Saturday, 24 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day #11

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! ^.^

I cannot believe it, tomorrow is Christmas! Like, didn't we still have to wait 12 days? XD And this post series is almost done too, crazy!!

Well, today, I didn't get out of my pj's until noon. XD I know. Crazy.

Also, like every Christmas Eve, I was restless.

I woke up feeling restless. I really hate feeling like that. But just an hour ago, it kinda stopped. So, I hope I can enjoy the rest of the day. (And I hope I can actually eat more yummy and food. And actually think about food and not feel sick. Yes, I am still feeling a little blah.)

I'm SO excited for tonight. I can't wait to open my stocking and ticket gift. ;) And give gifts too, because I absolutely love doing that as well.

Let's begin the second last 12 Days of Christmas verse. And THEN, I can finally do my exciting part of the post. ^.^ (Remember! Tomorrow's Christmas content is gonna be special as well!)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Ten lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a milking, seven ducks a swimming, six geese a laying, (almost) five golden bricks, four calling birds, three French skunks, two pet turtles and a partridge in a diamond tree!

And today's Christmas content is...

A back reveal!

Okay. So, your probably a little confused on what I mean.

Ever heard of a face reveal? Yeah? Well, some people can't show their face online due to personal things. (Like me.) So, the people who can't do that usually show a picture of their back. So their face isn't showing but you still get a good idea on how to picture them. (I made up the name back reveal. XD)

So, I decided, since your all my lovely friends, that I would do one today. ^-^

You ready? (I'm feeling so excited. XD)

Okay. I hope your ready.

Okay, wow, when I see that, I kinda cringe. XD

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Have an amazing Christmas Eve and I shall see you tomorrow! ;)

Have a merry Christmas and jam on!


  1. Get well soon :D


    Lol nice back XD Also nice snow... (thinks of snow and cries bc there's no snow where I live)

    Ok, this is an emergency. You gotta answer because I've placed a bet (lol XDD).

    Ok, now something random:
    I've read that you watch Ninjago (Me,my friends and my sister mostly make fanfictions about it, such as awkward custom comics and ridiculous masterpieces on AJ, we don't watch the series much XD). So answer carefully: Who's your favorite (basic) ninja? (CHOOSE CAREFULLY)

    1. Thank you, Flora! ^-^

      NOOOO!!!! NO FILAMENT?!!! D: (What the hay is that?! XD)

      Thanks! (I think... XDD)

      Oh yeah! I totally watch Ninjago! And I would love to hear your fanfictions. XDD Oh dear! My favorite ninja?!! o,o Um... *thinks* I would have to say... Jay or Cole. XD (Sorry this is SO late!!!)


    2. It finally arrived but looks like ABS is way too thick to make beautiful figures... Luckily I found a store in my country where you can buy various filaments :D

      OK, that was the emergency XD
      And why is it emergency? Because of the fanfictions. When the rest of the "gang" (aka MFSE and ilovemfse in AJ. Yes, the gang is called MFSE :3) arrives (comes to our house), we'll be glad to comment some of our fanfictions. And they are ridiculously weird and funny XDDDD

      Okie, imma take this as a correct answer, because each basic ninja is connected to a MFSE member, following the first titles' order, so:

      M: (my best friend) Kai
      F: (yours truly) Jay
      S: (my other best friend) Zane
      E: (my sister) Cole

      O,O nvm I changed my mind. Here's our very best fan fiction, called Mission Wu XD:

      Wu is the main character. And he has a girlfriend, Nefeleeh or something like that (my sister picked the name). She and her husband, Victor, want to steal his fortune. But then Wu finds out. And attempts to murder Victor. But Victor lives. And attempts to murder Wu. But he lives. Etc, etc XD It's not finished yet XD

  2. Oooooooh, your hair is so pretty and long! :D Also, I really like your boots! o.o

    Cool idea! A back reveal! I might do that sometime.... I dunno, I might do a face reveal sometime, when a book of mine is published. Need something for the back cover. (Goodness knows that's a long way off, though.)

    (DXploreroflr) I mean (| plorwrforl) I mean (DXplorwrgirl)



    1. The ending of that comment mad me laugh so hard CX

    2. @Kara

      Awwww! Thank you!!! That really made me smile! <3

      :O YOU GOTTA DO A FACE REVEAL!!!! I bet your so pretty! <3 And I would love to read your book. ;)

      *bursts out laughing* I love that!!! XD

      Lemme try...

      Lostfairy. o,o Woah. FIRST TRY!!! XD

  3. I love your pretty back (lol that sounds so creepy XD)

    1. Awwwwwwww, thanks, Cooky!!!!! ^.^ (LOL, that kinda does. XDDDD)

  4. OH NO! IT'S ALMOST OVERRRRRRRR D: We did most of the gifts last night because some ppl had to work Saturday, and even after Chruch on Sunday! But we are getting like 1 things today or tomorrow :)

    Your back, and your yard. *blinks* XD

    1. NOOOOOO! (Wait... What's almost over? My post series or Christmas?! XDDD)

      O.O Yesh. XDDD



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