Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Let's Not Leave Anyone Out!

Hey guys, today I'm gonna talk just a little about a topic that needs to be brought up.

Some of my friends have noticed that they have been excluded in many different things. Stories, pictures, edits, etc. I KNOW you can't add EVERYONE in those kinds of things because, believe me, it's hard to get all the AJ bloggers in one picture or edit. It'd get super crowded. XD

But I have noticed this too. Some bloggers have felt excluded, without us even knowing. I just want them to know they are a big part of this community, no matter what.

I won't name names but just try to draw some pictures with some of these bloggers. Get to know them! Comment on their blogs or hang out with them online.

Now, this is not to make you feel guilty. We all sometimes make mistakes, it's a fact of life. But I just felt the need to bring this up. :)

Everyone in this community is equal. There are no 'leaders.' There are no 'smaller' bloggers.

We are the AJ blogging community! We have each others backs. Let's not forget that. ^-^

Okay, enough being serious. XD If you haven't read my Jumble of Photos post, just scroll down to read it. ^.^


  1. This is so true! I try to comment on every blog (But I keep forgetting to comment on the AJS O.O not the AJ Spirit XD AJ Stream)
    There should never be one leader, we should all be equal and have each others backs!

    1. That's a good plan! I honestly need to work on that... But I'm trying! ^.^
      Exactly. Preach it, sista! XDDD

  2. Ikr! Many AJ bloggers just don't know of the other bloggers, but it's best to include all the AJ bloggers you know when making any sort of group fan-art or story :)

    1. That's very true. I honestly wanna try drawing a HUGE Blogger picture but that would take a LONG time. XD

  3. I'm actually re-drawing that Blogger drawing I made because I want to put most -if not all- of my buddies in it :P

  4. Thank you for bringing this topic up, Lost. I completely understand that it's hard to fit all the Bloggers in one pic/post or even story, but I feel like some Bloggers get left out too much. I know of a Blogger that works so hard on their posts but barely gets recognized. I thought I was the only one who was worried about this issue, but thanks again for making this post. :)

    1. You're welcome, Purple! :D I agree. I have noticed a couple of Bloggers always getting left out and it's time for that to stop! I hope that Blogger knows how much they are appreciated in the community. :) Actually, I have worried about this topic for a LONG time...

      You're so welcome, Purple! ^.^

  5. "There are no small bloggers, just... small blogs?"

    XDD As the proud owner of one, I can attest that that is Tori.

    (Tori? True! Autocorrect hath smote me, aaah! *dramatic flop on ground*)


    1. Well, there ARE smaller blogs but they are ALL equal, no matter the size.

  6. Helloooo Lostttt! My den is ready for the contest! :D Sorry it's kinda late, Geez! Why are my contest entries always last minute and stuff! XD DX

    1. I have seen it! :D Thank you so much for entering!! :D And same. XDD

  7. *Starts jumping up and down and clapping*


    *Sees everyone staring*

    Oh. Um... ahem...
    Oh nevermind. You all know I'm always this hyper. XD!

    Anyways, I'm not sure who out there is feeling excluded, but, *insert name here*, if I'm excluding you in any way at all, I'm sorry! I try not to exclude anyone!

    If anyone actually DOES feel excluded because of me, please tell me, because I will fix that immediately! :D


      XD I love hyper. Hyper is what I love. XDDDD

      Swirl, you honestly don't exclude people, from what I've seen. ^.^ I probably exclude people by mistake so I'm working on being better. :)

      Exactly! :D That's how I feel as well. ^.^

    2. *Bows* You are welcome! XD!

      Yeeeeeeeeey, XD! See, this is why you guys make such good friends! :D

      Whew! Okay! I sure hope I'm not!
      I haven't seen you exclude anyone either, though!


  8. One more thing!

    I clicked on your blog's little logo-banner-thingy up there, to go back to the Home page, and guess what I FINALLY realized?

    All this time, I just thought they were little square design-thingys. But they were BOOKS!

    Okay okay I'm done now... XDDD!

    1. XDDDDD


      Awesomepanda (*sniffles and wipes tears*) added the books because she knew I was a total bookworm. It was so sweet of her to make that header. :')


      You're too funny. XD

    2. Eheheheh, yep. I always end up noticing super tiny details that don't matter and never will (for example, I realized that, on that paint rainbow item in AJ, there's a part that isn't filled in in the center of it, XD), but overlook the things that should be obvious! My mind is very twisted... XDD!

      I miss Panda D,:
      And now I feel super bad because my blog absence made it so that I didn't find out about her leaving until waaay too late.

    3. I notice weird things too. Also, my mind has a funny way of connecting things but I think everyone does that. Like, you think of one thing and then somehow it connects to something else that isn't quite about that subject. :P

      I miss Panda too. D':
      Aww, I get what you mean. I didn't know what to say so I waited too long. Now I doubt she'll see that comment from me. :(

  9. Thank you for bringing ''tis subject up! 'Tis? K.

    Anyways, I feel like this is an issue that needs to be resolved in the community. (Also if someone was in my masterpiece den, I was afk lol)

    1. You're so welcome! ^.^

      Yeah, but it's not like people have been TRYING to exclude others. It just happens when there's 30 or more bloggers. :)


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