Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas is Coming!!

Hola amigos and amigas!

Well, well, it is sure beginning to look a LOT like Christmas where I am. Yesterday was a total snow day!

I woke up to Christmas lights on the tree and walked to the window in the living room. And boy, there was a ton of snow! My siblings didn't go to college due to the weather. And now, it really looks like a winter wonderland!

Sleigh bells ring,
are you listening,
in the lane,
snow is glistening,
a beautiful sight,
we're happy tonight,
walking in a winter wonderland!

Ah. I love Christmas carols. ^-^

So yesterday, all I did was chill out inside, admiring the lovely snow, and hang out with my siblings.

And to make things more like Christmas, on Sunday, me and my family put up our (fake) Christmas tree and all the ornaments.

Every year, my parents buy me and my siblings an ornament. This year, I got a little fluffy llama that was made in Peru! It seems like the perfect ornament for this year. An animal for the year I made an AJ blog. ^.^

Well, since Christmas IS coming, I decided to make a holiday tag!

1. What do you want for Christmas (on AJ)?
Hmm, I really like party hats and Jamaaliday bows. I have no clue why, I just like 'em. XD

2. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Yes, me and my family do. We have this Christmas cassette tape that is really old. Like, it was made in 1982. XD So we listen to it on some Sunday in December and then we put it away until next year. :P And then we have this other tradition where every Christmas morning, our breakfast is apple scones made by my mom that morning. My parents then put a candle in each of our scones except theirs and then we sing happy birthday to Jesus. Then we blow out the candles and eat the scones. ^.^

3. What's your most favorite part of Christmas?
Ooh boy. Everything? XD I really love all the family time and every December 26th, we build our LEGO and play with our 'toys' and things. It's so much fun! And then there's skating on the ice rink and sledding down the hill in my blue saucer thing. It's a lot of fun slipping and sliding down the hill while your saucer turns in circles so all of a sudden, you see the top of the hill instead of the bottom! And I love screaming with glee. XD

4. What do you want for Christmas?
An iPad! I want to play apps (like AJ - Play Wild!) and email on there too. I also want a Wii U and a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. AND AJ TOYS!!!!

5. Do you believe in Santa? If not, have you ever?
I do not believe in Santa and I don't think I ever have. I mean, as a kid, I joked that my parents were Santa. (My dad was also the tooth fairy.) But no, I haven't ever really believed in Santa. ;)

I now tag:

Feel free to answer these tag questions in the comments!

Well, have an amazing day and I hope your Christmas is a jolly one. ;)

But before I go, here's a video of a Christmas song I enjoy. :D

Jam on!

Did you hear the news? Scooter is back! Check out his blog by clicking here!

P.S. I feel super bad that I haven't posted a new JH chapter in SO long! D: I'll try to write one sometime this week!


  1. Ahh, this post fills me with all the festive feels! I love that you invented a tag. ^_^ I loved being home for that snow day, btw! Merry Christmas, Lost!!!

    1. I know! Right?! I can't wait for Christmas!!! It's in 13 days! And thank you! I like making tags. ^__^ That snow day was splendid! Merry Christmas, Tracey!!

  2. Yay a tag XD imma do it
    1. The rest of the steampunk goggle colours. I nearly have them all. Then I will be the ultimate steampunk goggle collector.
    2. Each year my whole family on my Dad's side meet at one of our houses for a Christmas lunch. I also have a tradition of creating a Christmas shrine in my rom and covering my wardrobe etc with tinsel.
    3. Everything. Just the overall mood.
    4. An Ipad pro, copic markers, a microphone and webkinz X3
    5. I know (sorry if I ruin someone's childhood) that Santa isn't real, but I still write a letter to him so I get more presents. What? Don't judge me XD

    I only have one week and two days of school until Christmas break... AND THEN I AM A FREE CHICKEN!!!!


    Ps, I am hosting a MASTERPIECE GIVEAWAY! I am giving away a copy of three masterpieces, my Greely, Tiger and Ocelot. All anyone needs to do is send a jamaheam to my side account kraftingafuture and I'll pick the winners randomly. It's hard to publicise since I don't have a blog, so if you could spread the word it'd be amazing! The giveaway ends on Christmas eve!

    1. Oh yay! :D I was hoping you would! XD
      1. Ohh, a goggle collection sounds neat! ^.^
      2. Those are some pretty great traditions! I like decorating for Christmas! XDD
      3. Agreed! :P
      4. AN IPAD!!! :OOO I want an iPad Mini 2... XD It's the cheapest iPad I could find. XD
      5. LOL, don't worry! I don't think anyone here believes in Santa. XD And hey, there's no judging around here. XDDD

      :O Lucky! I have to wait til 22. :P I WANNA BE A FREE CHICKEN!!!

      P.S. :O Oh sweet! I will totally enter! ;) I'll try to spread da word about it!

  3. You have snow days? Lucky!!!
    Where I live, it's like, never snowed. The only time it did was years ago, and it wasn't even 2 inches of it. I tried to make a snow angel in the ditch by our yard, and hehe, it didn't really work. XD!

    I'll answer that tag now!
    1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... I really don't know. Maybe just some kind of Masterpiece? I never really ask for much on AJ during the Jamaalidays. c:
    2. My dad sets up our Christmas light show, which he adds more to every year. We also get to see my grandma on my mom's side, along with my aunt, and then my grandma on my dad's side with my cousin! :)
    3. I'd have to go with the food and excitement. Presents count as excitement, yes, but basically, everything's just really fun around that time of year. And ALL THOSE COOKIES AND CAKES AND PIES!!!!! *mouth waters*
    4. A new iPhone 5, Owl City merchendise, Animal Jam toys, and maybe some LPS!! I would say a 3D printer, but I'm gonna buy that myself. Have you seen those things?! They're EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Uh, I used to for some reason, yes. Now I don't, of course. If you think about it, Santa is actually pretty much a stalker. O.O

    Jamaaliday Bows too, huh? Hmm......):)


    1. Did you
      did you just type
      3d printer

      my dream item.

    2. @Swirl
      Well, I don't get them USUALLY but when they do happen, I loaf them. XD Aww, at least you tried! XD

      1. Oh, yes! Masterpieces are the very BEST! :D If I had unlimited diamonds, I'd give everyone masterpieces. ^.^
      2. A light show?! Cool! This year, we just have our Christmas tree and three mini Christmas trees in pots that we use for flowers in summer. XD
      3. Ah, yes. I am excited just thinking about Christmas! ^-^ I agree with all those foods except pies. o.o *shudders* XD
      4. :O I WANT AN IPAD AND AJ TOOOOOYYSSS! And no, I haven't see a 3D printer... :O It sounds epic!
      5. O,O Santa is actually creepy if you think about it... XDD

      O.o Suspenseful! XD

  4. 1. Candy cane socks.

    2. not really

    3. opening presents and the food.

    4. a kindle touch.

    5. Never. well i joke about Santa and that's it and yes he is a stalker. (Santa comes once a year cause he's in jail the rest of the year for breaking and entering)

    I wish i was free on Christmas break but my mom said no with my new baby brother. P.S we do get a bit extra off though.

    1. 1. Oh nice! Those are super cute and look good in lots of outfits!

      2. That's all good! :D

      3. Me too! ^.^

      4. Oh, sweet!

      5. Ha! Santa in jail... XDDD

      No Christmas break?! :OOOO

  5. 1. HD or just betas (I'm saving all my rares :)
    2. not really
    3. Presents, and food,
    4. laptop
    5. No, He's creepy (always watching you? EKANS!)
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. 1. An HD, huh? XDD
      2. That's ok!
      3. Hey, that's Pob's favorite too! :P
      4. :O A laptop would be epic!
      5. Heh, he is quite creepy!

  6. 1. Pet snow fort and pet log cabin (WAHH I WANT THEMMMM CX)
    2. No XD
    3. All of it besides Santa ;)
    4. Laptop, Echo's from the edge series and WARROPRSSSS

    1. 1. O.O *hides one and only pet snow fort* XD
      2. That's totally fine. XDD
      3. XD
      4. Nice!!
      5. *takes deep breath* Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! XD

  7. Srsly?! In Sarepia forest ppl are roleplaying Percy Jackson now. *shakes head and sighs* XD

    1. No offence, but I don't see how roleplaying Percy Jackson is any weirder then roleplaying warriors...


    2. @Sarah
      O.O How do you even roleplay Percy Jackson?!

      That's true!! XD

  8. Your Christmas traditions sound so fun! I went ice skating after Christmas last year and it was so fun. Down here in the south ice skating is less accessible haha.

    1. Thanks! I think they are pretty fun too. ;) Ohh, I love ice skating!! But sometimes I skate too long and my ankles hurt like crazy! XD

      By the way, welcome to Animal Jam Jumble, Victoria! I'm guessing you found my wee little blog from Tracey's Small is Beautiful post, right? ^.^

    2. Mine do too. XD

      Thank you! I did indeed. :)

  9. Ahhh! Can't wait for Christmas!!!! XD

    P.S. I loaf this post! <3 XD


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