Thursday, 22 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day #9

Oh my goodness! Guys!

Three days until Christmas! *jumps up and down*

Well, today, I feel pretty good. My stomach sometimes hurts and my head also sometimes hurts and my nose is still stuffy but still. Much better than Tuesday. :) And my mom is pretty much all better so yay! ^.^

Well, let's begin today's post!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Eight maids a milking, seven ducks a swimming, six geese a laying, (almost) five golden bricks, four calling birds, three French skunks, two pet turtles, and a partridge in a diamond tree!

That songs gets longer and longer! XD

And today's Christmas content is...

I actually have no idea.

Okay, that's really bad. I had planned what each of my posts would be about but now I look at today's and I don't feel like talking about what I had planned. So, I'm going to just talk about random stuff.

Yup. Second day as a non-member. XD I really dislike how I can't say computer faces or certain words. But it's kinda fun experiencing being a non-member again. It's not so bad, actually! ^-^ Just takes some getting used to.

But I really hate not being able to send personal JAGs.

As I was trying to savage my outfit, I noticed how many of my clothes are member. Let's see, shall we?

Nothing. Wow. XD

Getting better! I have three neck items out of twelve! :P

Okay, that's a little better. But still, see what I'm trying to say?

 One out of twelve. Though, I love those socks. XD

Back at one out of twelve. Heh, I don't even have twelve tail items. XD

Well, even though I don't own many non-member items doesn't mean there AREN'T many non-member items. I just have no space to buy any. XD

Sorry that I didn't really have much of a topic. But to jazz things up, I'll have a little guessing game!

Where is this in Jamaa?

Whoever guesses correctly first wins a prize! ^-^ (By the way, since I'm non-member, you may have to wait until I get membership or until we're both online so I can trade.)

Have a merry Christmas and jam on!

Hey, by the way, AJJ's Christmas party is postponed. It will not be happening today due to a number of reasons. Sorry! Check back tomorrow for info on when it's new date will be!


  1. Yay! Can hardly wait for Christmas!

    Oh, oh, oh! I know! I'm gonna guess Mt. Shiveer! XD Am I right? :crosses fingers and arms and legs and eyes: Teehee! Wasn't Dez or Austin doing that in one episode of Austin and Ally? XD

    1. Me too! ^.^ I really hope I get AJ toys or something. XD

      Good job! You are the... second person to guess it. Custard guessed it first, sorry sis! D: And LOL, that was Dez. But Austin should have done it because... well, he's just so cute. XD

  2. Mount Shiveer by the ice slide, btw I'm carolineag11

    1. Hey, welcome to Animal Jam Jumble! I hope you enjoy your stay, Caroline. And I hope you come back! ;)

      You are the third person to guess correctly! Good job!

  3. Glad your feeling better! :)

    Being a nm isn't THAT bad, but I think it's pretty dumb how we cant type what we want as a nm :/

    Mt Shiveer! (I Went there to check)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! ^.^

      I know, I was joking about sobbing. XD It's really not bad, I just hate having no free chat. I'm getting better at using it though! XD

      Sadly, you are the fourth person to guess correctly. Sorry! But still, amazing job!

  4. Mount Shiveeeeeeeeeer! XD I know I'm the fifth at least. It was still fun, though! :D Great contest idea!

    Heehee! You know, that sentence in the middle of the post says you savaged your outfit, not salvaged it. *muffled laugh-snort* I'm actually imagining you savaging your outfit, your big round Panda paws clawing at it. XD You're both cute and fierce.


    1. XD Congrats! You guessed right, even though you were fifth! :P


      Gosh... I am so sorry I did a spelling mistake! XDDD Oh well! Thanks for telling! XDDD

  5. Oh btw Lost! I LOVE your panda! I usually can't see good panda looks! :D


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