Friday, 2 December 2016

The Post in Which Lost Rambles On About the Most Random Things

Ho ho ho! Merry Jamaalidays, jammers! XD

Wowie, I logged onto AJ yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find snow on the ground and decorations up all over Jamaa!

Yesterday was update day! *screams*

Before I continue, I'd just like to say this: Please be ready for the most random post in the history of all posts in the entire world. Got it? Good! XD

So basically, in the update yesterday, everything Jamaaliday came back. The adventure, the clothes, the den items, the den, the party, the daily gift, EVERYTHING! :P

This will be my second Jamaaliday! Last year, I was a non-member until Christmas when I woke up early and went on the computer and played AJ as an amazing member polar bear. XD

I'm pretty excited to experience Jamaaliday as a member. 😳

Anyhoo, time to get...


- - -
As you all know, a couple of Saturdays ago, it was my birthday! I really want to share some pictures of everything I got from my family and grandma. ;)

From left to right: plaid shirt, black fancy sweater, infinity scarf, and leg warmers
From left to right: "The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase"
book, American Girl dress, and fuzzy socks

That American Girl dress is actually homemade! My mom bought it from my mall craft sale. Pretty cute, huh? ^.^ (Random note: That doll is really special to me because I had to buy a LOT of money for it and I had dreamed of having one like it for years. I finally got enough money and bought it last year. :D)
- - -
Speaking of my birthday, here are some really sweet JAGs I got on my special day!

I think a glitch happened and it's supposed to say "Happy Birthday!" XD

And here are some pictures from my lovely party on the 20th. ;)

Just sitting around, hanging out. :)

Cake time!! :D (I accidently got a cake with 13 candles instead of 14, oops!)


Fashion show!
Jammers who attended:
anyone that I forgot to mention that came!
A big thanks to all who came! You all made me feel so special. <3 And the gifts you gave me gave me such awe. I love this community! ;)
- - -

EDIT: Here's a little story: A little while back, I was wandering around Wisteriamoon's art gallery den when all of a sudden, I see some otter cry out "AUTO!" I looked around and didn't see anyone famous. Why were they saying auto? But then the otter says "LOSTFAIRY I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" I am in shock! What are the chances that one of my fans was at the same den I was? The otter then says "AUTO PLZ!" so I sent them a nice auto. :) But then a bunch of people started saying "Who's Lostfairy?!" And then more people started asking for autos and they wanted to be my buddy! I tried to send autographs to everyone who asked. But it was such a cool experience! ^-^
Then later, a person who I had buddied went to my den. "Where are the people?" they asked me. I was like, "What people?" and they replied back "Your famous, there should be people." Like, me?! Famous?! XDD *chuckles* I'm actually not famous but it was fun to be sorta famous for a few minutes!
But something confused me. One person sent a JAG saying I was famous because of my art? Like, my art was in AJHQ's den for a little while but it got traded to some random person a long time ago. O,o Interesting!
Special shout-out to all my fans, even the ones I didn't know about who read this blog: You guys rock!
- - -

A while back, Nafaria9 did a post where she filled out a bingo card that Julian2 made. I thought it was a great idea so I decided to fill one out too!
Now, I could technically cross off "Bought AJ merchandise" because I did buy an Adopt-A-Pet House. :P
Feel free to comment which ones you'd cross off or even post this on your own blog! ^-^
- - -
Hey, remember my den contest? It kinda failed miserably. o,o I really was excited and hoped to get a lot of entries but have only gotten a few! I asked that you guys would spread the news but I haven't seen one word about it! So I'd like to announce it again.
By clicking here, you can find the post talking about it. The contest will end after I get quite a few more entries. ^-^ Please remember to spread the news!
- - -
Oh my goodness! AJ totally outdid themselves!

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I love all the animals and the little pets! Look at the penguin! I want it so bad! ^.^ This is the best thing EVER!!! (I want this as my computer background. o.o)
Speaking of Jamaalidays, I made two polls for Christmas! Make sure you vote on them and enjoy the new snowy background of AJJ! Because, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Hopefully it snows for me soon!)
Oh and be sure to be prepared for an AJJ Christmas party! ;)
Well, keep calm and...
Jam on!
Hey, go on over to AJ Spring and enter the daily giveaway! Penguin will post every day asking a question and you have to find the tab that has the answer! For more details, click here!


  1. btw Lost! Can I maybe dis-enter my Christmas one? Becuz I'm a member now so it can be a lot better! Plzzzz? XD

    1. Hmm, I don't know. It's kinda against the rules! Perhaps enter another theme? Sorry!

    *King Tough Bunny

    1. AHH, I'M SORRY! I KNEW I forgot something! @.@ But don't worry! I edited it in! ;)

    2. XD
      BTW something else YOUR ART OF ME AND 151 LIKES!!!!!!!!! XD
      *King Tough Bunny

    3. :O Wow, that's a lot of likes!!!

  3. HÄPPŸ BÏRŢHÐÅŸ(again and a couple weeks later) LاŤ!

    That is one snazzy birthday haul.

    XD that's funny that you were recognised. I've been recognised ONCE, and it was someone assuming I was famous for singing about fried chicken??? Like wat???

    You got so many birthday jamagrams. I got like 4 :')
    I cri everytiem

    Anyway idk what to end off with except I finished a masterpiece of an ocelot yesterday and I am pretty proud of it. And unlike with the tiger one, I didn't use a reference. Whoooooot


    1. Thank ya!! ^.^

      LOL, yeah. It is pretty snazzy. XD

      I was kinda floating after that. XD What?! Fried chicken?!

      Awww. *pats back*

      :O An OCELOT?!!! I WANT TO SEEEEE!! :D

  4. I am so darn sad because I missed your birthday party and forgot to send you a birthday JAG.
    *Bangs head against wall*
    I'm so sorry. D,:

    Wow!? Someone asked for your auto? That's epic! did it feel, because I've never had that happen before. At least, not that I remember.


    GRRRR!!!!!!!! Okay, I'll try to remember this time!

    As for that favorite thing about the Jamaalidays poll, I put other. Because MY favorite part of the AJ Jamaalidays is giving and getting gifts and nice JAGs with my friends!! Oh! And hanging out with those friends too, of course!!

    Gifts...that just gave me a GREAT idea!!!! ):)

    1. Hey, its all good! ;) I totally understand. Sometimes things to slip away from me and I forget. XD

      Actually, it was more like 5 people. o.o But I doubt everyone knew who I was. XD

      LOL, it's fine! XD *speaks in kind, calm voice*

      Oh, nice choice!! :D I would have to agree with you on that. ^-^

      :O Now I am excited!!! XD

    2. Oh gosh, that comment looks so small compared to yours! Sorry!!

  5. I just noticed your blog icon... IT'S SO CUTE!!!
    (and I'm so random O,o)

    1. Lol, thanks!! I didn't know it worked, I can't see it! XDD

  6. Lovely post, sis!


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