Wednesday, 21 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day #8

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... ^.^

Hey, welcome back to another 12 Days of Christmas post!

Before I begin, I just wanna say that I feel MUCH better than I did yesterday. Yesterday was one of the worst days ever, though. I felt super dizzy when I walked and in the evening, I felt ready to drop down and sleep. My eyes didn't want to stay open. XD

But today, only my nose is a wee bit stuffy and my voice sounds weird. :P But I am thankful that I can actually eat! All I ate yesterday was: a teeny bit of Jell-O, six or seven slices of orange, half a homemade bun, and that's it. Oh, and apple juice. XD

I was so happy to be almost healed but then I realized my mom now has what I had. o,o So, I'm really hoping this yucky virus gets out of my home before Christmas which is only 5 days away, dude!

Well, let's begin the actual post! :P

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Seven ducks a swimming, six geese a laying, (almost) five golden bricks, four calling birds, three French skunks, two pet turtles, and a partridge in a diamond tree!

And today's Christmas stuff is...

A winter adventure story!

I have a story from a year or two ago that I really want to share. It's a completely true story that actually happened to me and my siblings. So, without further ado, let's begin!

One chilly winter day, me and my siblings decided to sledding. We got all bundled up in our parkas, ski pants, mittens, toques, and scarfs. The hill of snow by a college that was just a street away was perfect for sledding. So, we made our way down the street and over to the college parking lot. I raced up the hill and started sledding down on my blue saucer. It was super fun, turning around so I was facing the hill as I went down. After me and my siblings had gone done quite a few times, the wind started picking up speed. Snow flew around us. It was quickly starting to look like a blizzard!
"We should go back home." we said. "It's starting to get cold."
So, we grabbed our saucers and was about to go down the hill when all of a sudden, the wind blew a huge gust and my saucer made me sorta choke.
You see, each of our saucers has a rope looped from one side to the other. I had swung it over one shoulder and the rope looped across my chest. And the saucer goes behind, on my back. (Sorry if this is hard to picture!)
So, the wind blew and the rope hit my neck, making me choke. I almost fell down the hill. As I was struggling to get myself un-choked, my brother's saucers slipped out of his grasp and flew down the hill, the wind making it bounce down the hill. My brother dashed after it as me and my sisters helped me fix my rope. Then we ran after our brother and across the street. The wind was very cold and as we hurried behind a snow pile that blocked the wind. After we caught our breathes, we ran all the way home.
I hope you enjoyed this little story! ;) And hopefully you got the rope choking me part. It was quite funny, actually. XD I remember watching my brother's saucer zipping down the hill. I shall remember that day for a long, long time. ^.^
Before I end this post, I have a quick few announcements thingies.
  1. I'm sorry this post is SO late! I was doing school and stuff. And since my mom is sick, me and Koolest had to wash dishes and help make lunch. So it all took a little time. :)
  2. I just became a non-member. o.o I am so upset that all my outfits are practically ruined. XD Like, c'mon AJHQ. Why can't the member animals keep their outfits with both member and non-member clothing?! So, you'll have to remember that I can't send personal JAGs for a little while. I'm hoping to get a membership card on Christmas Eve. Hopefully. XD
  3. AJJ has reached 90 posts! And have you seen how many pageviews we have?! 29,763! Almost 30,000! That's so amazing! ^.^ Thank you guys so much for being here for me and watching AJJ grow with me!
  4. And lastly, tomorrow is the AJJ Christmas party! (I seriously hope I remember. O.O) What stinks is that I can't even be a member for it! D: So, I really don't know if I should postpone it... Maybe I should? I feel like it should be later when I can actually decorate properly and talk normally... What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments, please!
Well, see you guys tomorrow! ;)
Have a merry Christmas and jam on!!
Comment call: Should I postpone the party? 


  1. Postpone the party! I can't go to it tomorrow (XD)

  2. D:

    If I could buy and send you an AJ membership, I would right now. Plus, if you're non-member, that also means that-
    Never mind.

    If you feel like postponing the party is a better idea, that'd be fine with me. However, don't let being a non-member ruin your Jamaaliday cheer! ;)

    1. Aww, thanks! That's very sweet! But I SERIOUSLY think I will get one for Christmas Eve. ;) Like, I'm 99.9% sure. XD
      O.O What? What were you going to say? XD I can handle it! XD

      Yeah. It's just best that way. :) Nah, I won't. XD Besides, I probably won't even be a non-member for Jamaaliday/Christmas! XDD

  3. Hey, it totally makes sense if you want to. :) Please don't think being a non-Member changes anything. It's you we want to hang out with, to your chat status or items. C:

    That said, being sick IS a valid reason to postpone, so please let us know if you're not feeling up to it. *hugs Lost* We all look forward to it when it's party time! CX Feel better soon, Lost!


    1. Aww, thanks Kara! I know it doesn't ruin my status but it kinda feels like some of my friends talk differently around me. Like, I'm not as... *thinks* I don't know. XD

      Well, I could have technically done it today but I really wanna feel totally okay for my party AND use my special Jamaaliday den. ^.^ *hugs Kara back* Thank you so much, Kara!

    2. Yeah. :'( I know how it is. It's really silly to think that someone's Membership status changes who they are. So many of my buddies go back-and-forth now, so maybe I've just gotten used to the change.

      Perhaps it's just that you look different. When Custard709 and Sarahkey8's family both got Membership, I thought they looked really strange! XD They didn't look like the Jammers I recognized anymore! That's why it was odd, not because they were Club Members or not.

      Okay on the postponement. ;) I'll try really hard to make it to the party when it's time!

      Tell your mom I hope she feels better quickly! Byeeeeeeeeeee! CX


    3. Yeah... I feel like everyone who sees a non-member is all like, "Gasp! They are such a newbie!" but really?! I've played for a year and half or something. XD

      Hmm, that could be... I don't know... Who knows? XD

      Awww, thanks Kara! I told her. ;) Byeeeeee!!! ^.^


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