Sunday, 25 June 2017

Blog Launch for The Steadfast Pen and an Interview!

Helloooo and gooooood afternoon, people of Jamaa. :P

Today, I have a very special guest! On Friday, my brother, Josiah (On AJ, he goes by Dreadwisp), launched his very own blog! And, just to help him launch it, I am interviewing him about videogames, since this blog revolves around a game. ^-^

Let's hear it for Josiah as he takes the stage!

Lost: What is your favorite videogame franchise?

Josiah: Hmm... it's a toss-up between the Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Kirby franchises. But I think I'd have to pick Zelda, because I love fantasy and epic quests, which the series abounds in. It's a tough pick, though!

Lost: What is usually your favorite part about videogames?

Josiah: I think I really enjoy a game when I can become immersed in its virtual world and just enjoy myself. I like to have my brain challenged with puzzles and dungeons; I thoroughly enjoy creative plots and unique characters; I love music that appeals to me. But if I can't get immersed into the game, it's just not the same.

Lost: What are your thoughts on Animal Jam?

Josiah: It's a game about animals, where they jam. 'Nuff said.
Okay, I'm just joking. XD It's actually a pretty fun game! Would I say it's my favorite MMOG? No, not really; LEGO Universe and Club Penguin were my favorite MMOGs. But it's still a great game to play. I enjoy the fact that non-members (such as myself) can get a decent amount of items. That includes items obtained at parties (which is better than what CP did in their last year or two).

Now, I prefer games with a storyline 90% of the time. And while AJ doesn't have a full-blown plot, it does have quests you can do that give a story, which is something I appreciate. I could list other things, but suffice it to say that I'd consider buying a membership for this game.


Lost: If you had to live in a videogame world, which one would you choose?

Josiah: One word: HYRULE! So it seems to often be targeted by demon warlords, stormed by hordes of Bokoblins and other foul creatures, and has its princess kidnapped more times than I can count. But when it's not, it's an awesome medieval land. And having to fight off monsters wouldn't be so bad now and then, would it? XD

If I had to pick a specific place in Hyrule, I would pick Skyloft from Skyward Sword, Kakariko Village from A Link Between Worlds, or Windfall Island from The Wind Waker (even though it's technically not IN Hyrule).

Lost: Which videogame weapon/item appeals to you most?

Josiah: Snake's cardboard box from Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

No, not really. :P I'd quickly pick the Master Sword (can you tell that I like Zelda games?). I mean, who wouldn't want to wield an awesmazing weapon like that? Other weapons would be Kirby's hammer ability, Mario's cat ability, a color gun from LEGO City Undercover, Ronin's Obsidian Glaive from LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin . . . I think I'll stop there before I go too crazy. XD

Lost: In your opinion, what is the best thing in Animal Jam?

Josiah: The best thing is that I get to play with you and Koolest! It's fun when we get to hang out and be crazy and do stuff together. I'm sure I'm probably one of the worst AJ players there is, but at least that makes you two laugh. Plus, we don't have very man MMOGs we can play together, so it's a good thing we have AJ. XD

Lost: Which videogame character do you find the funniest?

Josiah: Frank Honey (from LEGO City Undercover) is probably my favorite funny character. He's just so goofy, and his lack of intelligence makes him quite amusing. For example, take this little conversation from the game.

Frank: "Chase! My horse will only go in reverse and doesn't have a head!"

Chase: "Frank...that's because your riding it backwards."

Frank: "Oh! That would explain why he didn't like that apple I fed him."

That's just one of his many humorous lines of dialogue. Two other funny characters are Undertale's very own Skelebros, Sans and Papyrus. They're just plain awesome. Sans's puns crack me up, and Papyrus is funny even though he's not intending to be.

Lost: Which videogame character is most like you? Why?

Josiah: Link, because he's the strong, silent type. XD Nah, I'd probably be more like Chase McCain from LCU, because he's smart most of the time, he sometimes says things that really aren't that smart, and he can be quite funny. Just like me! I really have no idea who else I would pick.


Lost: You have a chance to meet a videogame character. Who would you want to meet?
Josiah: That's an interesting question. I don't exactly have one answer, but I would like to meet Link (provided he could talk), Toriel from Undertale, Chase, Frank . . . man, my mind just doesn't want to leave a few specific games. :P
Lost: What was the hardest videogame you have ever played and why?

Josiah: Geometry Dash is one of the hardest games I've played. I've died so many times on the easiest levels! The reason why this game is so hard is because you have to complete each course without dying. If you do, you are sent right back to the start, because there are no checkpoints. Eventually, I find that if I die enough times in a level, I start making rookie mistakes. The game revolves around perfect timing, often according to the beat of the music playing. Figuring that timing can take many tries.
Lost: What videogame has jumpscared you the most?

Josiah: I believe Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion has gotten me the most times. The funny thing is, I haven't been jumpscared by anything actually scary. It's cardboard cut-outs of cupcakes and pumpkins that get me! You may be laughing, but the atmosphere of the game is very unsettling. It puts me on edge, making me jump even when it's just a little, smiley piece of food popping out of the wall.

Lost: What was the first videogame you have ever played that you can remember?


Josiah: I don't remember the very first game I played. It probably was a PS2 game. I do, however, playing LEGO Star Wars 2 on PS2 as one of my first games. I was very impressed by it and had lot of fun playing. But the first game that I owned and really enjoyed was Yoshi's Island for the GameBoy. This game introduced me to the Mario franchise, and, while it was difficult at the time, I had an absolute blast playing it. The rest, you could say, is history.


Lost: Who's your favorite videogame villain? Why?

Josiah: Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series is easily one of my favorite villains. What I find so appealing about the little guy is his use of Engrish, which is basically really bad use of English when you're using it as a second language, and his food analogies. He says at one point that something is "easy as bread sandwiches." He also tends to say things like "I have chortles" and "I HAVE FURY!" His quirky nature quickly ranked him as one of my favorite villains.

Lost: Bonus question! What AJ team (Team Zios and Team Mira) were you on for this year's VidCon and why?
Josiah: Team Zios for the win! Because, ya know, Zios looks cool, and Aparri seems to be the Markiplier of AJ YouTube channels. That's basically my only reasoning. XD

Thank you so much, Josiah! That was a lot of fun!

If you guys enjoyed this interview, I'm sure you'll love my brother's blog. Feel free to stop by The Steadfast Pen by clicking here! ;D

Have an amazing rest of your day and...

Jam on!

Comment call: What did you think of the interview? Did you check out The Steadfast Pen?


  1. Great interview, you guys! It was entertaining, even for a non-gamer like myself. XD

    1. Thanks, sis! I should hope it was entertaining, since "entertaining" is my second middle name. XD

    2. Thank you, Tracey! It was fun. ^.^ And I agree with Josiah, "entertaining" is my second middle name as well. XD

  2. Oh my gosh.


    Seriously, I'm horrible at it. I couldn't even get past the first level... XDD!

    1. I'm sure it has the potential to be very rage-inducing, though that hasn't happened to me . . . yet. :P

      Don't worry, it took me many tries to complete level one. Now I'm stuck on the second level. XD

    2. It LOOKS hard! I haven't played it before but I watched Josiah play the first level and IT LOOKS REALLY HARD! XD


    3. XDD! I had to get someone to complete the first level for me!

      Believe me, I've tried... XDD!
      Maybe someday I'll get past the second level... XD!

    4. XDD Like I said, IT LOOKS HARD!!! XD

  3. Cool! :D I have only played Geometry Dash once, but its SO hard XD

    1. XD Like I said earlier to Swirl, it sure looks hard. I feel like I wouldn't do so good at the timing with the music... XD

    2. It can be pretty tough. I tried practicing the hardest stage yesterday (practicing gives you checkpoints), and I died over 250 times! XD

  4. Lostfairy, are you related to Tracy Dyck?

    1. Um, yes, I am. If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to know? And who are you?

  5. Lost, I forgot to thank you for having me on your blog. It was a lot of fun! ^_^ And you did a great job with the pictures. :D

    1. You're so welcome!! I had fun too. ^.^ And thank you! :D It was fun getting all those picture together. :D


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