Monday, 19 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day #6

Well, hello! Ho ho ho! XD

Wow, can you believe it? We are half way through the series of 12 Days of Christmas! Which means there's only 6 days until Christmas! ^-^ I seriously cannot wait! *looks at gifts under tree in excitement*

Actually, guys, I really am excited on giving gifts. No, I'm not lying! I really love giving gifts to other people! I was playing Would You Rather at youth and one of the questions was 'Would you rather only give gifts or get gifts?' I said give because then you make other people happy and hey, it makes you happy too! ;)

Anyhoo! Let's jump into today's post!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

(almost) Five golden bricks, four calling birds, three French skunks, two pet turtles, and a partridge in a diamond tree!

And today's Christmas content is...

Christmas AJ outfits!

I have made two non-member outfits and two member. Feel free to copy them and then tell me about it! :D

Pink Jamaaliday
What you need:
Old Hood - 80 gems
Gingerbread Wings - Jamaaliday gift or trade
Spring Flower Bracelet - used to be in stores, trade
Festive Green
What you need:
Old Hood - 80 gems
Holiday Sweater - trade (or Jamaaliday gift)

Going All Out

What you need:
Rare Deer Antlers - Jamaaliday Rescue
Rare Striped Scarf - Jamaaliday Rescue
Festive Lights - trade (used to be Jamaaliday gift, they are non-member)
Spiked Wristband -  trade (used to be in Diamond Shop)
Beautiful Red
What you need:
Jamaaliday Earmuffs - 350 gems
Sparkly Boa - trade (used to be in stores)
Designer Skirt - trade
Pearl Bracelet - 550 gems
Well, I hope you enjoyed this outfits! ^.^
Have a merry Christmas and jam on!


  1. I love the red deer outfit :o boas are one of my favourite clothing items on AJ :D


    1. Thanks Pin! (Good to see you again!) I really love the boas too! Except on otters. Then they are kinda in a weird place on their neck. XD

  2. Love the red deer one! :D Just wondering, would a red leaf pattern work? I CAN"T WAIT TILL SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! <3 Hmm, maybe... Give it a try and let me know so I can see! :D AND ME TOOOOO! Wait, are you excited because it's Christmas Eve or something else?! XD

  3. Love your post, sugar plum! You're outfits are beautiful, like they always are! XD

    1. Thanks, Koolest! LOL, I really don't think so but thank ya kindly! XDD


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