Tuesday, 20 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day #7

Ho... ho... ho......

Well, guess who got sick today? D:

I did. I have thrown up 3 times. I didn't do school. I am just sitting on the couch with my fuzzy blanket. :P

I think it's a stomach flu of some sorts. It's NOT fun. o,o My stomach is threatening me that it doesn't want any food.

So if I don't sound as cheery, you know why. XD

Let's begin today's daily post!

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Six geese a laying, (almost) five golden bricks, four calling birds, three French skunks, two pet turtles, and a partridge in a diamond tree!

And today's Christmas content is...

Real life Christmas pictures!! ^.^

This here is my stocking. I got it when I was pretty young. ;) I can't wait to open it on Christmas Eve!

This is the ornament I got this year! My little fluffy llama! :D

My nativity scene. ^-^

My three little Christmas trees outside on our porch. :) As you can see, it is quite snowy outside!

A little close up of one of the trees. (Can you guys see how much snow there is?! There's a pile right on the front lawn! XD

On the left, there is a Kleenex box that me and Koolestkat made for our family a couple of years ago. And on the right, that is a little foam Christmas scene that me and Koolest made last year. It came in a little package with a picture on the front of it all made. That's it. So, me and Koolest sometimes had to guess a little and we found out how much we hate sticking foam to glittery foam. :P

And lastly, my Christmas tree! ^.^ This year, we put up a new tree and realized that we can't put the angel on top. It's too high! So, we just have nothing on the top. :P

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some parts of my house and seeing all the Christmas d├ęcor.

I should go. *sighs* I am really glad I hardly ever get sick. (This is, like, my second time getting sick this year.)

Have a merry Christmas and jam on!


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better!!! I was sick all this weekend, so maybe you caught it from me through the computer? Lol XD


    1. Thank you, Doomy! I hope I do too. LOL, I think I caught it from my brother who also had it. XD (By the way, thanks for commenting! I miss hanging out with you! ;))

  2. Oh no! :C Hope you feel better soon, Lost!

    Wow, that's a lot of snow! :)


    1. *hugs* Just seeing these lovely comments makes me feel better. ^-^

      LOL, you haven't seen nearly all of it. XD

  3. Awe.. :( Get well soon, Lost! I've gotten food poisoned before.. It's aweful. So I feel for ya XD. Last time I got food poisoned I threw up like 3-4 times.. Bleh :( took me a few days to fully recover too :P

    When you start feeling better, try eating some saltines and ginger ale. Then when your feeling pretty much better, try eating some chicken noodle soup, or superfood. Superfood is the perfect thing to eat when your not feeling too well :).

    When I'm sick, I just lay down.. Watching I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Dennis The Menace.. Watching TV gets so sickening. It's like your watching the same thing. Over. And over. And over again. *shakes head in distress* XDD

    By the way, do you mind if I do a post similar to this :)? I'd love to share you blogger friends my stocking and our Christmas Village XD

    I hope you feel well soon! I'll be praying for you :)

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Thank you, Gracie! ;) Food poisoning doesn't sound fun. My mom has had it before. Sounds painful. DX

      My mom actually told me to drink ginger ale and I was like, "No! I don't like drinking fizzy drinks!" XD Thanks for the tips! :D

      I'm actually glad I don't have any TV channels. XD I would feel like the same way, 'watching the same thing. Over. And over. And over again.' XD

      No, I don't mind! I mean, you could give a link or something small to this post but you don't have to! ;) I would love to see your Christmas stuff! :o

      Thank you so so much!

  4. NO.
    JUST NO.
    (if you ask me, getting sick is one of the top 5 worst things that can happen to anyone. I personally am so arrostophobic that I hold my breath for over 50 seconds when someone -next to me- coughs. I also wear heavy coats to prevent catching a cold, and I never catch viruses or something :P. I don't know if ''arrostophobic'' is a thing, but whether it is or not, I definitely am.)

    Ooo! My uncle brought me a fuzzy llama from Chile that looks like yours a little :D

    You have a porch? That's cool :D I live in an apartment, even though it is known that my country is,like,full of nature and stuff :P
    Btw, these trees look really awesome :)

    Your tree looks FANTASTIC :D

    1. XDDD
      (Really? I think I cringe if someone coughs, like, right behind me. XD)

      Really?! We have twinie llamas! :D

      LOL, thanks! Oh, I didn't know you live in an apartment! I learn something new every day. XD And ooo, nature and stuff. XD
      Aww, thank you! ^.^

      *hugs Flora* Your just so sweet. XD

  5. I hope you feel better soon D:

  6. YOU'RE SICK!!?? NOOO!!?? Feel better super soon!

    All of those pictures make me wanna go to your house, XD! At least you live where it snows. The only time I had snow, I couldn't even make a snow angel in it! It was less than an inch of snow. LESS THAN AN INCH.
    I'm planning on getting my family to go to Wisconsin of some snowy state one Christmas. XD!

    I almost never get sick too!!!! Probably because I wash my hands a lot, XD!

    1. XD Thanks so much, Swirl!

      *drags through Blogger portal* Heh, I feel like a lot of people think where I live is a place that usually has snow. Which it does. In winter. XD Wait, if it doesn't snow where you live, does that mean you can never sled or ice skate?! :O *drags through Blogger portal* LET'S GO ON AN AJ BLOGGER SLEDDING AND SKATING DAY! I WOULD LOVE THAT! AND WE CAN BUILD SNOWMEN AND HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT! XD (That's my new daydream now. XD)
      Oh nice! You totally should. ;)

      I think I never get sick, well, one of the reasons, is because I'm not in a school with a bunch of people. So, less chance to get a virus or something. XD And washing hands is a good thing! I'd be worried if you didn't. o,o XD


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