such short notice! Also, if you're wondering if you can come even if you aren't Canadian: ANYONE can come! :D

Be sure to dress in red and white! I hope to see everyone there!

Have an amazzzzing day and...

Jam on!

Comment call: When's your AJ birthday? Will you be able to make it to the party?


  1. Happy bday AJJ! *throws cake everywhere, sees it lands on everybody and they are glaring* Oh... oops! *throws confetti and it lands in the punch* Ohhhh uhmmmm *runs*

    I should be able to make it :) (Even though I'm not Canadian XD)

    1. (Wait what not AJJ! I mean Happy AJ Birthday LOST XDD)

    2. Is the cake CHEESECAKE, by any chance? *Stares at the splattered cake everywhere longingly*


    3. @Sarah
      Well, it's not AJJ's bday, it was my AJ bday but thank you!! XDD

      Yayyy!! :D (And that's fine! XD)

      CHEESECAKE!!!!! XD I like SOME cheesecakes but others are just not for me.... XDDDD

  2. Happy AJ Birthday, Lost!! :D
    Ohh yes. I remember the cookie clan. Good times, good times XD!
    And Swirl's party! I distinctly remember I was on a trip, and we were sitting outside my grandpas house, and I was on my laptop out there, hehe. Such good memories :,)
    My AJ birthday is September 3rd! I joined in 2013 :)

    I SHOULD be able to come to the party, I just might be a little late, cause it'll probably be near lunch XD
    We're watching my niece that day, but that probably won't interfere with much. So ye XD

    Have a happy AJ birthday, Lost!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Thank you, Gracie!! :D
      Ah, I loved being in the Cookie Clan! Ah, memories. :D
      Oh yesssss! I think that was one of the first times I EVER met you! :O Good times, good times!
      Oh cool!! That's so neat! ^.^

      Yayyyy! So glad you can come! ^.^
      And ah, babysitting can be so much fun. ;)

      Thank you, Gracie!!!!

  3. I have absolutely no clue when my aj birthday is. I think it's October or November.. I know it' my 5th. Crikey.

    I can't come because time zones.

    1. That's alright. XDD Last year, I kinda had to guess when I joined. I'm pretty sure it WAS June 26th though...

      Aw, no!! D: We'll sure miss you!

  4. Happy 2nd year of AJ, Lostfairy! Sorry I haven't been commenting that much, it's been a combination of busy-ness and laziness. XD


    1. Thank you, Doomy!! And that's all good, I haven't commented on your blog in FOREVER! o,o Due to laziness. XD

  5. And sadly I don't think I'll be able to make it. I'll be going somewhere with no internet tomorrow. D:

    To answer that first question, my AJ birthday is February 17th 2012! Jamaa has always been a blast :)

    1. Aww! D: We'll miss ya at the party, Doomy!

      Oh cool!! :O That was a while ago! XD AJ is the best. ^.^

  6. I remember that party! Good times indeed... :D
    I think that was one of the first times I met you guys properly on AJ!

    Anyways, HAPPY AJ BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LOST!!! *Hands an AJ-Bday cake*

    Let me just say, I agree with what you said up there 100%! Animal jam is much more than just a game- it's almost like a whole new world! Well, for me, anyway, hehe!
    But yeah, if it wasn't for AJ, I wouldn't even be here commenting on this post today!
    Someone seriously needs to give Animal Jam a birthday or something!
    A (Nice-ish) Random Jammer: SWIRL! That is ALREADY A THING!!! Remember, in September?
    Me: *Facepalms* OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    (I seriously did forget AJ had a birthday for, like, 5 seconds... XD!)

    And OOOOOH A PARTY!!!! I am totally gonna try to come! I don't live in Canada (I've never even been there before, although I'd love to someday!), but still! GO CANADA BECAUSE CANADA IS COOL!!! XD!

    (Reading this post made me happy all of a sudden, so thank you for that! XD!)

    1. MEMORIESSSSS!!! XD I think that was one of the first times I ever met you!! :O

      THANK YOU, SWIRL!!! :D *eats pixely Bday cake* Yum! Tastes like... technical... pixely... stuff... XDD

      YESSSS! I hate it when people tell me otherwise. They just haven't experienced AJ!!
      :OOO If it wasn't for AJ, I wouldn't have many friends.
      XDDDDDD LOL! Yup, AJ DOES have a birthday!! :P
      (That's ok, I get brain farts all the time. XDDD)

      You MUST come visit me in Canada!! ;) I mean, I probably live in the most boring Canadian city BUT IT WOULD STILL BE FUNN!! XD GOOOOOO CANADA, OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND.... Wait, it's "O" not "GO." Oops. XD

      (Really?! XD Why? Well, I'm glad it made you happy!! ^.^)

    2. Oh yeaah, I think so!
      I'm gonna try to host another birthday party again this year, but I'll ask everyone about dates so that, hopefully, enough people can come, XDD!


      Same here! The best friends are online friends! :D

      YESSSSS I WANT TO VISIT YOU SO BADDD! I live at the bottom of the U.S., so it'd be a bit of a long trip, but I don't care, XD!
      I actually did tell my mom today though that I really wanted to go to Canada and meet you there! XD!

      (XD, I have no idea why. I guess because memoriessss? XD!)

    3. OH YESSSS, YOU MUSTTTTTT! I hope I can come!! XD It was so much fun last year! ^.^

      YES, I LOVE THAT, WE NEED A MASTERPIECE OF THAT! XD I mean, you can totally have amazing friends in real life but I have a lot of amazing friends online too. ;)

      What did she say?! XDDD

      (Ah, yes, memoriesssssssssssssss! XD)

    4. I hope you can come toooooo! I love holding AJ parties! :D

      *Calls from behind a curtain*
      *Pops out wearing an artist outfit and a beret*
      Yeah! Still, though, I think my online friends know me better than my real life ones, actually. :P

      Like I said before, it'd be a nice change from the SUPER hot heat down here! XD!
      As for how my mom (and sister, because she decided to join the conversation) replied, here's how it went, XD:

      Me: Hey Mom?
      mom: Yeah?
      Me: Someday, can we go to Canada?
      Mom: What? Why?
      Me: Because! My friend lives there and I want to meet her!
      Sister: How would you even find her?
      Me: We'd choose a place to meet up or something! I wanna meet her though!
      Mom: Sure, because Canada is really close to us. (sarcasm XD)
      Me: Well, I know, but I wanna go!

      XD, yeah, I will forever bug her about going to Canada until she agrees one day. XDDD!

      (*Sings randomly*


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