Friday, 16 June 2017

In Which Lost Announces Who the Winner is of the Summer Den Contest

Me: Guess who's back AGAIN?!
You guys: *whispers* Woahhh, Lost posted a lot this week... So unlike her!
Me: I heard that! I am SO hurt! *cries in corner*
You guys: Erm... *walks away*

LOL, life wouldn't be the same without a crazzzzy intro, am I right? XD

Well, you're probably all just WAITING to hear who won the summer den contest. So, in that case...

I'm gonna make you wait longer. XD

You might have noticed I had a poll about this den contest. Let's see the results!

Waaaaitt... Why did someone actually vote "WHAT'S A DEN?! XD"?! I literally just put that there for fun, for laughs. XDD

Anyhoo, before I announce the winner, I just wanted to say thank you to ALL the people who entered, I am so pumped this contest was a success. I had a LOT of fun looking at all the dens and all of them were so amazing, I had a verrrrry hard time choosing the winner!

(Just a side note, my sister entered den contest but we both agreed that I shouldn't include her den in the actual contest so that I am not biased.)

I would like to give a huge shout-out to all who entered:

You guys ROCK! :D
And now! The moment you've all been waiting for! I will announce the winner of AJJ's summer den contest!
The winner is.....
Swirlshine AND Ja983!!!
Congratulations, you two!! You both get a masterpiece already done by me for FREE! ^.^
Since there is that annoying February glitch, here is a list of masterpieces I can do:

Please ignore the random splotch of a different shade of yellow! XD
Swirl and Ja, just comment and let me know which of these masterpieces you want (you have a lot to choose from... XD) and also which frame you want! It could be any frame you wish. ^.^
Let me just say again...
And now, let's not forget all the other wonderful entries! I took a picture at my favorite spot in each den that got entered. ;)

Thank you, everyone who entered! ^-^
Anyhoo, hope you have an amazing day, hope it doesn't rain today because I'm going to a fair/carnival/ thing later on, and...
Jam on!
Comment call: What do you think of all the superb dens that got entered in the contest?
News: I have done all the renovations on AJJ! Yesterday I rewrote all the tabs (except JH), changed my whole Blogger profile (Introduction, favorite books, etc.), and changed my profile picture! :D
Also: Don't forget! This Tuesday at 6:45PM Central time is my Summer Splash party! Hope you can make it!


  1. I didn't enter this contest, but the dens that are entered are all amazing! I used to be really into den decorating, but now I pretty much just have my Masterpiece gallery den, lol... If I had more gems to buy den items with, I might do more den decorating, but I'm too lazy to play minigames for gems XD

    Congrats, Swirl and Ja! Your dens are fabuloussss!

    I love the new profile, Lost! :whispers: Moist waffles...... XD


    1. I know! I love them all! :D And it makes sense, you must have a lot of masterpieces. XD I try to play minigames lots but getting gems takes a long times and I've bought a ton of things recently so my gems are low. XD

      I agree! CONGRATS, GUYS!!!! XD

      Thank youuuuu!! *whispers back* Moooooistttt wafffflessss.... XD

  2. I was thinking about entering but I kinda ran out of time.... The entries look good though!!

    1. That's all good!! I get that, it happens to me all the time. XD And I knooooow, I love them! ^.^

  3. Congrats!! Also those masterpieces are great!

    1. Thank you so much, Naffy!! That means a lot! ^.^

  4. *Bounces super high into the air*

    YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THANK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!! Congrats to everyone who entered, and to Ja, my co-winner, as well! Hehe!

    Ooooohhh yay, and now I get a custom LOSTFAIRY MASTERPIECEEEEE!!

    *Scrolls through the options*

    Eek, they're all amazing! But I think I'll go with the Animal Jam Jumble one, as a memento. :D
    As for the frame, the one in the picture (the Mira frame), would be great!

    Thanks again, Lost! :DD

    1. You're welcomeee!! :D When I saw your den, I was like "THIS IS A WINNEEEERRRR!" XD Mhm, congrats to everyyyyyone!! :D


      Ok!! I will make the masterpiece soon and then send it. :D

      You're so welcome, Swirl!! :D

      (For some reason I felt like you were, even though I'm usually more inactive than you. How does that work...? XDD!)

      Thank yoooooouuu! I worked pretty hard on it! :D

      YAYYYYYYY!!!!! :D

    3. XDDDD
      (Eh, I always forget to comment back. XD It's like, I do it mentally in my head and then I forget no one can see that... XD Same with reading posts. I read posts and forget to comment and hope they know I read the post, even if I didn't comment... XD)

      You're welcome!! :D

    4. Ah, gotcha! I always feel the need to comment so that no one thinks I didn't see the post, XDD!

  5. Woo! Good job Swirl and Ja! :D I don't have a favorite, they are all awesome :) :)

  6. Wow those dens are amazing!

  7. Whoa! All these dens are super creative. Like REALLY.

  8. Looost? Uhm, just wondering, could you maaaaaaybe expand the due date for the story contest? I haven't really had time to work on my story, and I'm only on chapter 2 D: Maybe I could finish it by July 5th, but I kind of doubt.. Maybe expand it by like, a week or so?

  9. Me shall take the Boo one I think XD
    *King Tough Bunny


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